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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by DL.Demolition, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. DL.Demolition

    DL.Demolition New Member

    Okay guys and gals what are you working towards this year in your training?

    What is your goals and targets in KSW in the next week month year??

    Me personally I am working towards improving my fitness since having 5 months out and am focusing on the Uk championships at being in peak condition as I will miss the Euro due to being on my honeymoon.

  2. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    Getting my knee healthy again. And then hopefully beating Gi Ma Ja Se's stance routine. I'm gonna blow it away you just wait lol :woo:
  3. Gi Ma Ja Se

    Gi Ma Ja Se 90 degrees is 4 real MA's

    lol up to 25 secs each position now.... then a set of 20 secs then finish me off with a 10 sec for my cool down LOL oh inbetween forms as well.... bring it on monk he he he
  4. Gi Ma Ja Se

    Gi Ma Ja Se 90 degrees is 4 real MA's

    oh for got to say... my target is to improve my techniques and upper body strength
  5. Mung Kee

    Mung Kee Valued Member

    main aim is to really learn how to apply my techniques. Rather than doing them by the book I'm trying out different scenarios to get a feel for what really works for me and what doesn't! :)
  6. Grippereeno

    Grippereeno New Member

    Get my first degree...
  7. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    Nope I checked my post i said beat the routine not beat you lol. Completing one set is beating it for me :D

    Tis about time you got rid of your weedy top half aswell lol no one liked to say anything though. :D You know me i'm just too polite :D
  8. Gi Ma Ja Se

    Gi Ma Ja Se 90 degrees is 4 real MA's

    now thats hitting above the belt LOL :D
  9. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    mine is to keep improving my general fitness and to tone up. which is proving increasingly more difficult as i approach the big 3 - 0 :cry: like dl demolition i want to be in the best shape possible for the tournament.

    i can't let ksn matt take all the medals can i? :bang: ;)

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  10. TXKukSoolBB

    TXKukSoolBB Valued Member

    It gets easier once you hit 37.....NOT :eek:

    My goal...survive my 2nd dan testings and compete mistake free in October.
  11. Unknown Entity

    Unknown Entity New Member

    Mine is to work on stances (holding them longer) and mainly my flexibility as I've suffered some bad injuries and need to build it back up...Want to be kicking vertical again!!!
  12. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    Larger goal - earn my 1st degree.

    General goals - working on balance, especially balance in motion. By that I mean when doing things like spin kicks or various phases of hyung where we spin, change direction, moving (e.g. Ki Cho Hyung part 4, middle of Go Geup Hyung from the point of the spin kick to the point of the 2 palm strikes)... doing that consistently and consistently not wavering in balance. Also working on application of techniques. And generally working on ingraining what I already know... again all towards earning my 1st degree.
  13. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    :eek: vertical?

    i wish i could kick, or at least hold my kicks horizontaly :bang: :D
  14. You Won Hwa

    You Won Hwa Valued Member

    Is that you in your avatar? Looks close to verticle to me, but then maybe I'm tilting my head the wrong direction.
  15. psbn matt

    psbn matt great sage = of heaven

    for me it's getting my third dan, doing techniques korean style, getting down to the floor in side splits, learning to use all 24 kuk sool weapons and of course winning all the medals and the grand champion trophy at the european tornament.
    oh, and not falling over during the falling demo AGAIN this year!!!!
  16. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    Ok, I have a few things. I want to improve my forms drastically, improve my grappling a TON!
    Also, I have a break I want to try and work out over time. Basically it would be having three people standing at different levels holding boards one over the other so that i could do High, Middle, Low spin kick speedbreaks one after the other. Then those three people would quickly clear out with a couple people bracing a set of 3 boards so I could finish the whole thing with a jumping-back-turning-side-kick. I think it's pretty ambitious, but I think I can get it if I work at it. The biggest problem is keeping myself from getting dizzy :D
  17. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    Why don't you do it bottom to top then stick a quarter more turn in on the high spin kick and do the jump turning back kick to the side?? Just a suggestion :)
  18. KSW_Martley

    KSW_Martley Valued Member

    Improve my fitness alot over summer as I would have left school by then and waiting and start college, I will be doing this through my Kuk Sool training and by going the gym - I would also like to be able to hold a proper horse stance for longer, or, go through the whole soo ki drill in class while maintaining my legs at 90 degrees to the floor.
  19. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    yes that is me. my front kicks are ok but my side and roundhouse kicks could be higher.

  20. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    I will continue to learn pressure point names until I have them all down. Then I want to learn more about how the merideans relate to each other. I also want to learn some basic anatomy, like bone names, major nerve location and names, and major artery/vein names and locations.

    All the while keeping my fitness level and general practice at a decent level.

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