[Thailand] Hmong dictionary I am creating

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by jroe52, May 7, 2008.

  1. jroe52

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    The page is temporary, this is just the program. So far I translated about 15k words into hmong... and made a dictionary of 100k by adding s/es/ing/est etc...

    Many Hmong still come from thailand... when I was teaching more hmong students knew the thai language than their own... in america... they know english more than their own... due to a lack of written language for a few thousand years under chinese rule (that basically killed off anyone who could write it)... many students can read it quickly even though they have no experience writing the language, since most of it is phonetic... or familiar to them.

    i want to add SAPI... english text reading but am clueless on the asp code so far. i then want to add thai sapi...

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    quite a nifty little site, i have no idea about the language but i just tried translating some words :p definately need expansion, but looks great so far

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