Techniques, Combos, Katas

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    From my experience, with many of the traditional Karate styles you start with learning stances and from that you learn single techniques, you learn single punches, single kicks, single blocks, ect.

    After that you learn combos which consist of two or more techniques following each other, for instance a kick followed by a punch, or two punches thrown in succession, or three punches thrown in succession, ect.

    The third and final level is katas, which consist of chains of combos where you move in different directions. You might turn to your left and block and then punch, followed by a turn to your right where you block and punch, etc.

    I am only speaking from my own experience. When I train I like to focus mostly on combos, with some emphasis on single techniques and some emphasis on katas, again, that's just me. Everybody has their own training preferences.

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