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Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Gray, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Gray

    Gray New Member

    Bruce Lee's so good, Bruce Lee was so amazing, yadda yadda etc etc.

    I am a huge fan of Bruce Lee, make no mistake, but I've never seen him fight outside of movies. I'd like to know if anyone can direct me to some material containing actual sparring matches and fighting. I'm really quite curious to see how he actually moved versus the choreographed techniques.

    So, please post some material if you can. Thankies.
  2. ImperialDragon

    ImperialDragon Banned Banned

    Unlikely. See the guys who are alive - much better.
  3. Gray

    Gray New Member

    Sorry, I'm confused. You're saying that some martial artists alive today (JKD or otherwise) are much better in real action than Bruce was?

    (Not that I'm doubting or believing this)
  4. ImperialDragon

    ImperialDragon Banned Banned

    Lots of stuff But yes.
  5. marcus f

    marcus f New Member

    hey wats up
  6. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    I'm a huge fan of Brucie, but make no inspirational as he is to millions (and millions - The Rock voice :D) of MAists, film makers, stuntmen, philosphers, hippies....he was in no way the 'best' especially in this day and age.
    Martial Arts and society in general evolved dramatically over the past 30 years but even in his time there were better "fighters" and "film makers" out there. They simply didnt take in the lime light.

    Now this could go into a whole 'fine lets put Bruce in with Mas Oyama' VS thread. But to avoid this, just remember that Bruce is simply a man, who overcame his faults and had the guts to go against the grain in hopes of a more positive future.

    Ok about footage of him fighting. There have been many rumours, especially ones where he was challenged constantly while making 'Game of Death' and a fight broke out between Sammo Hung and Bruce inside a studio (rivals) and they came out friends. This is an urban legend that only Sammo and Raymond Chow know of the truth but is spoken much of in various Bruce Lee and Linda Lee documentaries.

    Also apparently there is footage of Bruce fighting Bolo Yueng.

    Take these as strong rumours.
  7. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    I am not a huge fan of big bruce, however, he brought wing chun kung fu out of china, publicly. He opened the door for the teaching of alot of martial arts to us roundeyes (in a way). He also introduced a new concept of fighting (JKD) that has evolved into the MMA of today.

    I don't respect the man for his ability, but for his philosiphy and for the courage it took to teach wing chun to white people for the first time.
  8. Gray

    Gray New Member

    I didn't want to start a Bruce vs Anyone Else topic, and I can see that probably no one has footage of him in action. Nevermind then :)
  9. gurojay

    gurojay New Member

    if you ask guro inosanto how good was bruce lee,
    he answers he was pretty good (with a smile)
    take from this what you want
  10. Castel

    Castel New Member

    Im sure Bruce was a great fighter, but not the best.
    There were greater MAists around during his time aswell.
  11. PlumDragon

    PlumDragon "I am your evil stimulus"

    I have an old small clip of Bruce doing chi sau with one of his students. I dont know the location, year, or any of that, I just have the clip.

    Its a short clip of bad quality; not a whole lot can be said about it, but what you do see looks good. If you want the clip, email me and I will send it to you.
  12. SouL

    SouL Valued Member

    Seems to be two type of people on this forum bruce haters and bruce lovers lol.

    Anyhow back to topic, if your referring to sparring footgae then i have footage of him sparring at the ed parker international and also have chi sao stuff a previouise guy tlks about. Rumours are that he had many off screen fights and the ones in enter the dragon seem to be certain as anyone who was thier for the film tell the same story of him beating the crap out some guy. Thiers also footgae of him sparring with bob wall which someone has but for legal reasons can not sell it and only keep it for private use.

    From what ive seen of bruce and heard from the many interviews given about him he in no doubt was a martial artist first and movie star second. In fact id go as far to say that after bruce lee it was not possible for an actor to look good in movies fighting without undergoing seriouse ma training.

    Chuck norris belived he could of been one of those guys who wins tons of competitions so make ur own mind up. I just think thers guys out their with so much skill that competing in things like ufc and pride etc.. is just benaeth them. e.g. wont see a shoalin monk in the ufc :cool:

    Bruce just didnt belive in fighting in tournaments for that reason some poeple will say he never proved how good he was others will say he was right with his thinking again make your own mind up.

    I dont belive he was the geatest of all time and its easy to watch movies and get carried away but at the end of the day he still deserves respect for what his done in the martial arts world and the skills he displayed. I was impressed with his demonstrations of speed and philosopy on martial arts guess some people are hard to impress :D

    i dont thk anyone can be given the title as greatest as it is mianly a matter of opinion. All i can say he was damn good and their hasnt been anyone like him since in my mind.
  13. SickDevildog

    SickDevildog Lost In The Sauce

    Why not just post it?

    You can upload it at

    /edit Soul same goes for you ;)

    i wouldnt mind seeing those clips
  14. Len

    Len Valued Member

    I think Bruce Lee was the best of his time. I don't think there was anyone that could have taken him. Now.....yes. Back Seems to be the "thing" to say he isn't the best cause it's easy to say that...too many variables to consider. But I'll say that if anyone was him.

    Many of the top martial artists of his day agreed to this. People like Ed Parker, Dan Inosanto, etc.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2005
  15. Castel

    Castel New Member

    Guess those guys never heard of Mas Oyama or the young Helio Gracie at that time.
  16. SouL

    SouL Valued Member

    I got the clips from peer to peer share programs so i guess u shud to :) Just type in bruce and youll get tons of stuff come up im actaully downloading some new stuff myself. The chis sao stuff just shows bruce had a good grasp of wing chun and sparring is done with full protect gear which prob saved dan from being knocked out. Dont expect movie bruce though lol you just see how brcue uses fast low kicks to prevent the closing of distnace and then counters with jabs simlar to that of boxing. At one point he trips the guy over which was cool. The clip is not that good quality.

    Young helio gracie? You compare this guy to bruce? i was of the impression that his brother carlos was better? Also watch kimura and helio fight he was totally outclassed ive never seen anyone grappel as well as kimura does in that tape his speed and transition between techquies is unbelievable. Apparently helio passed out during the fight pretty early on and woke up again becuase kimura let go of the choke and went for another techqiue all the time asking him if he was ok lol.

    Helio was good and if his side of the story is to be belived than he invented gracie jiu jitsu although carlos students will beg to differ. I dont thk he can be considered as a great fighter of his time simply becus he didnt have any stand up skills. I respect the guy though he had alot of guts and was a true warrior in my mind he even challenged joe lewis shame he didnt accept would like to have seen him tap :D :D
  17. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    And still no footage of the man in action, untill someone comes up with real live footage then it is all just a rumour based on ....... a rumour.

    Remember the rumours about Van Dam being a world kickboxing champion ... No footage and it was proven to be just a rumour too, it is amazing what film companies will do to promote a new up and comming film star.

    The man was top class martial artists of his time and he did a lot for Martial Arts as a whole, but as they say, don't beleive everything you read in the papers, magazines, documentaries etc etc, unless you have absolute comcrete evidence to back it up.

    And to coment on the "If you ask Dan Inosanto...." Well he would not say Bruce was bad would he after all this is how he makes his living, being associated as one of Bruce Lee's students, no offence but lets see some real evidence first.

    Best regards

  18. marcus f

    marcus f New Member


    wel if any one wants videos of bruce lee shaken his thing the best place to find them is limewire. There a good few but some of his famous 1inch punch, side-kicks and 2 finger press ups. He's something else if you ask me! :cool:
  19. Splush

    Splush Valued Member

    In the Bruce Lee Biography Fighting Spirit its stated I think it was for Enter the Dragon (don’t quote me) 5 hours of behind the scene footage was filmed, most of it was destroyed, anyway the film that was destroyed supposedly contained some footage of Bruce fighting.
  20. Visage

    Visage Banned Banned

    Check the DVD "Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do", it has home video footage of bruce training in his back yard with the likes of Dan Inosanto. Several good clips of him demonstrating techniques. And HIM actually explaining them. Apparently, after watching the DVD, Dan Inosanto (who was involved in the making of) said he felt like he had just had another lesson with Bruce.

    Well worth a look IMO
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