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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Crucible, Sep 8, 2004.

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    Does anyone include Tenaga Dalam in thier training?
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    Hello Crucible :) ,

    Tenaga Dalam (meaning Inner Strength) is a big part of our training. I was taught that the first level of tenaga dalam is acquired through specific breathing patterns of inhale-hold-exhale at various ratios. Our school teaches a very specialized form of pranayama (breath control) where the breath is channeled through either the right or left nostril depending on the physical activity. For example, the breath is channeled through the right nostril for "hard" activities such as martial arts, physical labor, Hatha Yoga, etc; and the left nostril for "soft" activities such as studying, relaxing and such. For meditation, it is best to have both nasal passages open equally.

    The second level of tenaga dallam is breath control combined with a mantra or prayer. For example, most of us are Muslim, so when we do a particular breathing exercise we say "Hu" upon inhalation, and "Allah" upon exhalation. In certain forms of Hindu yoga they say "So-Ham" with the breath in the same fashion.

    The third level of tenaga dallam involves "vibrating" the body (imagine shaking water off of your body when you're soaking wet) with rapid inhale/exhale.

    There is a comprehensive book on all of this by Master Lukman Sujarna called "Tridaya Inner Power" which, though quite expensive, goes into thorough detail on the above methods.

    We also use pure essential oils to enhance the flow of energy. Next time you meditate, try a drop of high-quality sandalwood oil on a piece of charcoal (the kind used to burn incense) in your meditation room. :Angel: My guru also blends different types of oils from Afghanistan for healing work.

    Good Luck,

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