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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by belltoller, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. InkyTommy

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    I noticed for your overhead press, you're going down in reps and in weight with each set?

    Why is that, if I may ask? (which is too bad if I may not because I just did!)

  2. Guitar Nado

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    I seem to remember Scott Meredith saying something like this in JUICE Radical TAIJI Energetics (or some other book). I don't know much about Tai Chi ( I barely know the Yang 24 form, and need to brush up on it), but if a martial arts book is on Kindle Unlimited, I will read it!
  3. belltoller

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    The reason for going down is I love the smell and this [​IMG]

    The lower reps - that wasn't supposed to happen. I thought I'd be able to up my rep count or at least hold steady.

    I don't know what that says about the state of things -
  4. belltoller

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    With the wife being out of town for the better part of the month and having to double up on domestics - my available training time will begin dwindling precipitously - I've committed to making sure the belltoller juniors make it to their respective school wrestling and MMA training (if the gym should fancy returning phone calls about scheduling - not a good sign :mad:) and as duties to be performed and bills to be paid...

    Time to give MAP its much deserved break from belltoller's nonsense if I'm to get any training time in at all and if the MMA gym should happen to have its act together than it does now - there is a good chance that I will give that a go.

    I probably shouldn't but, with the idea of any serious MA training being written off indefinitely for lack of training facilities in the area and it being less than 15 minutes from our home, you know I will. :evil:

    Which means eschewing posting my training logs (which I will continue to do, of course) online till the coming time-crunch eases up; if and whenever that will be.

    Keep sweating!

  5. HarryF

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    Nice going!

    OK, slight modification(s) to the method you're using for OHP -
    1) during a set, if you have to take more than 2 seconds between finishing one rep and starting the next, stop there.
    2) control your rest periods between sets, maximum of 2 minutes.

    Don't worry too much if you get a few fewer reps during the back-off sets, part of the purpose of this method is to get "3 decent sets", where "decent" refers to effort, not necessarily attainment, that's why I said "try to get the same number of reps"... :D
  6. belltoller

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    Got it, Harry.

    Ja, that be the trouble when one is their own coach - find ways to cheat, another few minutes between sets...butt-ugly form...
  7. belltoller

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    Last minute update:

    By chance found out one of Rodger and Mayweather Sr.'s boxing trainers, when they had their base in Grand Rapids, MI moved here, of all places, a few years ago and is now associated with a specialised training performance facility that my younger son's school sends their wrestler's to for additional performance work.

    "yeah, I still train people - fifteen to fifty"

    Meeting with him this week.
  8. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Briefly ... I've revamped my training routine considerably over the last days in anticipation of what may be required of me conditioning-wise if a satisfactory arrangement is able to be worked out with a potential trainer (seen below with a student a number of years ago), as well as working out a diet and slowly beginning to reintroduce this thing called "sleep" which my system is reacting quite strangely to.


    Anyroad, as it may be, I'm determined to refit any rot I know the ship's hull to be harbouring - consistent, regular patterns of sleep and a regular, healthy diet being sleeping giants that I should've awoken long before now.

    I've been in a situation before where my conditioning was such relatively poor shape that it negated any potential benefits I could've acquired through rigorous training.

    I'm determined not to make that mistake again.

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  9. belltoller

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    Had to forestall boxing until March as my younger son's insane wrestling schedule prohibits doing anything else till the season is over. Luckily, the wife stepped up and is able to take the other kid to his own S&C classes.

    In the meantime I've been focusing on skipping and interval running, as much as the weather allows - and when it doesn't, I try to hit the track at our rec centre.

    Still continuing strength training, though I revamped the way I was going about lifting - I had to as I was having quite a bit of repetitive motion problems and the high rep stuff had to go.

    So I bumped up the weight to compensate. I have a considerable number of more fails at the higher weights but I think I'm also progressing faster than with the high-rep programme.

    Yesterday ....

    Back Squat (1X5) 20kg, (5 X 92.5kg), (6 X 90kg ), (5 X 87.5kg)

    Bench Press (1X5) 20kg, (4 X 95kg), (3 X 92.5 kg), (3 X 90kg)

    Dead Lift (1X5) 20kg (4 X 100kg), (5 X 97.5kg), (6 X 95kg)

    Overhead Press (1X3) 20kg, (3 X 70kg), (3 X 67.5kg), (failed @ 2 X 65kg)

    Will post samples of my intervals later when there's enough data to be able to infer any gains.

    Won't be posting anymore 'daily' stuff but rather snapshots here and there and when I've made changes, broken through plateaus.
  10. Bozza Bostik

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    Do some longer runs too.

    Get off that interval'll be stopping in 30 seconds for 30 seconds, you'll have plenty of time to climb down! :p
  11. InkyTommy

    InkyTommy Unique Like Everyone Else

    Are you still doing Tai Chi? Or have you given that up in favor of Chai Tea (and boxing)?
  12. belltoller

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    Are you kiddin? Wrestling practice 3 times/week, School-meet once/week, beginners tournament on Sundays and either a Duals or Open Tournament on Saturdays.

  13. InkyTommy

    InkyTommy Unique Like Everyone Else

    Be sure to log all that running around in your training journal!

    By the way, how's the ol' ticker doing?
  14. belltoller

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    Not on your life - ha! The good thing about it (for me) is I get to learn a lot of wrestling moves that I didn't before. A lot of stuff - there's a lot to it!

    Shooting, though...



    Haven't had it checked since ... when was my first log post?

    To quote Nick Diaz "it is what it is"
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  15. belltoller

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    Began with backsquats - despite wrapping the bar in layers of towels, trying to keep the head neutral and having a narrow grip, the area at the back of the neck - the spinal prominence had been getting more and more touchy - now gives me fits.

    I'ma gonna have to have a pro look at my squat and tell me what I'm doing wrong - Could be flexibility issues with my arms causing me to pull the bar too high up on my neck instead of down along the back.

    Gym Rings

    Top Position
    5 sec hold, 2 sets of 3 reps

    Dips from rings-out top position
    2 sets, 3 reps
    Able to keep me legs straight this time around.
    Reverse Row Sit back
    2 sets, 3 reps
    This is a tough one - the sitback - whoah, still showing me how much work I need to do on my core - there are so many things I could be doing - stability ball, gym ring variations and the like - just not enough freaking time - I hate it.
    Working on my initial tucks going into an L-sit. Tuck is where one goes into the top position and pulls ( or in my case, attempt to pull, one's knees up to their chest

    Sounds so easy, doesn't it?

    Almighty, I was able to manage 1 proper one :bang: abs went to hell, even quads went to hell, hams went - even my ass went but arms felt fine, oddly enough.

    Did sprints while waiting for one of the kids to finish his wrestling practice as the HS. Felt surprisingly strong on those this evening.

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