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  1. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    Remember the days when you didnt need to go to some prestigious master from a linage in Asia to learn how to defend yourself? :p

    I will stay if its interesting to me to continue going or i find it fun.
  2. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    Then you will remain forever a wannabe starter who will never do it

    You don't want self defense or real training -you want the feeling of having done something

    "More sweat, less blood"

    You won't get to that point because you are more concerned with excuses and why you cannot do something - and every "reason" you have is easily replaced with a counter

    The only thing that really stops you is death - everything else is simply your lack of personal discipline asserting itself

    We all have that Demon - some just choose to face him
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  3. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Yes, you did. You also requested that someone back you up on that claim.

    A contract is the sign of a business. Mcdojo's are businesses (successful ones usually) but correlation is not causation.

    Get yourself down to TKD and empty your cup.
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  4. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    What does this even mean?

    Is it a stawman to justify eating mints and downing Fanta while reading wikipedia?
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  5. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Well that's my weekend plans scuppered then. Suddenly surfing the interwebs in my pants is looked down on. :(
  6. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    I'd prefer not to look in any direction at all at that tragic scene ;)
  7. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    Im not really a wannabe. I have legit grievances and concerns with soem martial arts and therefore will not truly belive they are worthwhile or even a martial art.

    I do want actual training, i just have not perceived anything as actual training for self-defence rather than disipline. 30 years to learn a martial art make it pointless for any practical use.

    No, i am more concered with doing soemthing which meets my goals as stated above, if it doesnt i might as well just walk around with a knife and i would probbly fair better without the wasted time and money. Every one of the counters you gave me for the reasons has a counter by me. Frankly, no one on here will get the full picture so those just become those pointless quotes you stick on a wall which has lost all meaning and might as well be taken down. You also do not know what i am concerned with as you barely know me.

    A dozen mental health and physical ailments could stop you, not just death. That is not including ideologies which dont acknowledge anything in this life or relaity as having any objective purpose. Not all disipline is worthwhile or has any point.

    I dont fully understand the point in that response, or what relivence it has. You also dont have a sufficient insight (and its on purpose) into my life to make any judgement calls or opinions on any sort of good basis for my character likewise for what i truely want. (make a pun, i will bloody mary you and appear in your reflective surfaces. XD)

    I said, and i quote "it was a sign" not the only reason why i didnt go. And i explained the reasons why with lox.

    Contracts could be linked to be giving mcdojo's the ability to milk people dry though. :p

    I said i was going next week, i dont know what cup you want me to empty though. As long as something doesnt crop up, i never like saying i am going to do something unless its the day of said thing.

    Also, i dont like Fanta, it makes my mouth feel dry. And yes it would be, not that you have any evidence to prove i read wiki while drinking Fanta and eating mints. :p

    And for elaboration, i meant when there was a level of martial ability in say each household, and/or they could have weapons to defend themselves. Its now become soemthign which is over commercialised and areas have had their martial tradition lost or changed to a sporting outlook. Its not like anything made in Asia is special its just filled in a missing market in Eruope and North America and i can kind of see how the belt/caste system in trainign could be exploited for money.

    I like a quote someone used not too sure if it was just a requote but it was :"martial arts are for self perfection, not self protection" he made the confession somone who did one for 20 years could probably hurt somone, but thats not its sole purpose.
  8. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    More excuses
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  9. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth MAP 2017 Moi Award

    Due to the law, contracts in the country you live in (the UK) do not give the ability to milk anyone dry, you can cancel anytime, and the maximum they can ask of you, is one month notice.

    All I hear are lots of excuses, forget SD from muggers, the coach will get you far before that.
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  10. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Utterly normal here.
    But due to our e.V., how most non-commercial clubs are run, the instructor doesn't benefit from it.

    The other teachers and I (in one of the clubs) teach for free and "only" have the privilege to not have to pay the contract fee (that and free drinking :cool:;)); my teacher of the other club gets like 15€/session, I think.

    Most fees of non-private-schools aren't expensive though.
    I pay 9€/month in one club; 12€/ month in the second and would pay 25/ month in the third (in this one you can train five days the weeks; but only at set times).

    We don't have cancellation fees; but it's necessary to write the letter of cancellation early enough, otherwise the contracts extends automatically for a set amount of time (mostly six months).


    I'd add as a reason that he suddenly seems to know everything already anyway.
    I can only speak for my teachers and some people I have talked/ written to obviously, but none of them likes know-it-all in training.

    Yes, you did.
    Twice actually.

    And only because for you there were other signs as well, doesn't mean you didn't say it.

    Yes, you are.

    And you are lacking the experience to really say if an art is worthwhile or not and even more if it is allowed to be considered a MA at all.

    Seriously, what do you expect, if you go to a dojo/ dojang/ gym?
    What do you actually want?

    I'm getting more and more the idea, you're not looking for a martial art, but for a jack of all trades device.

    Right, because nothing can go wrong in that case.

    Frankly, I doubt anyone wants to.

    Just no.

    People in a wheel chair can do MA.
    People with Down-Syndrome can do MA.
    On seminars I regularly meet a man with just one arm; he's a BB by the way.
    There is an incredibly good Judoka with just one leg, unfortunately I have forgotten his name; I watched a video of him and didn't even realize his missing leg, because he was so fast and kept throwing the other guy with ease.
    People with social anxiety can do MA.
    People with Autism can do MA.
    Mentally retarded people can do MA.
    People with all forms of anxiety can do MA.
    Deaf, blind or mute people can do MA.
    Continue the list as you wish.

    There are workarounds for all sorts of problems.

    The difference between you and people like above is that they want to do MA, and fight for being able to do it.
    They might have diverse fights before every single session, but they decided not to let that stop them.
    They decided not to whine about everything, feeling sorry for themselves, indulging in laziness or whatnot.

    In more cases then not, personally I would bet on the sport fighter, not the person who does a little SD all now and then.

    The one where he doesn't go to?
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  11. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    You said you were going last week but in the end you couldn't be bothered and in one sense I don't blame you: TKD isn't really what you are after from what I can gather. With that said, it's a start and it's what you have stated as your choice.

    You are overweight, out of shape, inexperienced in martial arts and petrified of being victimised and attacked in an area of the UK which is far from dangerous and you are obbsessed with the idea of learning how to fight, martial arts and accosiated areas such a military history etc. I think if you stopped looking at what's wrong with everything and funding reasons not to do it, you'd be better off and you'd see change and improvements in your life.

    When I say empty your cup I mean stop looking down on things as being beneath you or acting like you have a clue what you are on about. You have zero right now and within the limitations of your situation (self imposed or otherwise) you can take something from the things you have available. You seem more content to procastinate, make excuses and espouse opinions and advice that is based in nothing of value and zero experience. You generally waste people's time with nonsense and are dismissive of both people's good advice, time and effort and post in a lazy cluttered mess.

    Case in point with your remarks about Asian arts lineage etc. Not all martial arts are Asian. not all martial arts operate in a belt system. You know this. So does everybody else here so I have no idea why you bring it up other than to service the idea that you don't really need to train and it's a waste of time anyway.
    Irrespective of ethnic origin or combat efficacy all arts require discipline and hard consistent work to progress. People smply advocate you act and exact some self discipline upon yourself, not that you need an Asian master for 30yrs before you can fight.

    If you can't get over your inate fear of Peterborough city centre past sundown then you will be well served getting off your **** and getting in shape instead. You could get that a some more from the TKD and it would provide you with a base for if you wanted to look into other striking systems such as full contact kickboxing or must thai in future. I wonder if you will...
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  12. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    Assuming there is a response.

    My perosnality is too look at the bad things, the good things overly dont matter as they wont result in anything bad. Sods law after all. :p Im not petrified of victimization, i would rather not have to rely on aggression and anger to get through and i lack correct escilation ability. It would be closer to a 50/50, if i did have to fight and didnt get hurt, i would still probbly suffer from it as a lack of escilation ability/being too violent for the situation or the reverse and i would get hurt from it. Its a circular prolbem after all, i need to go to somehwere to change that but i need it to be changed to go there.

    I do have some clue, as limited as it may be, have no real experience in martial arts in doing them though. I am not dismissive of the good advice, that doesnt usually warrant a response. For example i need to amke it habit to actively go to something.

    I dont have a inate fear of Peterborough city centre past dark, none of these things are located in peterborough city centre so it s mute point kind of . Wouldnt be a issue if it was aroudn the shoppoing centre as the trains and busses go there and i know that area. (better than the rest) I may not partake in any of the ones in peterborough or surrounding area as a full time thing, but i may to have a look or go once ina while as part of a gift by family or what ever. But you did get the plan of using TKD to get into other ones. I do also walk everywhere, apart from impulsive exercise. Diet is the big problem, i like my sugar too much now. XP

    Im not scared of the dark, i am scared of whats IN the darkness.

    And if you didnt read the spoilers, i did take note of the good advice, i jsut wont give feedback if i agreed with it or not.
  13. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    Never said i knew everything, i know what i know. If i make a good point i make a good point, i have no good experience partaking in them but that doesnt invalidate everything nor make me a wnna be because i have expressed a lack of caring for status quo or change. I would dispute soemthing i saw fault in like anyone would, "take no ones word for it" after all.

    Cite them, i dotn recall making a difinitive statement that i didnt go to that club soly because of its contract, i confessed it was one of them and was a good enough reason to not go in its own right.

    I have stated that many times, soemthing which i can use in fighting effectively. I may dislike the way they teach it in the one i have access to though, see disclaimers about why i want to TKD and my grivances with it.

    I know the pros and cons to it, if i die no issue as i am dead.

    Then dont bother to try


    Autism ha svarying severity soem of which would make them unabel to doa martial art
    Social anxiet and anxity as a whole as well.
    Major self esteem issues could also inhibit ability
    Mentally retarded again, and they would struggle with it.
    schizophrenia (used google :p) pending severity
    delusion and hallucinations (google aagin) pendign severity would also impact ability and make it near imposible to do soemthing. (anything whcih ahs those as sympotoms and has them quit badly can as well)

    Deaf doesnt matter so much in sports fighting or Kata neither does mute, it could become a problem if they need to actually fight somone though.

    Blind, i am questionign their ability to actually fight somone and do a martiall art.

    Do they have artifical limbs? (will look into it more)

    You have no hope if you dont have the ablity to sense your limbs, i dont know what the condition or sense is called.

    There are not always work arounds.

    By the way i am not generalising, the more sevre parts of some of these mental conditions can lead to it being difficult or impossible to do something
    (dont respond with do i have any of the above, irrleivent to the point)

    Not disputing that, i got that point clearly.
  14. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth MAP 2017 Moi Award

    Well thats a strange excuse, ''I cant train because im mentally retarded, so ill just go on MAP are argue for nuclear war instead......''

    So anyway Ive trained with several deaf people, and one blind person, blind judoka's are amazing to train with, people with missing limbs, loads of BJJ people are obviously on the spectrum, many many many people with low self esteem, and Ive had to ask a person who wasnt safe to train to leave, which who I later found out was sectioned due to their mental health, none of those had a problem turning up to train.
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  15. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth MAP 2017 Moi Award

    Ive already said it once, But Ill say it again, don't walk around with a knife in public.

    a) unless your very careful its illegal, which leads to jail time
    b) the legal sort aren't good for using,
    c) If you do use it, its very likely you'll do something you'll regret, with the associated prison time etc
    d) if you dont use it, there's no point in carrying it apart from to bolster your low self esteem.

    If I may ask a question

    Do you have a job/college at the moment? If you dont, I would really look into doing something with all the excess spare time you seem to have.
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  16. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    ALL of those people can and do practice martial arts. In fact martial arts for autism is a good therapy and outlet and has research to back it up
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  17. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    based on what I've seen, I'd be surprised if you're not in politics. Your filibuster skills are strong, and I expect well practised.
  18. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    But what about allthe people you dont see, all of those can result in basically becomign a hermit.

    Can you find a video of a blind person successfully fighting? I do actually want to see it. Im not questioning deaf past not beign able to hear a coming ambush or attack if its total or Mute being unable to call for help.

    I know the reproductions etc for carrying a knife for self defence.

    There is a point "always be prepared" i dont want to be ambushed by the phantom of the opera and hung with a noose. One of my greatest fears that. :p

    Dont go into personal life, the only reason to ask that is to either pry or get info for a character attack.

    Whos and what? XD
  19. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    I have seen fellow students with various mental health disabilities. I don't know the exact nature of the disabilities, but one right now has something like a severe retardation. I don't think that is the correct term to use nowadays though? I mean, really severe, he barely seems able to talk. Somehow, his instructor gets him to focus and do martial things. His instructor is really amazing in getting through to him. I am quite sure the ability to focus like that is really good for him health-wise. We have two other students who are teenagers right now who have some obvious difference in mental abilities. Again, not sure of the exact nature, maybe somewhere in the autism spectrum? They are also two of the hardest working students in our school right now.

    I will say again. I have seen the above, blind students, a student on dialysis and then getting a kidney transplant, 2 students who donated a kidney, a woman recovering from a broken neck that would have paralyzed most people, a guy with some illness get up from his motorized wheelchair to to a modified form with his one functional arm.

    Many people are telling you similar stories Rataca. The point is, use this as encouragement that you can overcome whatever health issues you have if you take the steps and want to do them. But only you can make up your mind to do so. If you do, people here will support you! But if you keep using things as reasons to not train, you just won't get sympathy here. Because most of us have seen people overcome major issues and still train. So we know it isn't a reason to not train.

    I hope you choose to take the steps to keep looking for a school and start training. Ok, you decided one school isn't right, what steps are you taking to find another place? Move forward then! Maybe you have to start in a school that isn't perfect. But as long as you get started and learn some basics, that is progress. For example: A TKD school can teach you basic health, kicking skills., distance and timing in sparring, etc. That will serve you well when you do find something closer to your needs. Look at the idea of progressing towards your goals, not only the end goal.
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  20. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    Retardation is the correct word and is a Disease ICD-10 Version:2010 Definition of it. (probbly shouldt use a 2010 edition if there is a newer one)

    Rest is noted, no nice way to say i read it. :p

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