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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by Jang Bong, Aug 3, 2004.

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    Thanx Danny4114 Make us proud at your dan test. When you arrive at the University look into MA clubs. My SBN son is in his second year and while away he trains in an open karate club. Most of the guys are TKD practioners but since he is a 3rd dan he teaches TSD while learning from his contemporaries. Best of luck to you in your studies.

    Great job at the tournament TANG SOO!

    Our organization was in England in '06 for the IMA world championships and a large crew did get to Wales. I missed that trip sadly. It was a great time had by all.
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    I can tell you that Danny4114 did get his dan - and a nicer martial artist you couldn't wish to meet. He's certainly helped me a lot in the year and a bit since I and my littlies started at the same school as him and I know ma'm will miss him. I trust he'll be back for the World Championships taking place in Cardiff next year though?

    I suppose I should add for the record....

    Am a part of the TTFUK under Master Trudgill and train out of Pencoed. Currently 7th gup (Orange with Green tag) and going for my green belt / 6th gup end of November and bene training since September 2009 but due to shift work have fallen behind others that started with me as I can't always make training.
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    TANG SOO!!! Congrats to Danny4114!!! This coming Saturday we have 3 candidates taking their endurance test portion of the pre-testing phase. We call it Black Belt Steel. Of course never making things easy, the phase is held after our normal high intensity Saturday class followed by a black belt class then they get to take their endurance portions. Saturday 10-23-10 we have a tournament sponsored by GM Kwon (TSD) localized in Media Pennsylvania, USA. I have a high ankle sprain but am competing in all four tournaments.

    We are part of the IMA run by GM Ki Yun Yi. My SBN is Master Chuck Vertolli.
    Continued success-
  4. 23197

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    Sorry and PS Pleasure to meet you stubbyd!! Tang Soo!!
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    Hey everyone TSD check in here,

    Ten years training, first dan train under Master Tang through the UKTSDF
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    Welcome Power Plant. I am with the IMA, Master Vertolli under GM Yi.
    Tang Soo!
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    Hi Everyone,

    Shawn checking in here - newbie to MAP. Training in TSD for 2-years..no youngster..not gifted..just try to train hard & put in plenty of time outside of classes..3rd gup. Attend USK Karate Academy in Coral Springs FL under the guidance of SBN Alvas & love it!

    Tang Soo!!
  8. 23197

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    Welcome SMS. Love of TSD is something we have in common!
    Made 1st Dan in June 2010, I train under SBN Vertolli (KJN Yi with the IMA.)
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    Ex TSD student, with the UKTSDF. Grandmaster K.U. Lee.

    Tang Soo Do / Moo Duk Kwan.

    Trained in the SE Region, Cranford/Hounslow club.

    10 years of TSD. Last trained 12 years ago.

    x3 competitions. Medallist regional competitions.

    Got up to blue belt tag green.

    Forget almost all my forms. Favourite advanced form; Chil Sung Il Ro.
  10. danny4114

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    Hey everyone :D

    Just wondering if any Tang Soo Do practitioners will be at the world championships in May of this year, held in Cardiff.

    Tang Soo!!
  11. daveblue

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    what style did chuck norris train and is it right that shotokan karate has some imput to tsd,but the karate is a bit softer.
  12. Quercus

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    Totally new. Studying in West Haven under Kwang Jang Nim Charles Ferraro. I'm 34, and have signed on for a year of training with my two boys, ages 5 and 7. My wife looked up schedules at local MA schools and found that this one had all ages times that suited our busy young family schedule. I'm glad to discover that I'm within bicycling distance of the headquarters of this branch of Tang Soo Do.

    It's been a great experience so far, and I have experienced immediate results in my focus and energy at work (high school teacher, minority/low income urban school system).

    The vibe at the Dojang was great from the day we first visited. I'm excited and honored to be learning this art!
  13. Quercus

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    34 year old New Englander here who just started training in TSDMDK with my 5 and 7 year old boys.

    It's amazing how quickly (4 trainings so far) adding something into my busy schedule has added to my energy, sense of well being, and success with my students as an urban high school teacher. Lots more focus and energy at the blackboard and working with students individually-- I just feel like I'm communicating and leading more clearly-- in a very tough down-at-the-heels 85% minority high school. I even sense more respect from administrators and even students I don't know around the halls. Hope to share my progress as an adult beginner on the forums.
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    Congrats on starting TSD MDK and welcome to the forums - hope you find it of use as there are a lot of very knowledgeable peeps out on these boards.

    And I wish you well in keeping your boys interested - in the end my youngsters stuck at it with me until one was green and the other green 1 tag (6th & 5th Gup) but have both declared it as 'boring' and dropped out.

    I'm sticking with it though and currently 4th Gup with my 3rd Gup (aka red belt) grading looming hopefully in the next 2 months. It's a fantastic art and I trust that you have a great teacher.

    Tang Soo sir.
  15. Quercus

    Quercus New Member

    Thanks, stubbyd. There may come that day that the boys do not wish to train. I will not force them, of course.

    It's funny-- the first of those two posts did not appear until I had posted the one below it, my 4th post. Probably an anti- spam measure on the boards.
  16. Quercus

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    So we've done and passed our first testing. Even attending the all ages classes with the little guys, I feel continually challenged. Looking forward to summer when I'll be able to take more adult classes and push my techniques and fitness even more.
  17. Quercus

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    Checking in, one year later

    My boys have both made 6th gup green and are now my senior! Very porud of them. I remain a 7th gup Orange. I have had to take a month or two off here and there for grad school, but am back at it to catch up! My younger sister also joined this past summer and has really excelled. A dancer, she took first in forms at her first competition. A natural. The whole Quercus family is going!
  18. Nihilistiskism

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    My name is Paul Richard Dulaney.

    I have been training in the Martial Arts for nearly 20 years, and my primary art is Tang Soo Do, in which I am an internationally certified instructor under the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation. I am stationed in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas USA.

  19. Quercus

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    Made green belt. Couldn't train much ahead of the test due to a bruised rib, but did ok! The kids up for red belt did not pass. I'm glad to be at a dojang that has high expectations. It really helps me push to do my best.
  20. ninjedi

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    What's the difference (if any?) between Tang Soo Do and Soo Bahk Do?

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