The debate for and against "chi"

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by Black41, May 21, 2011.

  1. Hannibal

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    Frodo is certainly more real than this crap

  2. Smitfire

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    Damn...aren't those people embarassed?
  3. Hannibal

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    They should be but they are not

  4. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    This one is not as bad but still terrible

  5. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    Same guy as above, but this one is appallingly bad

  6. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Damn they look like some comfy jimjams.
    That's what that vids about right? I didn't notice any martial arts.
  7. Van Zandt

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    Jesus H Christ.
  8. Greyghost

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    W T F !!!!
  9. Atre

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    I knew this was going to be an entertaining thread when I saw the OP about bio electric fields extending to infinity and coherent photon emission from cells.... Jesus.
  10. SpikeD

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    But......but......that's doing science isn't it and therefore proof? :evil:
  11. Van Zandt

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    Jesus weeps at the stupidity displayed in this thread.

  12. Osu,

    These videos are appalling and hilarious! :D
    I start to understand why you guys seemed so hostile to get into a discussion... Obviously, we did not have the same things in mind, and indeed, there is nothing these clowns can contribute in any way!

    How about this one:
    [ame=""]YouTube - ‪Gin Soon Chu, Dynamic Push Hand‬‏[/ame]

    LOL :D

  13. Hannibal

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    That is precisely why we have a ditinctily negative view. Compare the above to this footage of Wang Shu Jin (who was reputed to use a lot of "chi") and you can see why MY stance is that it is all good mechanics


    same here with Cheng Man Ching

  14. Atre

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    Heh, t'was one of those things where I read the OP quote and went :bang:.

    Should just say that the field to infinity thing is true (although entirely unimportant and on a large scale objects are electrically neutral; so the unimportant thing is even less important that it seems) and the coherent bio-emission of photons is wrong. Certain individual photons may be emitted by stimulated emission (coherent) but the net emission is not coherent (bit like saying that rain hitting a tree can cause water to fall off a leaf, making a single coherent emission of water, but overall the water running off the tree is not coherent)
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  15. Osu,

    Great footage Hannibal, very very interesting.
    I am pleased we cleared what seems now to have been a misunderstanding due to our respective starting points.

    Maybe at some time in the future we can have a constructive discussion and explore together what, outside of good mechanics, chi could be... if it exists outside of a teaching artifact.

  16. Smitfire

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  17. ScottUK

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    Dude, got any further reading on this experiment?
  18. El Medico

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    This really isn't that big a deal in and of itself.It just isn't.He's catching their weakest line of balance and disrupting it with small mechanics. Assuming this individual has decent skills in that department and is actually doing it.If one is claiming some esoteric ch'i powerrrrrrr,howe'er.........

    I note whenever anyone post clips of such simple,static examples it's always considered bogus/compliant/etc. Not that some aren't,but any thing of this type is usually always disparaged- by those with little to no experience,at least of much depth,in this stuff,or exposure to people with simple skills like this.

    Please to remember I have no problem calling junk when it's obvious junk- even if it's one of my own elder uncles such as Huang and his theatrically overawed students as you posted in another thread.

    Maybe. There is the possibility that the dummy here is fairly inexperienced,in which case the instructor may be drawing a body reaction off him and then applying a small amount of force the- subject may actually push himself off the instructor without realizing that he did so.Again,it's no big deal-at all.If it's real and explained.If it's faked,or dependent on student awe,then it's a much bigger deal,but in a bad way.

    The problem isn't demos like this-the problem is when it's attributed to mysterious forces, presented as something awesome, shown without at least a basic explanation (which makes sense),and used as evidence of supposed martial prowess.

    You'll have to excuse me now,I've been summoned before The Board again- something about revealing "secrets".
  19. 47MartialMan

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    YES! He had Great Chi also
  20. 47MartialMan

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