Tausug martial arts.

Discussion in 'Silat' started by krys, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Just curious what are the different martial arts practiced by the Tausug peoples?

    Tauhid_87 would you mind telling how Tausug kuntao is practiced?
    Are there juruh's, langkahs like in silat or is there a different training structure?
  2. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Very sorry I wasnt able to respond.

    Tausug Kuntao, As I said it before I will answer only what I know maybe there are others who know tausug kuntao and its history. I believe there are many kinds of kuntao here in the sothern philippines. Martial Arts is called here kuntao, they thounght me "Pusot sin Kuntao" or core of Kuntao, this is the first martial arts I practice before I Galak Sipring. Tausug kuntao, its like tai chi in lower stance (very fast) with a lady like styles. They attack mostly below the waist (groin, legs, knees etc). Many sweeping techniques .

    I aslo believe Tausug kuntao or or any martial arts here have same method of teaching, there are 12 main or major techniques and 10 minor ones and so on so forth., In one major techniques, there are 10 minor one like fro example breaking sweeping, striking, blocking etc. (I hope you understand what I am saying). Its difficult to put it in writing but I can show you how when you are here. Don't forget all of this techniques can be use in weapon.

    The other aspect is inner power or what we call here "patulunan" for example like jurus, its like spiritual martial art but not, if you remember the movie "Ninja in the Gragon Den" starring Henry Sanada, there is part a part the movie spiritual kungfu but here it a little different. Its a bit scary and very powerful, Master Yasser lnow this thing exist here. yous can be great in a matter of minutes but of course most of us dont believe it. I believe it because I saw it with my own eyes. Thats one aspect but most of the kuntao practicioner go for hard training and practicing.
  3. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Hello Tauhid,

    I heard there is soft and hard kuntao in the southern Philippines, soft would be like silat and hard like hard chinese martial arts (with some silat added).
    Does your system use low stances, I didn't really understand? We use high and low but also go to the ground. We seem to share the same emphasis on low attacks.
    I understand what you are saying we also have sets of 12 techniques, and each technique has variations (although I do not know how many). There are soft and hard techniques.
    Yes all of them can be used with weapons. We also have inner and spiritual training.
    It feels very bad when you get hit by somebody who mastered inner training....
    Some of the stuff is quite scarry, and you need to be very tough to practice it.

    Just curious how are weapons trained by Tausug peoples? Is all weapon training found in kuntao and silat or are there other arts that provide weapon training like escrima?
    I heard Tausug warriors were very famous with the spear, were you able to witness this or spear training?

  4. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    It hard and soft, the system use low and high stances (similar to wing chun). There is weapon training in kuntao but I dont like to practice them during my younger years, I like the empty hand always. Spear training, no I didnt seen the spear training. Seen authentic spear in Sulu in my uncles home but never seen any fight or training.

    Tausug practicioner prefer to the study the inner power than practicing the techniques, during the inner power, weapon would be useless that what others say.The weapon they use this day is barong, I have one at my home (dont like guns its noises, I prefer barong). My master gave it to me as present. Kris weapon is use only for formal occassion not during conflict, I dont know why maybe barong is much better.

    By the way, when we practice inner power it is rarely there is an opponent. Nobody makes a mock attack to the person performing only well experience and brave enough fighter.

    Have your master teach it to you ,inner power ,or what we call here tauhid (Patulunan)? If yes ? is it faster or longer before you have it? Why I am asking this question because here in the south most martial arts (Tausug Silat or Kuntao) ahve it. I believe this is where its advantages to other martial arts. Even your master knows this stuff. The only different is , how powerful is his inner power..... tauhid_87.....

    Noet: Tauhid means union or unity in arabic I think.
  5. krys

    krys Valued Member

    I like empty hands, but my favorite training is with barong, pira and kriss sword. I have an
    old kriss sword and there is something special with it...

    They say the art of making real krisses has been lost in the Philippines, there are still old good ones but the new krisses are not so good. The knowledge of making good barongs and piras is still there and I know of some good pandays in Basilan. I also prefer blades to firearms, less noisy and sometimes it is not practical to use guns, but it is always good to know how shoot.

    Yes my master taught me some inner power, but there are many different inner powers.
    Some is very fast and powerfull but you cannot keep on practicing it in times of peace because you will serioulsy injure peoples around you unintentionally....Those who challenged guro learned the lesson bitterly. Other filipino Gms even from arnis and kung fu wanted to learn from him, chinese even proposed him a lot of money, but he never taught them.

    I don't like to practice inner power when I am alone because I didn't master it completely yet. One time I made a mistake and thought my heart would stop.
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  6. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Hi Tauhid,
    Good to see you on MAP, sorry again I lost your email.

    Krys, do you prefer straight kriss or wavy? Did hadji show you kriss, or do you use Ilustrisimo swordwork with it? Have you started learning pira?

    Tauhid, were you taught any rituals or prayers with the barung? Ways of holding, measuring, breathing? PM me if you wish to discuss it privately. Besides barung did you witness any other weapon training? How long must you train before your graduation ceremony?
  7. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Crucible I prefer the wavy kriss.
    Guro showed me just a little swordwork but as you can imagine it is unique, very different from the mainstream bladework. It works with most heavy blades used for chopping. I would use Illustrissimo swordwork rather for lighter blades.
  8. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Hi Crucible long time, yes my master taught me , he gave me the barong of his because he said the barong is meant for me (like calling me). I have not witness lately weapon training, maybe this april if I am going to Sulu Province, my brother told me there is a guru there teaching barong and empty hand, that would be great. In our martial arts the only time you graduate is when you have won the fight with the master that the time you know you have finish learning from him.

    Krys, It very interesting what you said yesterday. I am very interested what your master taught you in inner power, has does it work, process, breathing and what do you feel when you are in the state of inner power? I have started learning martial arts in 1987, this is the first time I talk to non Filipino and truly martial artist.

    I have a question about Kali Illustrisimo, do you know the history of it? Is is true when Tatang Illustrisimo fight, show his techniques, as if he is in trance? I heard GM Tatang learn it here in Patikul, Sulu? Is this true? Jsut curious?
  9. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    I think I know the swordwork your refering to. I always thought of it for barung and pira, never considered kriss. I think I'd have to have hadji walk through it with me a couple times before I felt I comfortable using it.
  10. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Kalis Ilustrisimo is the blade art of the Ilustrisimo family. Its true that Tatang was at one piont raised in Sulu, but I'm unclear what influence sword methods from Sulu played on his art. I do know that he was proficent in using blades from Sulu as well as swords from all other parts of the P.I. Depending on what you use as a resource Tatang was either born in 1900 or 1904 and as a teenager was adopted by a hadji in Sulu named Hadji Mohammed or by the sultan at the time, named Mohammed. But in the visayas the Ilustrimo family has been known as skilled eskrimadors for maybe 5 generations. The art may go back further, but thats how far back is documented
  11. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Am I correct in understanding that you saw weapon training when you were younger but didn't participate in it? How does the weapon work in your kuntao differ from galak sepring?
    Is the inner power training in your kuntao distinct from the inner power training in sepring?
  12. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Hi, crucible.... Yes, when I was younger I don't like weapon I prefer empty hand. Honestly weapon is just an extension of the hand, it doesnt matter if I have weapon or not. There is no distinction in kuntao or galak sipring in inner power, I hope you will get me right, In inner power you don't have to train, your master will just give or share you the inner power. I know it sound hocus pocus but believe me it not, you may not know me, I am sharing things no one will share that why they call it secret. In 18 years of expercience this is the unltimate martial arts. I wish and pray I can let you see it. It the ultimate experience, I dont how to explain in to you. I dont mind people will say this is just another loony tune story but this is true.

    Thanks for the Illustrisimo Story, at least I know tatang learn something from us.
  13. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Crucible, the swordwork works with the kriss too but you have to be more carefull because this weapon is double edged. I even used the footwork with a long knive against a stick holding opponent. It is very surprising..... hard to master at the begining because it can be very tiring to repeat but once you get it, it will do wonders in a fight.

    Concerning the inner power training, I learned it around two years ago. It is one form of inner power, hadji knows many others and I just saw the beginingof it. It is based on breathing, dynamic tension and meditation/prayer. But you have to prepare your body-mind before practicing it, hadji warned me.

    Concerning Tatang's art, one Illustrissimo expert once showed an advanced empty hand technique (sorry he asked me not to give details) to Hadji, Hadji told him this technique was common to many muslim filipino martial arts. He thinks many patterns of the Illustrssimo style come from those arts.
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  14. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Its not the first time I heard of such a thing in silat circles, but its the first time I've heard of it in an FMA silat context. As you say I will have to see and feel it from you, perhaps sometime in the future.
    Your welcome.
  15. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    You ever ask hadji about kampilan? I know its not really a yakan weapon, but I'm curious what he'd say.
  16. krys

    krys Valued Member


    I never asked hadji about Kampilans, I think it is more of a Tausug-Maguindanao weapon right? The pira, followed by barongs are blades favored by Yakan peoples but some of them also have kriss swords of different sizes, the one I own is very long.
  17. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

  18. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    Thanks krys for the info in llustrisimo kali. hope to see you soon.

    Crucible, if you can come in PI, dont forget the south.


  19. tauhid_87

    tauhid_87 Valued Member

    This is what they told me,, in Sulu the inner power is very powerful than there borneo counterpart. Some master or teacher in martial art ors religious teacher,when they want there knowlegde increase or become more powerful , they have to go Sulu. Its just the same in martial arts.

    Krys, In what I know, you dont have to prepare your body,you just have to be open minded, physically fit and brave enough. Remember you dont have to be a muslim, you just have to believe in GOD and He exist.
  20. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Tauhid I will be in the Philippines soon and it would be great to practice with you down south. Crucible will go to the Philippines this summer? What about your plans for France? Hadji will be there from March 24, maybe for one whole month....

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