The Different Learning Styles

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    We have had a few posts recently saying that instructions or demonstrations from the instructor could not be followed, or that the information is not sinking in. So I thought it time to explain the different learning styles and highlight reasons you may not be picking things up as you would like.

    We learn by one (or more) of three different styles.

    Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic.


    Here the key is writen/visual information. While many of us dislike the class or meeting room, this is where the visual learner thrives. Spreadsheets, charts, use of colour, powerpoints and so on.
    Visual learners must try not to be distracted and also should avoid visual tiredness.
    If your instructor gave you a chart and text of the class syllabus and/or a kata then the visual learner will benefit from highlighter pens and colour to pick out the salient points.
    For the martial artist who is a visual learner you will use websites, books and videos to assist in conceptualizing ideas.


    The auditory learner will benefit less from the written word and would be more likely to carry a digital voice recorder in a lecture. The martial arts instructor will capture the auditory learner by giving an explanation of a technique before it is performed.
    If you tend to stand at the back of the class then you obviously need to reposition to get the clearest instruction. Discussion and often repeating what is said is the way to aid learning.


    Kinaestetic learners prefer to do rather than hear or read. A technique shown is class is best practiced in order to see its worth. The learning process is aided by feeling the experience is real. They will definately be less convinced by just being told or by having the task demonstrated.
    Kinaestetic learners may fidget or tap their fingers and down while reading or watching the television.

    Learning and martial arts

    Most classess I have attended tend to cover the learning styles by see, do and review.
    The instructor demonstrates the technique, explaining all the way through what is happening, what is expected, the likely outcome, pro's and con's etc. This is the see phase. The students go and practice the technique with the instructor coming round to each individual to assist with the skill being undertaken. This is the do phase.
    The class is then stopped and discussion takes place with input from both the student and instructor. This is the review stage. A chance to ask questions and for the instructor to point out any mistakes made. Finally the drill is done again once the students have had further input and instruction.

    Here is a simple pdf downloadable document from that will allow you to find out your prefered learning style.

    There are other test available from the businessballs website.

    I have no affiliation to this site. It is just one I found while wrtting this thread.
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    Thanks JWT. I was hoping to post details on the percentage of knowledge retained with each of these styles, but cannot find my books anywhere.

    Hopefully it will help those who were otherwise unaware there were different learning styles or why they could not retain the information given in class, whether a school, dojo or lecture room.
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    I couldn't find what I wanted in my manuals, but a quick online search came up with this:

    Teaching Method Knowledge Retention
    See/Hear - Lecture 5%
    Reading 10%
    Audio Visual / Video 20%
    Demonstration 30%
    Discussion Group 50%
    Practice by Doing 75%
    Teaching Others 90%
    Immediate application of learning in a real situation 90%

    What I was actually looking for was retention rates over set periods of time.
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    Thanks JWT that was what I was after.
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    Neil Adams writes about 3 different types of students. The natural talent, the plodder and something in the middle. Explains how they progress over the years. If you haven't already might be worth a look. I'll see if I can figure out which one it is

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