the DAN TIEM and Dynamic Movement

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by TaiChiMulan, Jul 12, 2015.

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    According to another member's post on the DAN TIEM (see below),
    I feel more confused than ever: if the brain is the UPPER Dan Tiem, the belly is the MIDDLE / 'true' Dan Tiem, and the Lower Heater of the body is the LOWER Dan Tiem -- WHERE does that leave the Upper Heater of the body (everything above the belly to under the head)? And what does this have to do with the circulation of Chi throughout the body (which produces DYNAMIC MOVEMENT).

    Without turning this into a major thesis, it is due to the physical attributes of the intestinal tract and it's centre of gravity, it's ability to act like a huge conductive battery, that this point is the logical heart of the Dan Tien; it is a giant battery for bioelectricity. So we see that with the triple heater Qigong that we do ( if you do this ) you are actually developing and storing Qi. Cultivating it in the lower, storing it in the middle physical Dan Tien, and then circulating it via the upper Dan Tien . The brain is the upper Dan Tien, the middle Dan Tien is the true physical Dan Tien and the lower Dan Tien is the Dan Tien of mind or the lower heater.
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    Taichimulan, if you are going to quote others, you need to cite the source of your quote. Thanks.
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    The triple heater meridian is well published, and mix it up with Taijiquan is interesting. In more recent study of Chinese Traditional Medicine the triple heater meridian is the sexually related organs. To generate impact on the triple heater meridian is not difficult but Taijiquan seems to make reference to generate impact on the sexually related organs for males.
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    Do you actually believe this to have any basis in fact?

    I'm curious, because it sounds like a load of mumbo-jumbo to me.
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    It is quite creative regarding triple heater QIGONG, as most qigong based on the central and governing meridian. But the triple heater meridian is closely associated with the endocrine system, and able to stimulate the endocrine glands can be very complex.
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    Hopefully you know me to be a scientific and skeptical kind of guy, but weird things do happen when you practice this stuff that seem to point to the endocrine system - particularly that glandular excretions become more sweet. Also, I don't buy into biolelectricity stuff, but you can feel what seems to be an electric charge when placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth - a very similar sensation to putting the terminals of a 9v battery on your tongue.

    But, who knows what is really going on? The glandular stuff can be verified by others, but the electricity could be psychosomatic.

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