The changing face of violence

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Smitfire, Jul 17, 2017.

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    RIP my only response to that.
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    That's my kind of self-defence! :p

    Seriously though, it depends where you live. I know that I'm far safer in Bristol today than in the late 90's when I first lived here, because I've done my research. The lack of armed foot patrols is a big clue!
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    A late reply for Smitfire, but work has taken me off MAP for a while.

    In my last book, Karate and Self Defence, I included data from a 2003 Home Office report by Jonathan Smith that indicated that men were more likely to be 'interviewed' prior to robbery than women because of the perception that they pose a higher threat risk. Obviously the prevalence of this depends on context - the more people involved in the crime the lower the perceived risk of injury in a physical altercation, therefore violence as an initial tactic is a quicker approach than an interview or intimidation. In similar vein, if the victim is ambushed and unaware of the danger an interview stage may be less necessary.


    For more up to date and in depth information you might like to read this:
    Overview of robbery and theft from the person - Office for National Statistics

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    That's not new, I learned about that at work a decade ago. It's traditionally a punishment for snitches, so you can tell if someone is deemed trustworthy by looking at their abdomen.
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    Bristol has become the best place in England to live though. I liked it when I was a student, but you're right it was always a place with an edge of violence that is now gone. However I'd say Swindon has become worse in the past couple of years. The past two years have seen an unprecedented rise in violent crime, and murder rate has gone right up.
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    That's nothing. In Manchester every high school kid has to go through the Hunger Games for work experience. Only the toughest survive, which is why we're the best and hardest people in the world.
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    I think what I'm getting at was less use of the old "give me your money or I'll hurt you" and more use of "give me you're and I'll hurt you".
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    I think that's always been there, I think the recent spike in violent crime and the now ubiquitous CCTV just makes it more noticeable.
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    Cough cough, Russia, cough cough.
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    They're the coldest and drunkest.
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    Victorians brought in specific laws dealing with vitriolic disfigurement (sulphuric acid thrown in the face) as at one point it was common.
    ‘Strippeing’ was cutting some one across the buttocks very deaply garunteeing a lot of pain for a long time.
    I’m sure it’s like fashion, it comes around again.
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