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    Martial Arts Planet Chat – Terms and Tips of Chat

    This document is subject to periodical review and update.
    The onus is on you to check it from time to time.
    This document is in addition to the Terms of Service, and relates
    to use of the MAP Chat Room.

    Section 1: General Information

    1.1 MAP Chat Purpose
    The purpose of Martial Arts Planet Chat is to further the MAP Community Purpose, by allowing “real-time” conversation between members relating to the study of Martial Arts and associated topics. The chat in the MAP Chat room often veers towards non-martial arts discussion, but it is a good place to chat with forum regulars.

    1.2 Chatting
    The best way to behave in MAP Chat is to simply act as you would if you were speaking to people you have just met in person. Be courteous, polite and avoid attacking/harassing people.

    1.3 Inviting People to Chat
    If you wish to discuss a particular topic with a group of people in the MAP Chat room, please post in the Chat Times forum. A moderated room within MAP Chat may be set up after contacting a Global Moderator or Administrator.

    Section 2: Rules

    2.1 Posting Personal Contact Information (Address/ Phone Number)
    Please refrain from posting your personal information in the Chat room. This is for your own safety and protection. Unlike the forum, we cannot remove anything posted in chat.

    2.2 Links and URLs
    Please avoid posting links in that go against the MAP Terms of Service or without informing the room as to what the link is about.

    2.3 “Adult” Discussion
    Whilst the majority of MAP members (“MAPers”) are adults, a number are not. As such, conversations of an “adult nature” will be stopped by a Moderator.

    2.4 Discrimination
    Racism, sexism, homophobia and other discrimination are not allowed in MAP Chat in any form.

    2.5 Sexual Conduct
    Sexual harassment or misconduct or advances on another MAPer in MAP Chat will not be tolerated. Anyone violating this rule may be banned from the Martial Arts Planet site in its entirety.

    2.6 Illegal Activities and Drugs
    Illegal activities including (and not limited to) file “sharing”, trading in copyrighted material and drug “hyping” are not welcome in MAP Chat.

    2.7 Advertising and Spamming
    Chat is covered by the Advertising rules of Section 3 of the Terms of Service – In short, no adverts.

    2.8 Profanity
    Swearing is not allowed in any form in the Chat Room including in masked form, e.g. using *s to mask letters, use of acronyms and abbreviations. Swearing will be blocked out by the censor and may result in moderator action.

    2.9 Language
    As MAP Chat does not have a character limit, “text speak” is not required or allowed. MAP is an English speaking site, so please use legible English in the Chat Room.

    2.10 Shouting
    Please avoid typing in full capital letters, i.e. shouting.

    2.11 Lurking
    Lurking is defined as being inactive in the Chat Room for an extended period of time, as decided by Moderators in the room. As lurking wastes bandwidth, anyone found to be lurking may be kicked from the room. If you are going away from the computer briefly, please use the Away reasons in the bottom right hand corner.

    2.12 Trolling
    Deliberately inciting conflict is obviously against the Chat rules. Members who enter MAP Chat solely to incite conflict will be subject to the consequences below.

    Section 3: Chat Functions

    3.1 Chat Commands
    Chat commands can be used for a number of functions, as explained:

    3.1.1 /back #
    Entering /back # (where # is a number) allows you to view the last # lines of the conversation e.g. /back 5 would allow you to see the last 5 lines from Chat.

    3.1.2 /backtime #
    Entering /backtime # (where # is a number) allows you to view the last # minutes of the conversation e.g. /backtime 2 would show you what was said in the last 2 minutes.

    3.1.3 /clear
    To clear the current MAP Chat screen of text, enter /clear.

    3.1.4 /me
    To make your text appear as an action e.g. “John is chatting,” type /me text e.g. /me is chatting

    3.1.5 /?
    /? Shows a list of all Chat commands you can use.

    3.1.6 /quit
    Entering /quit signs you out of the Chat Room.

    3.2 Flooding with Smileys
    Please do not flood the screen with smileys (emoticons). They get very irritating very quickly and can cause the software to crash.

    3.3 Text Colour
    Choose your text colour wisely. A darker colour is very hard to see on the default background, so please change your colour if other Chatters ask you to.

    Section 4: Enforcement of Rules

    4.1 Gagging
    If you repeatedly violate any of the above rules, you may be “gagged” by a Moderator. This means that, while you are still in the Chat Room, you will be unable to speak for a period of time.

    4.2 Kicking
    If the Moderator in the room feels that you are taking no notice of warnings or gagging, you will be kicked from the MAP Chat Room. Take this as notice that you need a “time-out” and leave Chat for a while.

    4.3 Temporary Chat Ban
    The next step is a ban from MAP Chat for a few hours. This may be used after multiple kickings.

    4.4 Permanent Chat Ban
    After discussion amongst the MAP Staff, you may be permanently banned from the MAP Chat Room.​
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