Tenaga Dalam School in Jakarta.

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Nostradaimus, May 14, 2017.

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    Tenaga Dalam is more spiritual.......

    Tenaga Dalam is more spiritual than Martial Arts. How about the Internal Martial Arts of WUJII? Why do we thing they are legit? It is all Qi, Intent, and Concentration.
    I have found some related comments on Tenaga Dalam commented in 2015 by Indonesians. Any SILAT MASTERS on this site?
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    So it exists. In Indonesia it is called Tenaga Dalam. If you come across about somebody that had training in Indonesia in Tenaga Dalam let us (all readers) know. Thanks.
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    We have mastets in cobblers fu.
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    If it's more spiritual than martial arts I suggest you find a website for the gullible.
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    Same website - http://www.azizshamanism.com/peter-aziz-bio/

    This guy is amazing!

    Aside from all the other woo, Tachyons are hypothetical faster then light particles, so that its pretty obvious he didn't study how to use them at university.


    Also you can get an 18th degree in reiki via email nowadays
    - https://reiki-attunement-courses.com/usui-grand-master-reiki-levels-5-18/

    Isnt it amazing what you can monetize over the internet nowadays!
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    Fraud is never spiritual

    Many don't

    Define Qi - because no tow definitions agree

    Oh and it isn;t all that - Tenaga Dalam is far more showmanship, senanigans and fraud that any of that

    Dunno but there are some exceptionally skilled and experienced practitioners and we all know Tenaga Dalam is full of crap

    What style do YOU actually train in?
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    That's odd because some years after Prof Yu's death when Look expressed his opinions publicly in Smallheiser's "T'ai Chi" mag he said he didn't believe Yu could do anything to him w/out making physical contact w/out his (Look's) "agreement". Which makes sense in light of Look's good explanation of Empty Force training.

    Which could explain why the individual receiving Sam Tam's could feel it.Teacher awe.And that fits w/Look's explanations.Or Cheng,Man-ch'ing's,for that matter.

    Wu Ji?You mean specific system or just the Chinese "internal systems" in general? If you mean those CMAs like Pa Kua,T'ai Chi,etc,they're NOT just "'Qi, Intent, and Concentration".

    Tenaga?Is that near Tenagra? Where's Martok?
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    Where's the thanks button when you need it?
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    "Empty force", as Sam Tam describes it, is different than long kin jin. With long kin jin it is the person receiving the force who benefits. It is an awareness exercise without any martial intent. Henry was "agreeable" to go along with it. Madame Yu sent him somersaulting backward and he was asked if he felt anything. He said he'd never done a backwards somersault before so something strange was going on.

    Han Xing Yuan was another of Henry's teachers. He would mop the floor with Professor Yu and didn't practice long kin jin.

    Sam was using neither empty force or lkj when he phantom punched the guy. But Sam never explains what he does in a coherent way. He likes to guard the secrets.
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    While I'm not unaware of some "funny" things which some people can do the question regarding things of this type is always could they do things such as this on some blindfolded non MA guy off the street who wouldn't know what someone was going to try and do? I have yet to hear of anyone ever doing this to prove it so,usually because they would "hurt the person with their ch'i." Some of Tung's line (not me) can make (their own) people bounce up and down w/out touching-but I wouldn't suggest they try it on some of my old friends.

    Say,if you know a guy named John Chen- I'm sure he was studying YC w/Look when I met him a few years ago-please tell him Doc says "Hi!".
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    OOPS! That's Darmok!

    But thanks!

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