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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by stoppy, May 22, 2009.

  1. stoppy

    stoppy TKD Disciple

    Here is a little topic that im sure will start a riot on the boards.

    I was speaking with one of my collegues the other week (im a lecturer here in the UK) about the martial arts that I do, she was curious as to why I scored so well on lesson observations, a manditory requirement for FE and HE colleges here in the UK. They are designed to keep the standards up in the class room.

    It got me to thinking as we do at the lesson later that week.

    Background here might help as to where Im going with this.

    Our club is quite mature now as I have mentioned in other posts, and we have been blessed with a great retention rate for Black Belts of all grades.

    We have a fairly large permanent Dojang and classes are run all week. This has given the higher ranks there own day to be teacher and other days to be student and works really well. Others have set up satellites in the surrounding area serviced by My instructor (7th dan) and the committee of other master (of which im one) for gradings ect ... at the main club.

    At the main club it is the masters who run the classes which is great for the students and the blackbelts and gives them an achievement aim above the usual Ive got my black belt and im quitting scenario.

    So back to the main point, (get on with it)

    How to we check on the suitability and standards of the teachers in TKD ???

    After speaking with many of my Master freinds, we remebered back inthe day of the British Taekwondo Association (Master Tony Quigley) after black belt we were expected to do seminars and so on to be able to grade to the next dan, but more importantly we had to take teaching certificates

    Starting at level 3 going up to level 1, I think Chungdo kwan did something similar, a bit of research on the web has led me to the kukkiwon who run 3rd class - 1st class teacher courses.

    I think this is a great way of getting the teacher bit right and not just the knowledge bit.

    So has anyone here been on the kukkiwon courses or your own organisational courses and if so what did you have to do at what level .

    Hope this one gets some attention either way

    Yours humbly in TKD

    Master S
  2. John Titchen

    John Titchen Still Learning Supporter

    I think the day is not far off when you will need to have PTLLS at least to run your own classes, and only then on the provision that you are working towards QTLS and achieve it within a set time frame.
  3. stoppy

    stoppy TKD Disciple

    OMG .. I new I'd get some fellow academics in on this one. Nice to have a wide discussion.

    I don't want this to off topic too much, Im not implying that we should be better off or not better off working around the academic structure. Simply assessing the choices that are out there currently to help my PPD ;) in martial arts.

    I think in my opinion PTTLS status would be unworkable anyway in its current format in the martial arts community, and without a recognised academic achievement QTLS would simply be a rubber stamp and yet another opportunity for the government to rule from center.

    In the kitchen ..

    Master S
  4. John Titchen

    John Titchen Still Learning Supporter

    Hi Stoppy,

    Well I know of quite a few people who have already got PTLLS and Coaching BTEC Awards with reference to the martial arts. I've got BTEC Level 3 Advanced for Coaching Physical Restraint from one provider (and also PTLLS) and I know of two other providers. An Aikido organisation that I used to work with was issuing NVQ in Coaching via City and Guilds at Bristol University 10 years ago!

    Ultimately the in house stuff ensures technical competence according to what your organisation believes is right. But coaching and instructing? There are national standards in these, and that's where we should all be going. :)
  5. STKDH

    STKDH Valued Member


    I'm not sure if you have heard of it but my club is part of the cobra martial arts association (CMAA). It provides a martial arts instructors course for their members that wish to be registered as martial arts instructors. It is a generic course covering things like child protection, health and safety etc. You must also be 1st aid qualified and CRB checked before are a given instructors status.

    My club mainly teaches TKD and any of our BBs that wish to become instructors must do the CMMAs instructor course as well as meet our own guildlines ie demonstration of all form one-steps etc as well as a written exam on TKD history. form, sparring etc.

    Does your org have anything similar or does your instructor grant you an instructors rank once a student becomes BB and they fill they ca teach?
  6. stoppy

    stoppy TKD Disciple

    Yes ive heard of your organisation, I think ive seen your winners in the Martial Arts Times or what ever the magazines call themselves these days. I think the inhouse teaching that jwt mentioned is a great start. We have to remember that most start martial arts never intending to teach, and a lot have it forced on them. As far as our club goes and our organisation (BTMU) all instructors are at the 4th dan or above level. We as a club (MST) do have an excess of masters. Both Myself and Master Siddall (my instructor) come from a deep history of Martial arts. Malc has been training slightly longer than me and is far in advance of me in years on this planet (cough) .. and has done many of the coaching and teaching quals you were discussing there ( I think he was involved with the nvq in Bristol if it was the one with Master Andy Davis). We take the 4th dan as instructor grade from the Kukkiwon guidlines.

    CRB is only for the school you teach at so has to be organised by the club itself I have 5 at the moment, one for the main club one for my little lads schhool so I can help out with trips .. one for the scouts .. dib dib dib . and a couple with donny college.

    We were discussing this this morning, and i mentioned that id started the thread so My instructor might comment (not very technical savy) .. (probably get a few hundred pressups for that one .. ) and we were saying how anything new we implement has to be done by us first . So ill let you know on the progress of this topic .

    Master .S
  7. miles

    miles Valued Member

    I attended the 10th KKW Foreigner Instructor Course in 2004. We spent a week in the classroom and on the KKW floor. The physical portion of the course was designed so that one learned standardized technique, especially kibon/basics and poomsae. The classroom portion included methodology of teaching, promotional requirements, planning and performing demonstrations, and WTF competition rules. It was the best TKD experience I've had in 34 yrs. of training and teaching. I highly recommend it to any serious Taekwondoin. I hope to do the 2nd class course in the future.
  8. stoppy

    stoppy TKD Disciple

    Thanks Miles, Im thinking he same way for the future, my son is now competing, (8) and I think it would be a great experience for a father and son

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