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  1. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    This wont be very active at the start, but i have decided to make a thread on all my questions regarding TKD no matter how minor, ther may be some repeats from things detailed on other threads.

    This is largly sparked by me actually going to go look at a T.A.G.B school tonight, unlike my GTUK previous school, it has a bigger hall in my town which i find more comfortable to do. I may just use it as a means to get into TKD. I will give it its trial peroid at least to see if i like it and go from there. Wont hurt me too much to get the first couple of belts again in another club and organization.

    But anyway the actual question.

    Is the first tag/belt up where your TKD actually begins? Like would they put you into sparring after that if you wnated to, give you termniology/pattern books etc?

    Stay tuned for more.

    Also general disclaimer if you think you know what town i live in or who i am please dont put it publically or spread it around. You would know why if you think you knew me. :p
  2. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    As a (former) Taekwondo instructor, I would say that your TKD began the first day you got on the mat. Our new students (white belts) learn a lot in the first few weeks/months before their first tests, everything from basic commands and protocols to basic stances, kicks, strikes, and movement.

    When I had TKD students, I gave them the reference material on day 1 (or 2) and often allowed new students to spar after a few sessions (with lots of restrictions and partnered up with senior students after seeing what kind of control they have)

    Varies by school though... probably better to ask your current instructor
  3. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth MAP 2017 Moi Award

    So you have already graded in TKD?
    If you have, surely you already know the answer?
  4. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Make sure you go.

    You'll find out the answer to your question when you ask the instructor, when you talk to them... tonight.
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  5. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    I wont be talking to them tonight, its twice a week like everything i am going once and the next class for the week is Saturday.

    I havent got resources from my other one, but i was allowed to do some sparing. Light free sparing when you dont have equipment. I will probably find out after the trial if i get any resources or not before the first grading. (without request)
  6. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    You learn from day 1.

    You may be able to carry your belt over from your other club.

    Who is the TAGB Instructor? PM me if you don't want to make it public.

  7. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    I dont have one to carry over, unless you count white belt. :p Will see what happens, i have a TKD form book anyway. (brought it independently) Would cover me for most things until 1st Dan.
  8. narcsarge

    narcsarge Masticated Whey

    Taegeuk or Palgwe forms?
  9. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    The book may well help, but just go to class and enjoy :)

    Seriously, people online will tell you any number of contradictory things about what you should or should not be learning. Don't worry too much. Find something you enjoy doing, get a solid base in it, and be clear about what you're doing.

    A big deal with any hobby class, which so rarely gets talked about, is that you should have fun, enjoy going, and make some friends you might not otherwise have met.

    Get in there and enjoy!

  10. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Neither, he's doing proper TKD :D
  11. narcsarge

    narcsarge Masticated Whey

    Why I oughta!!!!!
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  12. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    Do a jumping tornado kick? :p

    It may have those in it i dont rememeber, i don't do them so i would ignore them. Is it a WTF thing?
  13. narcsarge

    narcsarge Masticated Whey

    As a "seasoned veteran" (read that Old Git) I tend to stay away from jumping, spinning kicks. That being said, I can do a mean 360 roundhouse or heal kick. My days of karate training keep me grounded for most sparring and kicking. WTF seems to follow the Taegeuk poomsae forms. No idea what Mitch and his T.A.G.B. group follow. :oops:
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  14. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    We do the 24 ITF patterns, but we keep Ko Dang and don't do Juche as that's a change that happened after we left ITF.
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  15. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    *blankly stares at the Korean words* :p
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  16. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    So, did you go today?
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  17. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    See above, i stated once a week.
  18. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Oh yeah?

    I could have sworn you said...

    then this...

    So what did I miss?
  19. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    The date on which i made it and i quote "thursday at 12:01" so i went wendsday. :p
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  20. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    well that's good! are you going back on wednesday then?
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