The effectiveness of biting in self defense

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Isaiah90, Aug 18, 2019.

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    I told them they need to practice it safely in sparring. It's not enough to just learn about how to do it. I also told them to only use the training when their lives are dependent on it. Not all techniques in martial arts are useless. Some are decent, but need more work. I modified some of them and made them work for a no rules environment.
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    You literally can not do any martial arts techniques. I've watched your videos and you have no coordination. Seriously, take up a martial art and actually learn how to defend yourself. This childish self-taught attitude is the bane of martial arts.
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    How can they practice it safely in sparring though and still be able to do it under pressure if required to?

    You've dogged on sparring and competition in martial arts because they follow rules and, despite being full contact fights, still don't reflect the realities of street fights due to the rules protecting fighter safety.

    If you hold that view, then by the same notion safely sparring your techniques equally creates a false impression of real violence and equally failures to equip or prepare people to actually fight. Sparring at all creates a false expectation since most of us try not to actually hurt our partners.

    There's a reason fighters amp up their training and engage in hard sparring, and its notable which fighters haven't been exposed to real risk in the gym and haven't been put under real pressure. That's to make someone efficient at fighting in a competition, which you claim is still inadequate preparation for real self defence. So if full contact sparring on a regular basis for boxing/mma/whatever isn't good enough for the street, then safely sparring your system definitely isn't good enough.

    See what I mean?

    Also, how do you modify a technique to make it work in the street? If a boxing punch works in the ring, then it works in the street. If a judo throw works on the mats, then it works on concrete. Tossing in low percentage, low reality techniques like biting or eye gouging on top of those isn't changing much, and isn't really modifying the technique its just adding another one.
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    Southpaw +100 on here.
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  5. Grond

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    According to what I've read, you can definitely catch HIV from a bite. Some HIV-infectees are what's known as "hyper excretors" meaning they have high level of the virus in their spit and other emanations. I don't know if it's safe to say it's a little or small risk. The actual outcome is going to depend on how many HIV-infected people bite YOU, right? I'm pretty sure that number for me is 0, but I can't be totally sure. One time a college kid sunk his teeth into my skull, and my first though was "what is this kid carrying?"
  6. Dead_pool

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    The OP was referring to biting people with HIV/etc which is different to being bitten by someone with HIV/etc

    Its the difference between punching someone or being punched by someone.
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    For self-defence, has anyone tried training grappling to defend against biting?

    As with the Johnson twist thread, I reckon biting is another thing that can change the ground game in self-defence. I wonder how much “sports BJJ” would need adapting to take account of someone attacking you with biting, eye gouging, etc.
  8. Dead_pool

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    Back in the day, I used to train in a "vale tudo" class ran by a JKD guy, we used to train like that a bit, it's definitely changes things a little, but not by much, it mostly gives you easier subs, and easier GnP, and is heavy on cross facing, knee on belly, knee on face etc.
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  9. icefield

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    If you have never trained MMA and only sports it can be a shock but.... If I'm the grappler I'm on top so can dictate range and who can reach whose eyes or bite with real force.
    withr regards to biting it allows me to face lock or break your jaw really easily and ever tried biting through jeans or a jumper human teeth aren't that sharp
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  10. icefield

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    The other part is the assumption it's going to take me 4 minutes to get control of you, a dominate position and apply a controlled submission giving you time to bite or gouge etc,in reality the submission will be breaking your arm so quickly you won't see it coming much less be able to bite me
  11. SWC Sifu Ben

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    Plus as the smart people know, you can do those things too. If they're biting that means I'm probably in a better position, they're likely biting a limb, they've attached their head giving me better control and easy targeting. Their bodily fluids coming into contact with an open wound is a serious potential threat to my person and a potential chance of mutilation. I'm going to make them let go quickly, and that means I'm not going to be gentle about it.
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  12. axelb

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    even without "biting" as an active threat in grappling, you are training to get a better position, defend you neck and limbs when in a bad position.
    All the basics of grappling will give you an advantage even if the attacker is allowed to bite.

    The too dirty for competition techniques like biting only have value if you have all the tools associated with the range you are using them at.

    Sure they can try and bite to get out of an arm bar, but anyone who spent years on ground work knows that to get there you have already broken their position in such a way that if they aren't working on an escape, then looking to bite has wasted their valuable time and energy whilst they get finished.
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  13. icefield

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    True but for me there is an even more fundamental issue the biters overlook they are basing what they would or would not do on seeing a 5min grappling or MMA match seeing position changes, sweeps, top guy being close etc and thinking that's how it's going to be for them......mmm no that's what it looks like with two guys who know what they are doing
    It's what it looks like when the guy defending keeps his arms in, moves his hips, looks to create space with frames etc
    Against someone clueless or much worse than you it tends to look like takedown and snap, not takedown and controlled lock to allow you to tap or maybe bite my ankle but takedown and full force break which you won't even see coming because you are disoriented from the takedown and are a fish out of water
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  15. Alansmurf

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    Terrible to see people fighting for an audience like that.
    Choke was on too long , adrenalin affected perception of time .
    The girl who lost was vastly out classed
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  16. Dead_pool

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    Although from what I remember, she was bullied into it.

    But thats also why things like biting arnt a magic skeleton key to beating a decent grappler.
  17. Isaiah90

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    You're assuming you're going to be able to withstand a bite. If you bite a vital area, the person will likely bleed to death or suffer from immense pain. My friend challenged a MMA fighter to a sparring session. The MMA fighter boasted he could resist a bite. The MMA fighter put him in an armbar. As soon as my friend lightly bit him in the calf muscle, the MMA fighter flinched and let go.
  18. bassai

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    And of course , you have video of this event ?
  19. icefield

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    Of course he did.

    Humans are meant to be herbivores which means our bite compared to meat eating animals isn't that strong, add to this most people wear clothes like jeans, jackets etc and actually doing any damage isn't that easy

    Plus you know I'm not holding that arm bar in place for you to smile and bite me I'm snapping your arm off with so much force it's going to be in two pieces before you even feel it going on
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  20. icefield

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    45secs into the following :)

    Of course the arm bar was terrible...
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