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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by fusedroot, Aug 27, 2007.

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    That's good advice - I've flounced out of a few forums, then I've just had ot have aloo what people were saying, ha ha... and then before I know it, God damn it someone says something I just have to respond to!
  2. fusedroot

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    So ?'s ok.My Communication faculties are still here.

    Ok... I will re-phrase."Please continue this exciting thread on the subject of 'chi' I have reading material .... I started this thread and get a 'personal' note every-time anyone comments... so it's really interesting, educating and inspiring watching all the dialog from my e-mail feed.

    Kind Regards
    Fusedroot ;)

    P.S. Fire-quan : Howa bout getting an avatar ¿

    P.P.S. Anyone got suggestions for a school of tai-chi for the 'querky' by nature ? .. I live close to London I guess.​
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    Now, why I can't I use the PM function????????
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    Um, possibly....

    Depends on your definition of quirky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :p
  5. fusedroot

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    Chi 'one-point'

    good...excellent, thanks CarysB I will PM you on that.

    Tai Chi outside is good for oue planet, and the green thing to do. Querky ?
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    Looks like another derailed thread.
  7. Dan Bian

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    Define "close to London". London is a big place, and there is a lot of "close" around it.
  8. fusedroot

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    Quote - aahh about me finding a tai-chi school near london... no worries there, I'm not settled enough/ & too busy to start with a full time school anyway so you can ignore that one.... however, I am looking forward to the day I can commit my-self to the arts path again... so meanwhile .....Thanks again to all who contributed to the one point Thread... about Chi/Qi/Ki, the one-point origions/theories and debates .., it seems theres a "pulse" to this thread showing a shy popularity about this allusive subject in the martial arts...It's inspiring for a 'theoretically' practicing tai-chi person, like my-self to the Grand-Masters that walk with us. :)

    many appreciations
    fusedroot ;)
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    Tq and onyomi both wrote some nice explanations and theories,whether one agrees /believes in them or no.

    Probably more stuff in this thread than most of the ch'i gong books in the stores
  10. Taoquan

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    Wha???? :confused:

    Thanks El medico
  11. BROWN

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    Thankyou all for the info in this thread.. took me a few days of reading at work to get through it all. (probably could go over it again and still get points I missed) My instructor talks alot about the one point alot and we also do meditation and qi gong breathing before every class, I,ve always enjoyed this and now feel I have a bit better understanding of the whole qi thing. Gives me some amo to quiz my instructor with aswell..

    anyways thanx again for the info.
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    Late response to FQ - using PM functinos ...

    Possibly because you haven't enabled it in User CP/Edit Options?


    What a fascinating thread! Despite the occassional calls for it to be stopped/removed/curtailed etc. I think that the debate is germaine to discussion about qi.
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    Because you need a minimum of 50 posts first!! :D

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