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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Gray, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Gray

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    (Didn't know if this should be H&F, but whatever.)

    I notice a lot of Muay Thai boxers are quite muscular. Not huge and grotesque, but muscular, and really solid looking. I have a body type that is pretty resemblant of the classic Muay Thai physique (although not as well built...), and I'm wondering how I could achieve that type of musculature.

    So if any of you Muay Thai dudes out there know certain exercises you perform to get in that shape, please indulge me. If the only answer is to just pound on a bag or something similar, I've already got that down pat :D (it seems to help build the back/shoulders for me)
  2. slipthejab

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    Much of what you see on MT fighters is down to several factors:

    1) Genetics -
    Nothing you can do about this factor. The best you can do is to work with what you've been given and take it to the next level from where you're at.

    2) Body Fat -
    Lots of MT fighters and boxers for that matter look hard as nails because they are at fight weight... their body fat is as low or pretty close to as low as it can get. So they naturally looked ripped. This is can be changed.. but you wouldn't want to run around at fight weight all the time... but having a low body fat ratio is not a bad thing either. If you're consitantly training MT then you'll pretty much get to a low body fat stage anyhow - as long as you're improving/minding your diet as well.

    3) Training -
    This is where you can affect it the most. Here's some ideas.

    Generally speaking if you're planning on fighting - then skip anything that is for looks only. Not curl bar workouts, no training to failure, no tricep kickbacks... skip all of that.

    If you're fighting you want two things: Strength and Muscular Endurance

    Strength you get from lifting weights... you need resistance to build muscle... there are dozens of different programs... boxer use weights... MT fighters use weights... but it's not the same kind of programs that body builders are using. The goal is different so the workout is different.

    In general... compound movements are what you want. No isolation movements. You want functional strength. Dead lifts, deep squats, lunges, russian twists etc.

    For some good examples - check out: all his material is well worth it and applies to MT as well just boxing. Can't go wrong with him at all.

    When shooting for muscular endurance you want bodyweight exercises...

    Burpee's, Moutain Climbers, Pull ups, Chin Ups, Push Ups, Bdy. Weight Squats, Pistols, Tabata Squats etc. etc. etc.

    Check out for a great selection of exercises (both weighted and unweighted)

    A good Muay Thai workout routine has both bodyweight and weighted exercises. As well a proper MT routine should be about 70% anaerobic and 30% aerobic. Remember you have to train specifc to your goal. Fighting is anaerobic more than it is aerobic.
  3. Gray

    Gray New Member

    Hmmm, thanks for that reply. Yeah, I'm not looking into this just for looks, mostly for strength and functionality whilst sparring and etc (the look of it would just be a bonus).

    And as for the muscle mass to body fat ratio stuff... I have next to no fat on me. Seriously. I'm a really light guy, about 175cm tall and 58kg. I've just been working on getting heavier lately (kinda for health reasons, being vegetarian), and it has put some more definition on me (which is always good).

    Thanks for the informative reply!
  4. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    If you're hitting a heavy MT workout schedule and some resistance training then you're gonna need to improve your diet. You are probably burning more calories than you taking in. It's very common amongst MT guys. As well you may want to check out adding some protein supplements to you diet. It's fairly hard to get in the habit of eating roughly 6 times a day... so working in protein shakes is an easier option.

    edit: a suggestion that will sound bizarre but has good benefits is... take a picture of yourself in your MT shorts... just file it away and keep it... hit your training heavy for about 3-4 months and then take a new picture... now compare... if you stick to your training you'll see a bit difference.

    Especially if you add weights to your training. It's a good way to stay stoked and gives you an easy indicator of progress.
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  5. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    nicely done.

    one thing to add. i wouldnt worry to much about how you look. yes there is the classic look of a fighter. ussally long, lith with some musculature.

    however i have seen all different types of bodies do well and win. look at mark hunts sawed off fatness.
  6. Gray

    Gray New Member

    Thanks again for the responses. Yeah, I am gettin' some weights very soon, and have been reading up on what I should do for the best results. Recently I have also been drinking those protein supplements, like you said, and they seem to help. I'm also willing myself to eat more, too. Changing from my vegetarian diet however, is just morally not an option for me.
  7. sportmuaythai

    sportmuaythai Valued Member

    Thai fighters start their days with morning run on empty stomach. Then they do muaythai training routine before stopping for breakfast. The morning run is at easy pace, and should be a good fat burner. Thai fighters, like western boxers, don't want crowded muscles that hamper their movements.
  8. slipthejab

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    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
  9. TomB

    TomB Train Hard, Fight Easy

    lol he i cant belive he beat v silva
    ahh im so blessed with my broad sholders and emaculate legs :D
  10. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    All that blessing on the physicall side must have wiped out your ability to spell correctly. :D
  11. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    there you go again
  12. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    im not fact i won money on it.

    1. mark hunt is good.
    2. silva defense is bad, his technque is so so. his main atribute is that he swings for the fences every shot. and he is an animal. hunt has a rock solid chin.
    3. hunt out wieghted him by about 40 lbs
    4. silva striking may look good in pride but hunt is used to k1 guys who in my opinion strike better
  13. Gray

    Gray New Member

    Woooooooooow, let's all go off topic!
  14. slipthejab

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    sorry... my fault. :D

    let me get a cup of coffee and I'll put us back on topic.
  15. TomB

    TomB Train Hard, Fight Easy

    Oh my i will have to pay more attention to my grammar that is the 3rd comment this week :D

    Just when i was feeling so good about myself :p

    oh by the way nice comments on silva mai tai

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