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Discussion in 'Silat' started by krys, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Crucible

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    Still working on funds for France, it'd be good to see hadji, its been too long. If your wedding still scheduled for July, then I'll be in the P.I. in July. I'll try to get in a month or two so I can train with hadji, GM Diego & mang Romy, and visit my father in Marawi. Depending on the timeing I'd also like to visit Sulu, TawiTawi and Basilan.
    It would be funny to be in France with Hadji, I guess I better work on my french. Hehe. How long should I plan on staying? Part of that months in Britian, right? Or is the whole thing in Paris? Whats the itinerary for the month?

    If I make it down to Sulu this summer I'll definetely stop by Zamboanga city to see you and hopefully your guru.
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  2. johnchow

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    Dear Krys, Crucible and Tauhid,

    I am also a practitioner of Kalis Ilustrisimo, living in Melbourne, Australia. I just happen to stumble upon this forum, so forgive me for my awkwardness while I find my way around.

    Tatang Ilustrisimo came from a mystical family. His Father, uncles and grand uncles were all experts in anting-anting. However, I did not have the oppotunity to learn the esoteric arts from him. My main training were by Tony Diego and Romy Macapagal, and it is physical only.

    I am fully satisfied with the physical training I have received. No problem with that. I need to learn the esoteric training in order to re-establish a more complete art. Being naturally inclined to spiritual matters from boyhood, I am more and more gravitating in that direction in my old age.

    I have been turning my attention to Internal Energy training - more the semi mystical blend than the purely human type (eg., Tai Chi, Yi Chuan, Nei Gong). More attractted to Southe East Asian type (maybe because I was brought up there), which in Malaysia/Indonesia we classify as the ilmus of Tenaga Dalam.

    I have been searching for Indonesian region (Bali/Java) for teachings on these, which include kebal ('invulnerability') and jarak jauh (distance hitting).

    Would the 3 of you be kind enough to direct me to, and introduce me to, propr teachers please? The only 'restrictions' are that I am not a Muslim, and I eat pork. I am also getting old, so please don't ask me t do very vigorous physical exercises! By, I do believe in, and pray to Almighty God everyday!

    Thanks a lot,

    John Chow
    Kalis Ilustrisimo
  3. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Hi, Krys congratulation for the coming wedding!!!!

    Crucible, hope to see you soon, by the way me going to Sulu in March. My brothers from manila will visit our guru so its like reunion. Crucible, in manila I have also from brother whos knows galak sipring or tausug martial arts, they are 5 of them there.

    Hi, Johnchow, it nice to you come in this forum and understand what we are talking.
  4. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Hi, what the best age to teach children?
  5. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Thanks Tauhid.

    I hope the situation in Sulu will be better when you go there with your brothers.

    Concerning teaching children this is also a good question I asked myself.
    One brother said his father didn't teach him before he was sure he wouldn't show other children what he was taught (I think something like from 8 years old).

    What I am thinking is that when I have children I may have them doing exercises that will
    make them move properly and keep them flexible probably from age 3. This will be all games, some with balls they have to avoid and others kind of dances but not martial arts, it is just to help them later in their practice. I may also have them learning capoiera when they will be a little older... When I feel they are mature enough I will teach them my martial arts.

    Crucible, I don't know how long Hadji plans to stay in France, he thinks of more than 1 months but that would be difficult for me as I need to work in the UK till end of April. I hope he will be able to get his UK visa to give a seminar there... I'll keep you informed on the evolution of the situation.
  6. johnchow

    johnchow New Member

    Dear Krys, Crucible and Tauhid,

    My email address is vajra_master@yahoo.com
    Please feel welcome to write in private if you wish. My URL is:-
    It is rather amateurish website, much in need of update. I will be updating it in the next few weeks with some pictures and articles.

    Warmest regards,
    John Chow
  7. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Thank very much for the info krys, at the moment I am teaching 5 kids from 10 to 12 years of age. One of them is my nephew who is a fanatic in martial arts. It is also a learning for me because my wife is pregnant (6 months), so it is like a preparation for my kid. I am also afraid that galak sipring will be lost when we get older so this kids will be the next generation. To me martial art teaching is free us as long as they are dedicated, no fees.

    Dont worry about us going to Sulu, the war is in the mountains in my father home municipality. Sulu is home inspite of the war and I pray one of this day people will realize war or fighting is never the solution but that is another story. I am very frustrated all they want is fighting, local politcian want all money and illegal drugs is rampant, that is why tausug martial arts will be gone in Sulu. Just the neigboring province will progress in martial art like basilan, tawi-tawi and Zamboanga Peninsula.
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  8. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Congratulation for you and your wife!
    It is good that you found kids are interested in martial arts, nowadays children too often get spoiled and spend their time doing useles things....

    That is the problem with the southern provinces. It is the part of the country with the most potential but it gets ruined because of greed. There are many very bad things happening underground there right now, the root is not only in local politicians but also in Manila.
    The southern martial arts are also disapearing in Basilan, one reason being the all gun culture....another is that the youth usually prefer foreign martial arts....
  9. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    You are right krys, I am not against any martial arts styles to me every martial art style is great. What I observe in the Philippines or here in the south , Filipino prefer foriegn martial arts ,They dont know even what silat is , I have to explain to them what it is. In Zamboanga City there is one school who is teaching silat, Penjak Silat not even FMA. It is very frustrating. That is why Foreigner is much better because they are dedicated and truest martial artist not the local ones. All they do is criticizes other because they are muslims or christians. It so pathetic. that is why I decided to teach the younger because I still see some of them is interest and they are not prejudice to other martial art whether local or foreign.
  10. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Frustration in south Phil.

    You are right krys, I am not against any martial arts styles to me every martial art style is great. What I observe in the Philippines or here in the south , Filipino prefer foriegn martial arts ,They dont know even what silat is , I have to explain to them what it is. In Zamboanga City there is one school who is teaching silat, Penjak Silat not even FMA. It is very frustrating. That is why Foreigner is much better because they are dedicated and truest martial artist not the local ones. All they do is criticizes other because they are muslims or christians. It so pathetic. that is why I decided to teach the younger ones because I still see some of them is interested and they are not prejudice to other martial arts whether local or foreign. :bang:
  11. krys

    krys Valued Member

    I know it is very frustrating, unfortunately few filipinos know much about their own martial arts. In Manila there are also a few gyms teaching silat but it is also penjak silat, when you see their advertising they say silat the martial art of Indonesia.....not fma.
    Sometimes when peoples see me practicing silat in Manila they ask me how long I have been doing Karate....

    Even when it comes to Arnis most filipinos will think about sticks only and don't know it is also about blades, other weapons and empty hands.
    Yes it is good to teach the youth, they don't have prejudices and it teaches them discipline and proper values...Nowadays too many of them loose their time practicing martial arts with video games instead of doing it for real :bang: .
  12. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Sorry, only I respond ,I got sick flu or just needed to rest but am ok now I think.

    That is what I really get mad and frustrated, Filipinos are smart people but when it comes to martial arta they really can't distinguish what is karate, Kung fu, Taekwondo etc. All they can tell you karate and karate, it like you want a softdrinks they said coke, toothpaste for colgate. It s_ _ t! :bang

    Krys or anybody there, Is it like this your situation in my home town Zamboanga City that martial arts is not active, what I meant is Martial arts is not popular. We only have school here Combat Aikido, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Jujitsu and penjak silat. :confused: Dont get me wrong I am a fanatic in martial arts, in fact I believe I am the only one who buy martial art magazine in this city like black belt, inside Kungfu or any magazines that is martial arts. Just want to learn what is happening out there. Am very happy that I found this site. Thank krys..... :)
  13. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Some pinoys are too smart :) . Real filipino Kuntao is nearly unknown outside MIndanao.
    The problem is some peoples named their own styles (arnis, or mix of arnis+ju jitsu+muay tha,i or penjak silat + karate) Kuntao and this is quite confusing because many made up stories to attract students.

    This is a mix with japanese and korean arts:

    I'll answer to your question in another post, I have to apologize because I am pretty busy right now.
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  14. krys

    krys Valued Member

    There are lots of martial arts in the west the problem is quality of instruction for arts like silat and arnis. I haven't met a real silat or arnis master outside South East Asia.

    Silat is my favorite martial arts but I don't find what I am looking for where I live. The closest art to silat (hadji Yasser's style) I found is russian martial arts, this may sounds very strange but surprisingly there are similarities. It is very combative, soft and relaxed movements but devastating.

    Arnis is slowly getting popular but the problem is it is too often competition arnis or forms of arnis that emphasize drills that cannot be really used in combat.

    I've seen the way weapons are trained in the southern Philippines and that's what I am looking for now.... It is very different from mainstream arnis. The lumad peoples and mountain tribes also have very good and different arts but those are not shown.

    My guro's system and the Illustrissimo style are the best I have found, but I am sure there are other very good systems down south. I hope you will be able to meet the barong expert you were talking about in one of your post, Sulu type barong practice must be awesome..

    Tauhid I will bring you european martial arts magazine so that you can see what is done here ,if you are interested, next August. Just remind me in May :) .
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  15. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Hi! Krys, Dont worry if you will be leaving in manila, Ill tell my brothers to have training with you. They are really good and a martial artist, at least you will have an alternate practice. When you come south will try to go Jolo, Sulu where my guru is and you will meet some of his student ( that is good is weapon). Will have to schedule it because of my work and my family.

    I would like that, I will remind you dont worry.

    Krys or anyone, can you tell me how you open a dojo or club? You needed licenses or exam to open a school in Martial Arts? Why I ask this is because I heard here in Zamboanga City, when you open a school the you have to visit the police, they are theone you give license you can open a school. Strange? just a thought.............................also when my guru was young, he yold he wants to open a school on silat but they said it is illegal, only karate, judo etc. will be permitted. Maybe because od its deadly art but ain't karate a deadly art? or any martial arts? :confused:
  16. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Hello Tauhid.

    It depends on the country. In France you will need a license but I heard this isn't necessary in the USA (may be wrong).

    Concerning the Philippines and Arnis there was a project for instructors to go follow a one week course before they would be allowed to teach....imagine the grandmasters having to ask for authorisation to teach :eek:, fortunately this didn't happen. In Manila those I know don't have licenses but it would be better to ask in the city hall first.

    One of Hadji Yasser's students (this one learned sport silat lang) went to lake Lanao and opened a silat school there, he was challenged by two maranao TKD instructors (3-4 dan respectively) and knocked them down.This was the only public silat school in the area. I heard some maranao peoples also know silat but don't teach it publicly. I don't know if the school still exists there but after Lanao he went to Palawan and opened a successfull school with something like 50 students.
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  17. ICT

    ICT Shaolin Malay Silat

    In the United States if you open a school you have to have a business license & tax ID# and the area has to be zoned for that business you are opening. Now other than some residential neighborhoods I have never heard of a martial arts school not being allowed to open where they wanted to.

    Some cities, counties and states require a martial arts school to have liability insurance to cover their students before they can receive their business license.

    Now if you teach for free let's say in a park or in your back yard then no license is required but if you charge a fee then a license is needed along with a tax ID # so the city, county and/or state can get their taxes!

    Teacher: Eddie Ivester
  18. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Thanks Krys and ICT, You help a lot , maybe it just the same here in the Philippines because Philippine Law (basic) is pattern in the US Law. I also agree that as long as I dont charges for fees then I dont get a license. :)

    I like your story krys, can you believe that! He have a lot of confidence with his martial arts.Great!!! :)

    Krys, have you seen, fight, spar, practice with savate (French Boxing) practicioner? I just read the November issue of Blackbelt Magazines. Just Curious.....

    Also Is it just like here people challenge you if your martial arts is good? Just heard from my brothers in Sulu Province that my Guru have been challenge in a fight, my Guru accepted it but the challenger just froze, amazing wish I was there.
  19. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    We have insurance and a waiver but don't charge for what we teach. It makes life a lot easier and avoids the zoning issues (and any licensing nonsense that the state might enact some day).
  20. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Hello Tauhid,

    Yes Savate is from France, but it is slightly different from French boxing. Savate is the street version and French boxing the competition art. I haven't learned those arts but have spared against a french boxer, but never against a savate practitioner. One of my russian martial arts instructors is a savate expert, it looks very interesting, they have various vicious strikes to the knee/lower body. There is another french martial art called "Lutte Parisienne" ie Parisian Wrestling, it is not only on wretling but has also kicks, punches.... this is also a good art but it is diying.

    It really depends of the place you are teaching, can happen if you have a reputation to defend, peoples will come to your gym to test you.

    Sometimes peoples are also talking trash about what you are doing and you may want to pay them a visit....but they often retract what they said before you visit them :D.

    Are challenges common in martial arts schools in Zamboanga? Was your guru challenged by another Kuntao players or or a silat master?

    My own guro was once challenged by a foreign Grandmaster in Manila who said Silat was only for malaysians-indonesians and shouldn't be taught to filipinos, he quickly changed his mind afterwards :) and they became friends .
    There was also an expert from Zamboanga del Norte who came "to teach him" silat while he was giving a class in Taguig (he used to teach there before), guro hit him in 3 different places as he took him to the ground and the expert cried....according to other peoples nobody heard of him anymore in Zamboanga del Norte and he probably stoped teaching....

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