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  1. Bograt

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    The jab is a mostly under publicized punch as it normally lacks the power of other punches, but it is the one you hear being shouted by trainers / instructors in boxing, kick boxing and MT all the time.

    It is a great little punch, which is used to set up your opponent for the big punch. it provides protection via the counter, It is used by some fighters quite effectively to unsettle or force an opponent to loose concentration.

    A good jab will put your opponent of guard and ideally lift your opponents head or make them drop thier gaurd.

    One big mistake fighters make is to pull the jabbing hand back, jerking the hand etc (tellegraphing) before throwing the punch this only leads to an experienced fighter getting ready to counter.

    To throw a good jab you should ensure the elbow comes up to your shoulder level and fire out forwards (difficult to explain and easier to show.)

    For added power a push forward and a slight rotation of the shoulder can be implemented.

    Anyway hope this is of some use to the new fighter?
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  2. Nice post. Just to expand on the don't telegraph point...

    I was sparring (or helping someone leanr to spar tonight) with a relative newcomer tonight. He telegraphed everything. I told him to throw jabs randomly, and every one was dodged. This guy is 6'3". I am 5'6"!!!

    I could dodge everyone because he brought his arm back before he punched. This is the equivalent to shouting "I WILL JAB" just before you jab. Flick the punch out, repeatedly until you see an opening for the cross, hook etc.

    A decent jab is essential. Look at the boxers. The good ones all have jabs! If there is one punch to learn, it is this.

    Another point to raise, is don't let your eyes give it away. Try to keep the same expression whilst you throw the jab, or it becomes blatently obvious what you are to do.
  3. karhn

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    on my last sparring i went up against someone alot taller then me and i allways got a jab to the face when i tried to jab him or a hook so this week i have been training to pull my head into my shoulders when i throw a jab so i dont get caught with any hooks but how do you beat a guys jab with your jab when he has a longer reach then you ?
  4. Timmy Boy

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    I'm afraid it's just gonna have to be practice...
  5. ocianain

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    Don't try to out jab someone with a much longer reach, slip the jab to the outside and pound to the body/head.
  6. Bograt

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    As has been said it is difficult to beat the jab of a guy with a much longer reach. basically you need to keep on your toes keep focused under pressure keep your gaurd high and learn to slip jabs. bob and weave and get in under the jab
  7. slipthejab

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    Nice post/advice Bograt.

    For anyone that wants to see the jab in action...

    Watch the Tyson V.S. Lewis fight.

    Lewis was able to frustrate a heavy puncher like Tyson the whole fight.
    Lewis's jab kept Tyson off his game plan for the entire fight and pretty much single handedly allowed Lewis to win the fight.

    The jab is a great tool... a bit harder but just as valuable is learning how to slip the jab! :D
  8. Bograt

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    I totally aggree.

    Always happy to put myself up for scruitany heres a link to a very old fight 10 years or something

    I won the fight even though I got very tired to the end of the 3 rounds but i'm sure people will appreciate the foot work and the evassion work added to that a jab that had to keep a stong guy at bay. I'm the guy with the longer sleaved tee shirt who takes the rubbish head gaurd off..

    By the way, you'll notice i'm more a hands guy. comming from boxing originally
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  9. TNT Tommy

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    When I was in boxing, the Jab was one of my deadliest weapons.

    I was one of the best in my club at dodging Jabs because the way my opponents set up the Jab, I could see it coming.

    But now I'm a kickboxer and my deadliest weapon is the Roundhouse.

    TNT Tommy
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  10. Wish I could get some form of success out of my roundhouses :( Long live the front kick :)

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