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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by stefandsam, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. stefandsam

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    Hi all I am wondering what grappling martial art would complement Thai Boxing i trained in thai boxing and moved home where there was no thai boxing but there was kickboxing so have been training there for past few years got my Black belt last december and i am looking to learn a grappling style now as well but never done any grapling b4 always fighting styles thai boxing and kickboxing anybody got good advise on what would complement Thai boxing cheers Stefan.
  2. Mixitup

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    If it's sport you're after BJJ,Judo or even MMA, many of your Muay Thai skills can be utilized in MMA. If it's self defence try JJJ, again full of knees,elbows,low kicks and strikes but with throws and takedowns etc. not normally much grappling the idea is to do the job real quick and nasty.
  3. Sever

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    BJJ, judo or sambo are all consistantly solid styles to mix with a striking art. JJJ is a great, well rounded art which I train in and love, but how good it is on the ground will depend entirely on the club.

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