The JKD roundhouse and kicking speed

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by DrunkenMasterBE, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. DrunkenMasterBE

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    What roundhouse technique does JKD use and is there any way to increase kicking speed ? im able to put my weight in my kicks so i know WHEN they hit it will do some damage but i would like to kick way faster even if i have to lose some power
  2. Hannibal

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    Front leg predominantly and practice

    That's it

    I am not a huge fan of the Jun Fan hook kick as a rule, but it does have it's place.

    Doesn't your instructor tell you this?
  3. Van Zandt

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    I never trained in JKD but the principles of training that govern human performance (speed included) remain the same regardless of style. Speed is generally improved in two ways: 1) You can increase the rate of muscular contraction by doing exercises like sprints and plyometrics. 2) You can reduce the demand for faster muscular contraction through a combination of relaxation, timing, body positioning, footwork and so forth. You will likely make quicker, more noticeable gains if you focus on the second method (that isn't an instruction to ignore the first method).

    Look at the drill Bill Wallace is teaching in the first 30 seconds of this video:

    [ame=""]"Superfoot" Wallace Kicking Drills - YouTube[/ame]

    Some basic principles: 1) He kicks with his forward leg, reducing the distance (and thus time) the weapon travels to the target. 2) He pushes off with his back foot to accelerate himself forward. 3) He stays relaxed so his movement isn't slowed down by excessive tension. 4) He times his attack just before or just after his opponent attacks, beating them to the kick or punishing them for missing (not shown).

    Try incorporating these into your JKD training.
  4. Fujian Animal

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    agreeing with hannibal, the jkd hook kick or jkd roundhouse kick isn't really as powerful as people make it out to be, for one because most of the time in jkd we use a southpaw fighting style, or by that i mean we punch with our lead hand, kick with our lead foot, so jkd kicks aren't always the most powerful, but they are good for speed and precision and also for closing the gap and being non-telegraphic, which can be an asset

    i myself am not a very good kicker, mostly because i lack flexibility, but what i have noticed in developing kicking power is that you cant use your legs to kick, you almost always have to use your whole entire body to kick, always from the ground or from the hip, and the placement of your feet and position of your toes and heels is particularly important to any kick in any style of martial art on the planet

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