The effectiveness of biting in self defense

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Isaiah90, Aug 18, 2019.

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    anyone who has an arm bar worth a salt aren't going to be hanging around with loose legs around your face.
    In addition, there is more than one arm bar, in assuming this refers to the classic juji gatame style rather than from guard, on mount or other variations with leg behind head and other over the far side.

    if someone said they were going to bite then you are not likely to rest the leg lightly over their face.
    You might be able to shred side to side with your teeth against a bare leg, but you may find the leg slamming into your mouth distracting, if not having your arm broken whilst you try and find space to bite instead of escape.

    Maybe we should blame Enter the dragon for all these "experts" at the bite defense.

    Edit: oh I just realised why the thread necro :rolleyes:

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