Terrible Insomnia after training :(

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  1. ned

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    As others have said i would recommend breathing exercises,
    Qi gongs,meditation rather than the easy option of just reaching for the medicine
    cablnet.Even the manufactorers say that supplements are intended for
    the very young or old to make up dietary imbalances.
    Imo it is less a physiological problem than a mental one i.e. your mind being
    over stimulated and unable to turn off.
    However you need to invest a little time to feel the results-who knows
    you may discover other benefits.
  2. Simon

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  3. Allers

    Allers tricking, kicking

    I always meditate before I go to sleep, it makes me very relaxed and I find I can enter sleep easier. I also used to practice self-hypnosis whilst actually in bed, and after exiting self-hypnosis I'd fall asleep in like 2-3 minutes, where it normally takes me at least an hour to fall asleep (when I don't meditate or anything else).

    I would recommend jujimufu's article on sleep:

    Highly informative, all you need to know.
  4. CrowZer0

    CrowZer0 Assume formlessness.

    I didn't recommend any pills. I just stated calling ZMA a drug is like calling a multi vitamin a drug. It isn't it's a supplement.

    I pointed out the FDA because it wasn't "my definition" it's a widely recognized one.

    You could take a calcium pill that contains the same amount of calcium as 10 glasses of milk. Because it is convenient. ZMA is Zinc and Magnesium.

    The three most needed minerals in the human body are Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium. Zma is a specific proportion. (That isn't even for sleep) it is for recovery. And quality of sleep.

    If you read what I said, I already stated ZMA wouldn't help OP go to sleep.

    Calling it a drug is misleading.
  5. CrowZer0

    CrowZer0 Assume formlessness.

    I didn't say there was any fault in his articles, just that they are simplistic. His article on sleep is basically a simplified version of the "howstuffworks" sleep one. He even took the same diagram from it!

    What exactly do you mean by a "Physician" what do you specialise in?

    Physicians are not generally experts on sleep, nutrition or supplements. In fact they have some weird dated ideas. By Physician do you mean doctor?
  6. Count Duckula

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    On days I have class (until 10 PM) I take a hot shower right after class, go home, and sit in the couch for a while to read or watch tv. Or I go to the basement where my workshop is, and work some on a knife handle while playing some 70s or 80s music.

    I also have a fixed routine for going to bed. I do the same thigns in the same order (checking on my duaghters, brushing teeth, etc) and when I crawl in bed (with the stuffed animals my youngest daughter always puts in there) I have my evening prayer. My prayer takes a couple of minutes, and follows a fixed pattern. It's something I always do, and as such helps me transition my brain between waking and sleeping as part of a couple of minutes of routine which allows my brain to wind down.
  7. SoKKlab

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    Not quite. The three most needed minerals are Boron (acts as a gate-opener to the others), Zinc, Magnesium (tied with Potassium for Bronze Medal).

    I'll shut up now
  8. CrowZer0

    CrowZer0 Assume formlessness.

    According to what?


    I have never seen anywhere, Boron mentioned as a "major mineral". Most places I have read or seen mention Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium as the most important minerals.
  9. ShadowHawk

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    DO NOT take any sleeping aids. They will only provide "dirty sleep" not restful REM sleep that is needed to fully recover from training.

    Stay away from the sleeping pills and benzos.
  10. Simon

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    I've edited the tag line beneath my user name. Just to avoid confusion. :D

  11. Ben Gash CLF

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    Important how? I've never seen anyone die from Zinc deficiency, and I've seen relatively few die from Calcium and Magnesium deficiency. I've seen plenty die from potassium and sodium deficiencies though.
    Such rankings are meaningless. Your muscle cells simply won't work without adequate calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, and if your muscle cells don't work, your heart stops.
  12. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    No, not calling it a drug is misleading. Well, apart from the fact that I don't think it'll actually work.
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  13. David Harrison

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    So; "If you work in an environment with other people, your heartbeat will show up in the brain waves of any weaker people in the group. In other words, you get entrained down to their level. This is one of the reasons at the end of the day you go home mentally tired" sounds like a scientifically valid statement to you?

    In your medical opinion, by what medium do these biological functions become "entrained"?

    In Huygen's experiment both pendulum clocks were mounted on a common board. This is how energy can be transferred between the two systems. If you put them on opposite sides of a room, nothing happens. There are also different phase relationships that can occur through entrainment, the systems involved do not always reach a 0° or 180° phase relationship (they do not always become in-phase as Simon stated, I don't think he knows much about waves and phase relationships as his writing suggests he thinks being in-phase means having the same frequency), sometimes they stop each other too. Wouldn't that mean it is possible for two people to drop dead if their internal rhythms are a bad match?

    I don't see any way to buy into this other than swallowing large doses of pseudo-science along the way. I'm guessing there's a either a butchering of quantum entanglement, or the more old-school "aether" model underpinning this tosh.

    I'd also be interested in the medical definition of a "weaker person", if you have the time.

    The MAP skeptics are usually quick to jump on this kind of stuff, but they seem eerily quiet on this one...
  14. Tsuchigumo

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    To the OP:
    I find that a prolonged hot shower is very helpful.

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