the 3rd eye

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by wayofthedragon, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. wayofthedragon

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    I was wondeing if anyone can explain to me what exactly this is? I heard about it once, and read something on it, but what exactly is it? My thinking is that it has a lot to do with chi
  2. CrowZer0

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    Something along the lines of a 6th sense, a better sense of awerness and ones surroundings, it can act as a 3d eye.
  3. middleway

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    upper dan tien related to psychic abilities and mind.

    Heart centre is the emotional centre and lower dan tien is the physical centre.

  4. leke

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    This is the most interesting link i have found on the subject...

    I have read the book The Third Eye, published in 1956 by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, purported to be Rampa's autobiographical tale of his study and mastery of Tibetan Buddhism.

    Rampa claimed that he had been born into a wealthy Tibetan family and had studied in Lhasa to become a lama. He had then undergone an operation to open up the "third eye" in the middle of his forehead. This operation had bestowed upon him amazing psychic powers.

    Turned out Rampa was actually Cyril Henry Hoskins, born in Devon, England and the book was not as he claimed (although it was very believable).

    I saw in a documentary about the Tibetan refugees in India and one monk claimed to have this operation with a nice scar to prove it. Make of it as you will.
  5. cloudz

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    Hasn't anyone seen Rock III ?
    Eye of the tiger man! :D :D
  6. jroe52

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    lol eye of the tiger.

    the way i see it, is that the 3rd eye is symbolic for concentration going on in the front of your forehead during intense focus meditations. during meditation you may be able to concentrate on a subject or hypothetically think of situations. the 3rd eye then becomes a symbol of your own morallity and enligthments you have learned through your meditations.

    maybe your meditation and moralitty training is what the 3rd eye stand for, being a good person is better then the magic itself
  7. cloudz

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    I'll have to go with this and add ' the 3 fold knot cannot be broken'-zks.

    Mind, body and spirit as one.

    Viola! 'eye of the tiger' :D
  8. thejimbo

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    I don't know to much about the third eye but I read many times that it can formed(maybe refined?) by meditating on a major gland.(not sure maybe pituitary?)
  9. jroe52

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    just meditate, and the 3rd eye will not matter hehe.

    focus meditation to me, is what the 3rd eye is to be. concentrate and focus on 1 object or subject, concentrate between your forehead...

    to me, i see 3rd eye as a stimulation feeling, that really is just a description of heavy concentration/focus. if you try hard enough, maybe we are like electric eels and can sense other brainwaves/electric fields without the interference.

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