Thai government to standardize Muay Thai curriculum

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by callsignfuzzy, Jan 19, 2015.

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    "I learned that there's actually an initiative by the Thai government to do for Muay Thai what the Korean government did for Taekwondo in the '90s. They're modeling it heavily off Korean efforts to spread Taekwondo internationally and are now working to develop a standardized curriculum in Muay Thai. It's being tested in a few provinces in Isaan with the hopes of developing specific marks of achievement in the sport and growing interest among youth. The long-term outcomes would be a more standardized format for learning and becoming certified in Muay Thai (much like earning belts in sports such as Taekwondo or karate) and an eventual spread of this curriculum to places like Australia, Europe, and North America."

    From this interview:

    I'm sort of torn on this. While government efforts have clearly had an effect on the popularity of Taekwondo, and I'm generally on board with standardizing a curriculum, I'm concerned that Muay Thai might take on a more artificial, less organic "feel". Then again, I've only studied it peripherally. What are your thoughts?
  2. Pretty In Pink

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    As long as none of the rules change, I'm good. Of course if they change I'm dead set against it.
  3. Dead_pool

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    Ive heard the BJA are gonna set up another association! :)
  4. Van Zandt

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    Give it two years and Muay Thai fighters will be dancing with their hands down by their waists at the Olympics. :D
  5. StrikingDragon

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    I guess it depends how much they standadise (sorry im dyslexic and cant work out how to spell it) and whether clubs have to be a part of it or if they can remain seperate and be more flexible. Might bring more money and support though!
  6. Unreal Combat

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    I'm all for structured learning and can appreciate what it may do to preserve the older aspects of the art and traditions, but I also feel it will lead to the belt factories we see from some other arts, Kickboxing being a good example.
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  7. fire cobra

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    MT has had a government led grading structure in place since 1995 I qualified as a instructor within that structure (10year after my first Instructor qualification) so its not new as such,problem is so many different government bodies,they will never structure the pro game imho due to the cash in it,the only belts in Muay Thai are the Title belts:)
  8. jaggernautico

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    They did a great job destroying old style muay so i hope they don't meddle more than they should and make a mess out of it. In the past, they modeled that sort of domination and control on the chinese and the wu shu type of thing and now it seems on korea. The original tae kwon do systems were distinct and unique like the old style muay systems and the koreans just mushed them into one thing and controlled them and the older systems disappeared or were less practiced.
  9. LemonSloth

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    This is exactly what I was thinking. Much as I love the idea of MT being taught to people (as it is a beautiful art), the idea of standardising certification with it seems...dodgy.
  10. Van Zandt

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    Original taekwondo is called "Shotokan."
  11. daggers

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    As fire cobra says, it's just another governing body cashing in, it won't have an effect on pro thai boxing as it is governed by the gamblers and spectators
  12. qazaqwe

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    I got the same problem man, but you can put spellchecker on with most web browsers, it can be a help.
  13. qazaqwe

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    Who destroyed old style muay thai?
  14. jaggernautico

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    The phys ed department combined them into a wu shu program that they sell to foreigners and internally. Depending on your view its a good thing or a bad thing depending on your outlook on it. Some don't even know it happened or cared as I guess is the case with most of the stuff. I think Muay Thai will go into two avenues if the korean ways come into-it will have the offshoot like with the amateur muay thai thing which the camps never deal with or care about and it will continue unbothered by it and the other sector to sell belts, programs similar to selling khan rankings in muay boran.
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  15. qazaqwe

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    So at worse it goes the way of white collar boxing?
  16. jaggernautico

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    I don't have enough info to speak about this in detail frankly so its just my own opinon based on what i have seen and heard on my own. I re-read the article on the woman professor, she definitely doesnt have a deep understanding of the sport by any means after one year of whatever she is doing. Thats her opinion.

    Muay Thai will remain muay thai in the gyms and in the stadiums. This is an offshoot to sell to the foreigners-- programs with ranks, levels and all that. Its basically money and control so they need to create their own program like with muay boran--which has nothing to do with the distinct old styles and ways of fighting--just a wu shu mash up to sell levels and ranks, have tournaments and set up programs in foreign countries. They can't really do the same damage they did to old muay because Muay Thai has the camps and stadiums and structure to support it but they will probably do their own offshoot Muay Thai programs for their own control and use. bottom line its about money. Not so much white collar boxing but as she said Tae Kwon do type programs and maybe re-invigorate their bid for the olympics as they tried in the past.
  17. Fish Of Doom

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    on the one hand: *points and laughs*

    on the other: isn't muay thay already used as a way out of poverty by many fighters in thailand? it'll be interesting to see if this provides a more/better organized avenue for such things, or if it mucks them up completely (hopefully the former)
  18. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Pro Muay Thai will just continue as it is now me thinks,mind you Its just a shadow of the sport it was when I first got involved,some of the fights I cant watch they are just so slow and same same,sorry Im on a rant:)
  19. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    fire cobra: i think quite the opposite your insights help us understand the art better and the transitions it has made over time..and i think it fits into this topic because we might lose something again to gain something that to me is not worth it(my own opinion). As well i don't think the muay thai program will aid the poor kids training and many of the top trainers --the people may use some champs but they will get their own people to head up programs more like karate teachers. So it only lines the pockets of the people who devise these schemes and who they chose (in terms of thai people) who will benefit from it.
  20. daggers

    daggers Valued Member

    Yea it's basically government funded to improve world relations and visitors
    The ifmas, wmc hold annual events with 10-20 countries bringing teams over to fight
    It's funny because the last one I went to saw about 5 thai people in the crowd haha
    The rest were teams waiting to fight

    It might bring in funding but no real needy person will see any benifits

    It would be in the governments best interest to standardise amateur muay thai as who wouldn't want the Olympics to be held in their own country? And with the Thais leading the world in Muay Thai they stand to profit massively from it
    However they wouldn't be able to call it Muay thai, no Olympic sport must contain a countries name, so Muay Thai will be left alone. Perhaps they will promote amateur Muay Thai as Muay cahdcheark (spelling)? For me, they can do whatever they want with the rules and scoring system then

    As far as Muay boran goes, it never really had a structure or curriculum to start with it was what it was, I suppose by standardising it, it allows some of the techniques to be preserved

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