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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by k1ckboxer, Jul 4, 2007.

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    Ok we have all bought equipment for the sport and it’s either been a bad product or not lasted, so the aim of this post is to try and identify the best in each field to save us all wasting money etc..
    Although I appreciate everyone has different tastes and preferences, some of these products are well know to be better and for that reason used by many people training.

    Gloves = Cleto Reyes or twins/fairtex/windy if on a budget!
    Feet protectors = TopTen
    Shin protectors = Fairtex
    Head Guards = Topten/Twins/fairtex
    Kickboxing trousers = Blitz
    Hand wraps = Twins/Fairtex
    Gum Shield = shock doctor/Wipps
    Practice Pads = Thai style Twins/Fairtex
    Focus Mitts = Twins/Fairtex

    Do you agree/disagree if so why and what do you consider to be better?
    is there anything else that needs to be added to the list?
  2. SCP_Kensei


    Gloves= Twins or Possibly Windy
    Feet Protectors= They are all crap but if I had to choose....Fairtex
    Shin Protectors= Nationman for Elastic, Twins for Thai Style, Rogue for MMA style
    Head Guard= Twins
    Kickboxing Trousers (when forced to wear them)= Twins
    Hand Wraps= Twins
    Gun shield= Shock Doctor Gel max
    Thai Shields= Twins
    Focus Mitts= Twins

    For the record I find Top Ten and Fairtex to be vastly overrated and overpriced. Contrary to the above I am not a Twins fanboy, but I have tried pretty much everything else and only twins cut it for me.
  3. jwv

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    Can't comment on much of the equipment there, but i've found my fairtex gloves a much better fit than the twins a couple of my mates have. but that's just personal opinion. in terms of hand wraps, despite owning some twins wraps i use my mtgs much more as i find the twins have a short velcro attach strip, so the excess velcro hooks end up flapping about everywhere. again, that's personal conjecture mainly based on my "right big 'ands" and scrawny childlike wrists.
  4. Gloves= I use TWINS 16oz to train and KING 10oz lace ups to fight in
    Feet Protectors= Adidas' new ones. WAY better than top ten!
    Shin Protectors= Any generic cloth ones to train in, SAP to compete in
    Head Guard= TWINS to spar/train
    Kickboxing Trousers= Just the club trousers. Anything loosely cut with lots of room
    Hand Wraps= Lonsdale (I always put a band of athletic tape round the knuckles and wrists whatever pair i'm wearing.
    Gun shield= OPRO Custom (Dentist moulded)
    Thai Shields= Twins by far (Though we don't use twins ones!)
    Focus Mitts= I quite like ProBox pads

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