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    Man...whut-chu talkin' bout, fool? :)p) I meant I'd hillbilly vernacular mixed in with Cajun.

    But truthfully, I'd of done someone if I could've traded being a mix of hillbilly and Cajun (or anything else) for being a mix of Taig and orange paddyprod.

    Ask her if anyone says it like wheez-anner. I suppose I could of heard it wrong. Maybe they were wheezing when they said it - they were always blowing lots of smoke out of their mouths night and day ;)
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    Naah. Dat dem uppity bunch dere from Naw' lins. Deys ouways tryin' ta be differnt.

    Although, dey DO blows lots a smoke, heeyuh?
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    Nice work 'toller! All your numbers are going up, and a 5x3x 55kg OHP is awesome!

    There is an inevitable moment of plateau with any programme where you add a set amount every week, so don't worry. This guy has some ideas: [ame=""][/ame]
    And if you're still progressing with the other lifts then stick with the programme with those lifts, and tweak it a bit for the OHP - happy days!
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    Muchas gracias!
  5. belltoller

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  6. belltoller

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    Gym Rings

    Top Position Hold
    5X1 for 15sec; 30 sec rest
    Ring Dips
    3X8 with 1min rest between each of the three sets

    Could really feel in in the pecs! Made sure I paused for a bit at the bottom of the dip. Struggled the last set and took forever to make the last rep afterwhich I too a few minutes before moving on.
    Reverse Row Sit Back
    2X10 1min rest between sets.
    My first hand at these. This involves doing a reverse row, turning the rings 45 deg in, doing a sit and then a row. Its difficult to keep the movements crisp and I found myself wandering all over the place with really no definition.

    Tai Chi

    Practice for about an hour today. I began about 15 minutes after my last reverse row sit back and it turned to be a very good way to stretch out after the ring work.

    I've still not managed to put up mirrors as spare time has had to go to the never ending Timber Deck refinishing project. One really needs mirrors with Tai Chi.

  7. InkyTommy

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    Wow. That's a nae easy task.

    Soon, yeshall be Belltoller,


    Perhaps you could combine them and put up your deck very slowly while focusing on your breathing.​
  8. belltoller

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    I've the deck-going-up-slowly part down pretty well.


    The DOMs - something I don't get too often - made their delightful presence known today - which ruint the lifting session I'd in store.

    Next time,
  9. InkyTommy

    InkyTommy Unique Like Everyone Else focus on your breathing. :evil:

    What in tarnation are the "DOMs"?

    Sounds like a bad emo band from 80's.
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  11. belltoller

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    Back Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 50kg, (5X5) 67.5g

    Overhead Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 40kg, (5X4) 55kg *

    Dead Lift (1X8) 20kg (1X3) 50kg (1X3) 60kg (5X5) 72.5kg

    Bench Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 50kg, (5X5) 67.5kg

    Barbell Row (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 40kg, (5X5)
    Noticed my barbell row is beginning to get a wee sloppy. Too wide a grip tends to round the back.

    * Moving the order of the OP did not help matters. I thought doing it second would be better than having it third or fourth. One more attempt next session to make the 5X5 on the OHP. Failing the third attempt, sends me back to the minor leagues with a reduced lift for this particular routine.

    Heavy Bag (150 lb) 1X5min
    Only had 5 minutes so I spent it doing singles and basic 1-2's and adding a left hook the last two minutes.

    Arms didn't have that snap after the lifting session - I didnt have time for a propa wait as I knew chances unlikely that I'd manage to go down after returning this evening.

  12. HarryF

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    That's still some good volume at 55kg :D

    I get on well with the following weight / rep / set scheme:

    Each workout you're going to add weight to all the sets, but you get to regulate how many reps you do depending on how you feel that day, and you can gradually work towards a new 3 rep max or 1 rep max.

    My example is going to start with 40kg, and add 2.5kg each training session, but you can vary this if you like.

    Training Session 1
    Set 1) Maximum* number of reps you can do with 40kg
    Set 2) Take 2.5kg of the weight off the bar (37.5kg), and try do the same number of reps as Set 1
    Set 3) Take another 2.5kg of the weight off the bar (35kg), and try do the same number of reps as Set 1

    This may end up as: 13x40, 12x37.5, 13x35

    *maximum = most reps you can do to just before form breakdown

    Training Session 2
    Set 1) Maximum* number of reps you can do with 42.5kg
    Set 2) Take 2.5kg of the weight off the bar (40kg), and try do the same number of reps as Set 1
    Set 3) Take another 2.5kg of the weight off the bar (37.5kg), and try do the same number of reps as Set 1

    This one may end up: 12x42.5, 12x40, 12x37.5

    and so on and so on.

    As the weight goes up, reps come down, and if you have a great day you do more volume, rubbish day you do less.

    When you get to the day you can only do 3 reps on Set 1 (which should be a new 3 rep max) stop there for this training session, have the next training session without doing this lift (or do very light for very few reps), then go for a new 1 rep max the following training session, shoot for about 10% more weight than your 3rm.

    Once you've hit a new 1rm, take 65%-70% of that and start the process again!

    What I like about this, is that you can use this weight / rep / set scheme with OHP, but stick to your stronglifts 5x5 for all the rest (while it keeps working).
  13. belltoller

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    Thank ye', thank ye, Harry! Much more dynamic and responsive system than what I've been doing, from the looks of it.

    using the previous session's 3 rep max in the calculation, correct?

    Do you mean 0.10(3rm) + 1rm = what I should be shooting for at this point?

    I suppose it obvious but I want to make certain that's your meaning here.
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  14. HarryF

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    Your new 1rm should be roughly 1.1 x new 3rm (ish)
  15. belltoller

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    I'd actually had a couple of sessions earlier in the week but have been negligent in logging.

    Matvei's logging his fairly numerous sessions with the speedbag inspired belltoller to take a fresh look at this simple gym staple and explore some new approaches and more challenging cadences - 1 strike/bounce - which results in a tripling of one's normal speed - challenging to keep up! - the rhythm punch which is two one-strike per bounce followed by 2 bounces then repeats - this is incredibly hard to master but lots of fun when one finally begins to get the hang of it.

    Session 1 : basic 1-2's (striking the bag twice then alternating hands for two strikes); 1 min with 30 sec rest/2 min 30 sec rest (1 strike, 3bounces alternating hands); 1 min with 30 sec rest/2 min 30 sec rest

    Session 2 : Fast Punch (1 strike per bounce) Estimated 5 minutes (non continuous)
    Turned off the timer for this as I had some difficulty bringing in my right which would inexplicably begin throwing my, heretofore, perfect timing completely off. Spent more time stopping and restarting than not.
    ................Rhythm Punch (2 1-strike/bounce followed by two bounces repeat) estimated 3-4 non-continuous min.
    Again, the timer went off for this - even more tricky

    70lb Canvas Bag 2 X 3min 30sec rest
    This felt clunky and leaden after the extended speed bag session. Jab/cross, move with swing, duck, repeat; add L-hook 2nd round
  16. belltoller

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    Ring Time!

    Its occured to me that I'm trying more advanced techniques on the rings before I've built up the muscular endurance to transition properly and as a consequence, I'm looking far more stupid than I realised ( courtesy of a mirror that I put up temporarily today ).

    Naw, naw...won't do. Won't do a'tall.

    Did spend time on dynamic stretches beforehand

    Top Positon hold: 2 sets ( one propa set ) 5 - 7 sec
    Again, using the mirror, I saw that what I thought had been a grade A TPH was actually in need of work - it was disquieting to see my shoulders hunched over at an odd angle in the mirror - I've been slightly compensating for some weakness in one shoulder without realising it!

    I immediately dropped down, took a moment of composure then up again and found I was able to correct - that was not a good thing to see.
    Ring Dip: 3 sets (2 decent) 3 clean reps each on last two sets.
    Not turning out the rings before going into dip quite often! Rings wandering too far in...

    Now I know what they mean by the necessity to maintain an excellent form because once you begin slouching...
    Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

    Later in Evening

    300metre steep hill walk/sprint - felt heavy on sprints (walk down/sprint up)
  17. belltoller

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    One Hour Tai Chi class.
    The flow of things was better as I spent little time trying to be a copy of the instructor and more of the session focusing on my own movement's purpose and only occasionally seeing my instructor in my periphery.

    I was very aware of my breathing. This was the first time that that occurred! I didn't "try" to focus on breathing, it warn't on the agenda - I just found myself oddly aware of it - it seemed to be strangely in time to the slow rhythm of the pattern - up, down, up, down.

    Breathing is not just integral to Tai Chi, it is Tai Chi. At least it was for me this afternoon. An unexpected development.

    I totally left - by the end of class I wasn't even aware of the instructor nor other students - they were there, but as if in a dream.

    I've heard it similar to skag-peace but without the sickly, nausea and the corruptness that one feels afterwards. This leaves one feeling quite healthy and invigorated afterwards - a far better tonic.

    Don't know if that's supposed to be part of it. I do have an intuition that if I "try" to capture - to reproduce - what occurred today, next week, it will slip away like a fish out of one's grasp.

    No expectation. Expectation ruins everything.


    Today was to have been a lifting day but a week of nearly continuous rain has produced a river of water flowing down the woody hills above our home and straight into to our basements doors.

    So I spent the latter part of the day lifting - lifting bag after bag of sand and stone and taking them down the muddy, slippery embankment to begin building a makeshift levee.

    That's one way to turn basic lifting into a complete, whole-body circuit.

    Really had wanted to get on the speed bag today but it proved elusive.


  18. InkyTommy

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    That is very cool, Weedhopper.

    You've actually gotten my eyeing Sifu's Tai Chi class on Fridays and Saturday.

    Oddly enough, the Friday class is right after sparring.

    So I can beat people up for the first hour and then feel Zen about it immediately after.

  19. belltoller

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    Or more likely, they beat you up for an hour and then you feel Zen :p

  20. belltoller

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    As I've begun to struggle on a couple of routines, I decided to do something different - to deviate a bit from my 5X5 Strongman regime.

    Dynamic Upper Body Stretches

    Overhead Press (1X17) 55kg, (1X14) 52.5kg, (1X11) 50kg
    I struggled like mad to get the 17th up - literally taking gulps of air, waiting a minute before finally getting it up.

    I let a solid 10 - 15 minutes go by before I started on the reduced set and then another 10 minutes before the final.

    Despite my reducing weight, my muscle endurance petered out rather quick-like by the last set.

    Not sure how long the rest period should be but I could feel fatigue set in right after the initial 17 reps - I think struggling so long for that last one may have been my undoing.

    I had business to attend so I warnt able to get right on the next routines - at least a couple of hours went by and by then I only had time for one more routine.

    Which is just a well as the deviation on the OHP really zapped me. Just wonder where I've been compensating (cheating) on the StrongMans. Maybe taking too long between the (5X5) sets?
    Back Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 50kg, (5X5) 70kg
    Managed to complete the sets but my shoulders were achy as they are still now. Something tells me I will struggle on this Strongman lift next session.


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