The importance of speed, agility, and quickness training in martial arts

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    In all sports with Martial Arts being no exception there needs to be sport specific training and conditioning. After learning the basic movements, rules, and drills and becoming proficient at performing in these areas the athlete needs to acquire more specific training in his/her chosen field to become better and a top level competitor. The Martial Artist has specific attributes that need to be developed and speed, agility, and quickness are some quite important areas that need development.

    Martial Artist require fast movements from their bodies, arms, legs, fingers, torso etc. This not only is dependent on physical movements and reflexes but also mental reflexes with the ability to coordinate the mind with the body. Speed, agility, and quickness training can greatly improve the skills precisely in those areas.

    Although this training has been around for quite some time lack of proper education has limited its practice in all sports including martial arts. The training has an intended purpose of exerting maximal force during high-speed movements, which covers the complete spectrum of training from low to high intensity levels. For example at low intensity basic movements can be introduced, warm-ups, or basic levels of conditioning performed no real prerequisites or preparations are required at this level. With high intensity training though much preparation and body awareness is needed it’s recommended that this level of training be accompanied with a strength-training program

    During speed, agility, and quickness training we are manipulating and working with the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) this shortens most gaps between traditional resistance training. Some of the benefits of this type of training include increased motor skills, spatial awareness, brain-signal efficiency, reaction time, and muscular power.
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    Sports style Taekwondo training trains for speed, agility, and quickness, and explosive power!
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    This is true to an extent also every schools curriculum is different. All things in mind. Actually what I am talking about in the article is specific training with specific equipment and scientific methods of training. Its actually facinating to watch and alot of fun to implement for all ages. Google SAQ and watch some of the videos on youtube. It is definitely unique from traditional martial arts training. Good luck and may Peace and Honor remain with you.
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    Hey Kevin, I just read over the posting and really enjoyed it. Actually, I enjoyed it so much I read your reply to thguy comment and went and searched Google for SAQ! I just watched 30 minutes of videos! It's amazing how beneficial Martial Arts really is! Many people don't think it is, but mainly because people haven't tried it!

    Some benefits from Martial Arts include but not limited to:

    Better Confidence
    Physically and Emotionally Fit
    More Alert

    I think it's best to start when you're at a younger age, but there's no such thing as too old in the martial arts world! I actually just wrote a blog about how Martial Arts helps with building confidence.
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    Hey there this is a great article and I have known about the bennifits of speed training for about a year now. It started for me when I began using isometric exorcizes like Iso kicks and punches, that helped me speed up alot, it made everything alot faster.
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    With speed training its as much a factor of what you don't do as what you do do. One of the most important aspects is to not get in the way of your own techniques. In other words you train to make the movement as efficient as possible to that the muscles involved are firing at precisely the right time to get you to your target in the most efficient way and, most importantly, that you aren't generating any tension anywhere else in the body that could slow the movement down.
    This is much harder than it sounds as almost everyone uses far more tension in every move they make than they actually need. This excess tension slows down and weakens every movement and drains them of energy. One of the major aims of all so called 'internal schools' is to release this excess tension and return the body to a state of wakeful balance. Every ounce of tension you are holding onto that you don't need is putting the brakes on your movement skills. Learn to relax what's not needed and let your movements fly.
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    Good point.
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    Totally agree!

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    Thanks for the article Kevin. I really like your video on Style vs System and also your statement on mental fitness:

    "The mental fitness of martial arts or the Yi (mind) of martial arts has much to do with thinking, which also develops into the feeling of the thoughts with the proper training."

    I'm still quite new to martial arts but can really relate to what you write and say :)
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    equipment and a study of scientific methods is a help to this w should apply science on this mental fitness brain and motor skills are needed to be to be develop guidance of professionals is needed

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