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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by ai_thum, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. ai_thum

    ai_thum Valued Member

    I know There is Muay Thai And Muay Boran out there, but i want to know the other Muay martial art. like were they come from and what make them different and form the other Muay Arts...i really want to know the ones in Laos the most
  2. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    To learn Muay Laos you would have to spend a long time in the country itself(Laos),search for a techer,then study,would take a long time,is it worth it? who knows.

    However why not just find a good Muay Thai camp and get your grounding in that art,perhaps in Issarn where Laos is spoken and maybe you could make a contact that would allow you to Learn Muay Mak Bep and Ling Lom etc etc,either way its to South East Asia you need to turm brother,good luck :)
  3. sportmuaythai

    sportmuaythai Valued Member

    I've seen Muay Pootai (spelling), which bears remarkable resemblance to muaylaos. Pootais are closely related to Poolaos. There are several Pootai villages scattered around Kalasin and Mukdahaan. Perhaps you may be able to find teacher of muaypootai there. Once you find one, you can probably get connection to train in Loas.
  4. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Thanks for the info SportMuay. :)
  5. Jordan

    Jordan Valued Member

    new to south east asian arts, so bear with me please! what is muay laos? if it is from laos why is it called muay? it thought only thailand had that claim (MUAY). AN what exactally does MUAY mean? (Literal translation please.) :D
  6. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member


    So boxing from the country Laos is what we meant on the thread brother. :)
  7. Jordan

    Jordan Valued Member


    thanks! :D
  8. wkclark2009

    wkclark2009 Valued Member

    One of my Muay Thai teachers, Mike Xayana is from Laos and teaches a Laotian form of Muay Thai - Gietphongxai - though I believe this is his proper name, it appears to be nearly identical to Muay Thai.
  9. Kwai_Tua_Noi

    Kwai_Tua_Noi New Member

    muay laos other name is "ling lom" (wind monkey) but ling lom is also a part of the thai pahuyuth. ling lom and muay thai used to be taught together, but they eventually grew apart.

    i think this is right. im kinda sleepy at the moment so im not sure lol
  10. wkclark2009

    wkclark2009 Valued Member

    Kwai Tua Noi, thank you for the information. That certainly clarifies it for me.

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