"The Gathering" in Alma, Michigan presented by Instinctive Response Training LLC!

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    Instinctive Response Training LLC

    Is Proud To Present

    A Martial Arts Event

    “The Gathering”

    Where : 200 West Center Street, Alma MI 48801 Phone: (989) 560-8004
    When: Saturday October 25th
    Time: 12 noon to 6 pm (pub party afterwards)
    Cost: $70 or prepay before October 12th and the cost is $55. Combine with Grand Tuhon Nene Tortal Seminar and the cost for both is only $90!

    Topics Covered: Modern Arnis, IRT, NSI! Blade oriented material and bullwhip plus some dirty boxing, trapping hands and more. Six of Michigan’s world class instructors all under one roof! This is a one of a kind martial sharing event!

    Do not miss out!


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  2. Brian R. VanCis

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    We have had a slight change in the instructor line up for "The Gathering". Matt Lamphere and Bill Bednarick both have an enormous work load right now and will not be able to attend. Maha Guro Brian "Buzz" Smith told me that he will attend and teach work permitting.

    No matter what we will be having an excellent training time and who knows maybe even Grand Tuhon Tortal will teach a bit on Saturday!

    Here is the updated flyer!

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  3. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    That was really a great time and I know that everyone who attended enjoyed it as much as I did. I did a write up on my Blog here! The Grand Tuhon was amazing on both day's and Rich Parsons and Brian "Buzz" Smith were simply awesome as well. I enjoyed every presentation and instruction we truly had a great group there who wanted to learn and continue to grow!
  4. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

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