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    Saw it last last, it's awesome. I don't like comic book films, so use that as a barometer. Pretty in pink is bang on the money, it's not a "D.C." entry at all. It's about a sick man getting sicker.
  2. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Saw it just now.

    It's a very well made movie. Todd Phillips reminding people that he has a very artistic eye. Joaquin has given an amazing performance, so creepy yet sympathetic. His body shape was also so odd, I was wondering if that's why he was topless for so much of the movie...the lower protuding ribs, the previously dislocated shoulder, throwing his arm slightly out of synch with his body.

    The dancing in the toilet was so beautifully shot.

    But I found a lot more faults in the movie than I did positives. But it's more personal opinion. Would a frat boy bullying stereotype Wall St guy know the lyrics to "send in the clowns" ?
    Also, just very slow. It could've done with a slight trimming in between big beats... I understand why it was done, but I get it...the world sucks, you got mental heath issues. Let's move on.

    In regards to this whole incel, incitation of riot and violence. I guess it's there if you really dig for it. The protests in the movie is what has been going on for years and considering this film is sorta based in the 60/70s, poor v rich protests is not a new concept. Sure what happens is that he becomes an icon but protests and movements been doing that all the time.

    Still mulling over...opions can , more to follow
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    Finally saw it. Pretty terrifyingly realistic. They sure changed the whole idea of Thomas Wayne, didn't they. I think they are suggesting that Batman may have some of his own "daddy issues", which is ironic. It's always been crime is bad, the people need a hero. This movie turned that upside down. Now the crime is the fault of the rich and powerful, and they are the cause of both the villain and the hero who comes later.
  4. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Thats what I liked. Joker's interpretation of Thomas Wayne being "as bad as any other corporate"

    Bruce worshipped his Father because at that age, Dads can do no wrong.

    So its a good flip of the coin.
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    Got out from seeing Joker a few minutes ago. I think it's an excellent film, easily a 9.5 out of 10. A bit slow in parts but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully people will be nicer to loners and underdogs a bit more after seeing it.
  6. Grond

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    I can't shake the feeling that the various antagonists were intended to represent some specific people currently in the public eye...certain rich, bombastic, Jokey Smurf types who think they own everything and think everyone loves them...but aren't particularly funny, lovable, or worthy of acclaim.

    Robert Deniro's character in particular was odious. I think him, Wayne, and even the Wayne employees were are symbolic of current events .
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    These gritty origin stories are getting quite popular now

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    I just got home from seeing it, too. And I completely agree on all points. And I'm expecting a win for Best Actor and a nomination for Best Director.
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