TENS systems,any good?

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by Su lin, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

  2. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    There ok I mainly use mine to shock people.

    Is your back pain trigger point related? If so I find a cricket ball or tennis ball better applied to the usual suspects.
  3. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away


    Well, there are certain trigger points,but it appears to be ligament damage so it's a few areas tbh.
  4. SenseiDR

    SenseiDR New Member

    I have been using a TENS unit for over a year now. My back and leg are messed up pretty good from Vietnam and the VA put me on it. When they gave it to me they told me that it would help in some cases and not in others and they were correct. The TENS unit helps my back pretty good, but does nothing for my leg.

    One thing I have learned is you need to experiment on different settings. Mine has 12 to choose from and it took me a while to find the ones that work for me. I use mine just about every day.

    Of course Bruce Lee used it, or something like it, to develop his muscles.

    Good luck.
  5. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    The usual suspect being psoas, iliacus, rectus femoris and the tensor fascia latae (yes I copy an pasted them).

    I have low back pain and Ive found my quadratus lumborum and my adductors, near the groin particulary prone to trigger points.
  6. jay_kd

    jay_kd New Member

    Bruce Lee didn't use a tens machine to build muscle he did weight lifting, don't belive everything your saw in the film Dragon
  7. Socrastein

    Socrastein The Boxing Philosopher

    It doesn't get rid of the problem, it merely "shoots the messenger" so to speak, by temporarily subduing the pain. You need to get to the source, which is likely soft-tissue problems as flaming said, and get rid of the problem itself, not just the pain that tells you there's a problem.
  8. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    I'm seeing the specialist next month so will get to the root cause then of my longstanding problem which my physio said she thinks is a problem with the joints in my lower back.My more recent problem is ligament damage in my sacroiliac joint.
    I do need some kind of pain relief really as fed up of taking painkillers!
  9. Dave Hail

    Dave Hail Valued Member

    TENS devices can really do the biz. They don't work on everything but when they work they work really well.

    Remember, they don't take the injury away, only the pain so you have to be careful not to increase the injury just because you can't feel it.

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