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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Rataca100, Sep 14, 2017.

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    The reason I ask, is because you don't seem to have anything going on in life, hence all the questions and spurious reasons you give for being lazy.

    I'm sure there's lots of people who don't train, but of the ones who do want to, disabilities make it harder, but they don't make it impossible.
  2. Latikos

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    First off, could you please quote a little more specifically, that would make things easier.

    I'm still waiting for one.
    And no, not everything but a lot of your points.

    I didn't say you meant it as the only reason, but you mentioned twice that contracts are signs for McDojos which just isn't correct on it's own.

    I still think you have the wrong picture of martial arts.
    You want something, where you go once or twice every other months and suddenly are a fighting machine.
    You know - something that just doesn't exist.

    Still not a sign for a McDojo.
    But for a reason to leave your comfort zone and look for other places.

    Now, the fun part.

    Thanks for telling me that!
    I guess I have to quit martial arts and training five days a week plus seminars now, since you told me, I can't do that!

    I have several of these issues and others as well.
    And they certainly aren't a reason not to start and certainly don't make it impossible.
    I could use them as cheap excuses, yes.
    But that would be real weakness.
    And I'll be damned if I let these things come between me and the stuff I like to do.

    I could keep writing here for hours, but I leave it at that.

    Why should that be much of a problem?
    Because they wouldn't notice an stealthy attack from behind, where someone hits them with a bottle out of nowhere?
    Surprise, neither would people with their senses.

    Please, go tell that Judoka and participants in grappling arts especially.

    Our Judo teacher let us train once with blindfolds on, which was challenging (after all, we were used to being able to see) but one of the most interesting experiences, I had there.

    Nope, they don't.
    They just decided not to let that stop them and use it as an excuse.

    Especially said Judoka was great; I might try and see if I can find the video again.

    If you can't move anything they obviously won't fight anymore.
    People in wheelchairs learn that and can get pretty good at it.

    Not always, but in 99% of the cases there is.

    Seems so.

    And beware to try something that's difficult, right?
    Could be hard work and no one would want that!

    Again: You do get, that I don't care if that were the case and that you are the one always bringing up not to ask???

    I really, really like that.
    Maybe we should start a thread about training with "people like that".
    Less about the mental illness people (or maybe that's just me, because I already know lots about that), but the blind and deaf-section so to speak.
    Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks that's interesting, might just as well be possible :oops:

    But here too: This are people, who actually want something and are willing to fight to get it, even if it might be difficult to get.

    What sort of argument is that?
    What is with all the "normal" people you don't see?

    If you really want to see it, did you ever consider looking for it yourself?
    Why let others do your work?

    What came to mind first (I won't go into to rest, because the post is long enough already): Most of hearing people don't hear ambushes. Because: Ambush.
    They usually don't walk behind you, calling: "Now I will come silently behind you and rob you, be careful!"
    Aand for mute people that can't call for help there are... I'm not sure how they called in English (not even in my language right now), these little things that give real loud, shrill noises as an alarm.

    And how will a knife help in that scenario?
    Or are you planning in holding it in your hands all the time?
    Doubt that would work.

    I was looking for another word in the dictionary but it mentioned only "mentally retarded".
    I admit, I was surprised, because it sounds -in my ears anyway- a bit degrading, but I thought it would be the right term in that case.

    I certainly apologize if that's not the case and will use another term, once provided!

    I don't really have anything to add to that, but thought it was nicely worded and deserved a quote for that.
    Also +1.

    My thoughts exactly!

    EDIT: And thanks at the mod, who edited my post, so the quoting mistake isn't there anymore! :)
    EDIT 2: And apparently for another mistake, I didn't notice. Sorry for that one.
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  3. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Several MAPpers have grappled with blind judoka Ian Rose, Paralympic competitor and great supporter of MAP Meets. There's no doubt in my mind that if he got hold of you, you would be in trouble.

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  4. Rataca100

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    IF, is the big word, thats the doubt i have in my mind. :p

    Honestly, if you have a vid i would love to see it.
  5. Hannibal

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    Oh he would.....
  6. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    I am imagining something which should have the Benny Hill theme as its audio. :p

    Do you mean totally blind or partially blind or tunnel vision restricted, peripheral vision?

    Or does he have eco location and doesnt tell anyone? :p
  7. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Tell you what, how about waiting to get your own Olympic silver medal before taking the mick out of people who've overcome severe obstacles to become amongst the best in the world at their martial art?

    This is from his website, I think it is fittingly inspirational:

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  8. Simon

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    My position here and the ToS prevent me from saying what I really think.
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  9. Hannibal

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    I'm imagining some (one) with no actual skill or ability running his mouth about an actual martial artist from behind a keyboard because it takes effort to go and actually train

    It doesn't take much imagination to be blunt
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  10. Simon

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    Ian Rose with Chadderz.

    Ian and Wayne, one of dunc's students.

  11. aaradia

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    On a personal note: simply appalling. We are trying to get you to see what can be overcome and accomplished if you set your mind to it. We give you examples of people who have overcome disabilities to achieve greatness. Done to try to inspire you in a positive manner. And THIS is how you react? Making fun of a person's disability? I for one, am rather inclined to not bother guiding you towards a more productive way of being if this is the sort of response you are going to give. It shows a complete lack of understanding the positive message many here are trying to convey to you. Totally missed the point. Not acceptable to make fun of anyone like this, but to completely miss the picture about a person who has overcome way more than a hangnail to become a top notch martial artist? Something you are not even close to achieving yet. And with an attitude like that, I honestly doubt you ever will.

    Mod Note: And it is completely unacceptable to make fun of a person's disabilities on MAP. When you come back from your time off, I would be very careful to not do anything along these lines again.
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  12. Latikos

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    @Rataca (since I won't quote any of this... stuff): When reading your responses I sadly realized, that I wasn't even surprised, that you would post something like this.
    For you, respect really seems to be a one way, which it just isn't.

    What makes it even worse, is that you had to write like this about a person, who was even mentioned by his real name, and doesn't write himself in this thread, so that he could at the very least answer you himself.
    No, you take someone who can't "defend" himself, because he doesn't know what's going here.

    The fact, that you can't be bothered to actually go train but being big mouthy about it all the time, also seems to be typical.
    But doing that about someone that successful makes it just ... dumb, actually (sorry).

    The others have said most it already, I know, and some of them even already better worded.
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