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  1. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

  2. FortuneFaded

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    i don't have any suggestions for you, i'll just join in with my ambitions, i wanna get a chili's tatoo on my wrist...


    *re-edited pic, i'm sure it was too big...*
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  3. Ad McG

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    I would think that one out VERY well. It is very common for people to grow to hate band or name tattoos, and especially ones on forearms. Anything on your arms can have an influence at job interviews etc. depending on what you're going for.

    As to Andy - Go for it mate! I don't have a tattoo but when I'm totally done with uni I am getting one, a symbol of my troubles to get where I am and many other things. One day it might just come to you. Personally I wouldn't take advice from anyone else on tattoos, just let an idea come to you because it will be straight from the heart. Where is the scar from if you don't mind me asking?
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  4. FortuneFaded

    FortuneFaded Feel my Squirrely wrath!

    Never thought of that, thanks.. I'm hoping to go into psychology, i'd like to be a clincal psychologist... Hmm..
  5. Grifter

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  6. Pepsi32123

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    The pain kind of depends on what you did to your ankle. If you injured nerve endings and can't feel anything, then you just have to know what you can't get it removed unless you want a BIGGER scar. You could get something like a sword, snake (popular), or some symbol no one really knows what it means.
  7. Zamfoo

    Zamfoo Valued Member

    Well this brings us to THE question; Due to the fact that chicks dig scars, would it be detrimental chick dig rating to cover that scar -or- Do chicks dig scars or tattoos more?

    I've never had a tattoo never seen the point but I wouldn't exactly let a bunch of people online decide for me (no offense to those advising)
  8. Poop-Loops

    Poop-Loops Banned Banned

    No way, scars are badass. Anyone can get a tattoo, but a scar says you've actually done something.

  9. K_Coffin

    K_Coffin New Member

    Well Andy, that's up to you. I've got 4, I don't regret one of them, and everytime I look at them, they give me a lift. But that's just me.

    Tattoos are probably one of the most personal choices you will make. Since it's in your skin forever (Unless you go through the intensely painful and expensive process of removing them), you need to be very sure of your motivation before doing it. For most people, deciding whether or not to get one depends entirely on them. If you're seriously considering it, it's a pretty good sign that you can handle it. Just make sure you think very seriously about it.

    As to what to get, that should be entirely up to you, and no-one else. It's in your skin, not someone else's so don't just get something because someone else has it, or because they want you to. This is where you have to decide where your balance lies. It's a question of Style vs Substance/Meaning. Do you want a tattoo that just looks good, one that means something to you, or a mix of both? Personally, all of mine are intended as very clear statements of how I feel about my family, so 3 of them are just words, in black. Very little Style, Lots and lots of Meaning. Other people just like how they look. This is fine too. One of my best friends has 5 of his own, and all are just style tats. This is great, as long as it's what the person with the ink in their skin wants. So, figure out what your balance is, and make a decision based on that.

    A few recommendations though - If you do get a tattoo, be very careful about where you go. Find a studio that you feel comfortable in, that you can talk to the artist, and that has a clean setup. Make sure that everything is either covered in single-use plastic, or is sterilized after every use. Make sure that the artist washes his hands frequently, and that the place is generally clean. Don't cut corners for cost, remember that this is in your skin for life, unless you want to spend 3x the pain and cash to get it removed. Second, don't get flash. Flash is the stuff on the wall of the studio that every studio has. People with no imagination or style can just pull a design off the wall and get it zapped in. Please don't do this. The best tattoo experiences come from sitting down with a skilled artist and coming to a decision mutually on what you want. Let them throw in their own style a bit, but make sure that you're getting what you want.

    For my own opinion - I think if you're up for it, you could come up with something pretty good for that. Keep in mind that scar tissue generally doesn't hold ink very well, so you should think of integrating the scar into the tattoo. Go and talk to some artists. They're generally good people, who really enjoy their work. Well, the good ones are anyways.

    If you've got anything else to ask, PM me. I love talking about this (Obviously), so I'll be glad to help out.
  10. Scotty Dog

    Scotty Dog

    If you decide to go for it be ready not to stop at one, they're addictive :D

    Give me a shout & I'll show you the good places to go & the places to avoid ;)
  11. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Tattoos are for people who wish they could have scars like REAL men! Keep the scar, then invent some story about how you received it fighting off six Hells Angels with machetes on the Hong Kong waterfront. MUCH cooler :)
  12. neryo_tkd

    neryo_tkd Valued Member

    I'd say no. A tatoo to cover/hide the scar, NO! It's not like you have a scar on your entire leg or an ugly scar, and even if it were so, why hide it? I have scars from operations as well, but I have never thought about hiding them with a tatoo. I don't have any problems with other people seeing or asking about the scars. I don't have a problem wearing short skirts or a bathing suit on the beach. I guess it's completely up to you but I wouldn't advise it.
  13. Mind Aflame

    Mind Aflame New Member

    A scar will not look stupid when you are 60, 70, 80. A tatoo very well might.
  14. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    At that age, if you can actually remeber why you had the tattoo done in the first place, you probably won't care :D
  15. Scotty Dog

    Scotty Dog

    :woo: Why do people always say that???? the only reason that a tattoo would look stupid at any age is if the person getting done doesn't put thought into it & get's a stupid design

    even if it would look daft on an old guy ( for example one that said "Live fast die young" on an 80 year old ) look at your Signature Mind, it's not that bad a Philosophy ;)
  16. Mind Aflame

    Mind Aflame New Member

    I only said it might look stupid. Some people can pull it off but still in teh majority of cases most people seem to regret it.
  17. Scotty Dog

    Scotty Dog

    What Majority of cases ?????

    the only people I've ever met that regret a tattoo are the ones that didn't put any thought into what they were getting done (i.e. the muppett that get's a bart simpson with devil horns & tail on his forehead when he's 17) the vast majority of people I know have tatt's & as we've got older none of us have started to regret them.

    Mind you, everyone I know has put a lot of time & consideration into the tatt's they get. heard a saying once " Only Stupid people get stupid Tattos" :)


    OK Rabid rant of the evening over with :p
  18. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    I am one of the members who did suggest such a thing only because I also have a rather "huge" scar across the right side of my abdomen. ....(doctor butchered me I take it as incision should only be a couple inches for an apendicitis)

    Thoughts about getting a snake (which scar looks like) peering out from the top of my pants seemed kind of cool.

    Really was just a thought.... Scars on guys are quite diff than on girls I guess. .... they like tattoos have a story all their own.

    Scars are the tattoos life gives you! :D
  19. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Sigmund Freud just turned in his grave. :p
  20. Scotty Dog

    Scotty Dog

    now there's a saying I like

    nice one KC :D

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