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    First of all I apologise for self promotion, however I would like to let you guys now about a small project I am currently running. Every month (starting from February) I am going to post a video showing various Tameshigiri techniques combinations along with the cut patterns.

    It is quite hard to find good learning materials on test cutting so I hope that you will find the videos usefull.

    First video is up and it shows Godan Giri (五 段 斬) - 5 cuts of a single mat

    If you have any questions, feedback or anything you would like to share please let me know (mod edit) here. (mod edit)

    Thanks for reading! :)
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  2. Czlowiekfala

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    This month’s video is going to be shorter than the previous one but I hope you will find it interesting. Tonbo (The Dragonfly) consists of two quick successive cuts.

    The goal of that combination is to cut both ends of the unsupported mat before it falls to the ground. The technique not only requires speed but also precision.

    I look forward to your opinions, comments and feedback in general :)

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  4. Czlowiekfala

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    Sure. Thanks.
  5. Czlowiekfala

    Czlowiekfala Member

    Hi again!

    After short pause tameshigiri videos are back. This time we are going to look at Daruma Otoshi. The technique conists of one single handed cut and several horizontal cuts. Due to mat length I performed 3 horizontal cuts.
    The combination's name refers to Japanese game which purpose is to knock the center pieces out with the without causing the doll on top to fall over. The doll's name is Daruma (reference to Bodhidharma - founder of the Zen Buddhism)

    Do not hestitate to ask questions or post comments. I will be happy to read it :)
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  6. Czlowiekfala

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    This month's combination is little bit more advanced. Returning Water technique consist of two cuts – upward and horizontal. The key to mastering this technique is precise Kiri – Age (upward cut). The second move should come naturally without too much thinking.

    As always I am looking forward to your opinions and comments!

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  7. Mitch

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    That's really interesting to watch, thank you for posting!
  8. Czlowiekfala

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    This time I tried something different. This time I focused on my own mistakes. I hope you will find it educational since progress in martial arts is often done by learning not only from own mistakes but also from other people mistakes too.

    Nuki Waza – sword drawinig techniques were an important part of warrior’s training. Samurai had to know how to instantaneously draw his sword and execute a cut. Those techniques were used for both attack and defend. Nuki Waza training was also crucial in developing preparedness for a sudden attack.

    Let me know what else could be improved besides things shown in video :)

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  9. Grond

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    Wow. You are really good at this and I can tell you've studied this art in detail. You know how? I don't know anything about your art but my old Shotokan instructor loved to say you can tell the greatest Japanese sword masters from how they never cut themselves re-scabbarding the blade. Nice work bro, please continue to post these, they are fun to watch and informative, like tea ceremony videos. I don't think most people get the value of this art form, but please keep it up.
  10. hewho

    hewho Valued Member

    Very interesting to watch! How do you split your training time? What else does your style do?
  11. Tom bayley

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    I am soo glad I do not practise weapons forms with sharps - I would have no limbs left. :)
  12. Czlowiekfala

    Czlowiekfala Member

    Thamk you for your feedback guys. I really appreciate it :)

    In this month’s video I am taking a closer look at Nami Gaeshi.

    The combination consits of three cuts and it is executed on two mats. While performing the cuts it is important to stop the sword after the first cut and to rotate your hips in order to add more power to the third (horizontal) cut.

    As additional footage I added Suemonogiri – free standing target cutting.

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  13. Czlowiekfala

    Czlowiekfala Member

    Sorry for the late reply.

    In terms of tameshigiri I have trained Toyama Ryu Battodo style. The style itself is relatively new, however it stands out due to simplicity and effectiveness of the cutting techniques.

    I have group of friends who are into tameshigiri as well. We are trying to practice as often as possible :)
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  14. Czlowiekfala

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    Thank you!

    Thanks to such comments as yours I am much eager to create more videos :)
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  15. Pretty In Pink

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    What is the purpose of training? Is it more of a zen philosophy type thing and spirituality?
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  16. Czlowiekfala

    Czlowiekfala Member

    As for Tameshigiri practice (test cutting) the purpose is to check whether your cuts are effective. In regards to Kenjutsu (swordsmanship) you can say that it is a little bit Zen philosophy thing. It is quite obvious that Kenjutsu is not practical martial art (no one fights with the sword these days and you cannot carry the sword on the street to defend yourself), however it is a perfect way to improve your body strength, concentration and character :)
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  17. Dead_pool

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    Toyama-ryū - Wikipedia

    Toyama Ryu has a really interesting history, IIRC it was designed to teach the army how to cut people quickly and effectively, when allied with kendo/gekken for timing.
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  18. Czlowiekfala

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    Inazuma (The Lightning) – consits of three cuts performed quickly one after another.

    Due to high speed of the technique it is important to focus on the correct cutting angles (which tend to be little bit horizontal during high – speed cutting) and on the even spacing between each cut. In the video you will also find Gyaku Inazuma technique. As the Japanese name suggests the cuts are reversed.

    As an additional material I have added a free standing mat cutting sequence – Suemonogiri

    I am looking forward to your reply ;)

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  19. Czlowiekfala

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    Tameshigiri practice allows you to train various aspects of a cut - its precision, speed, correct distance and continuous cutting movement.

    Techniques combination featured in this video put aforementioned aspects to the test quite effectively.

    As for the cuts combination itself I was inspired by techniques performed by Soke Mitsuhiro Saruta - founder of the Ryuseiken style. San Dan Giri is not an official name - it merely relates to three different cutting heights.

    As for additional material once again I have added Suemono Giri - a free standing mat cutting test.

    I am looking forward to your comments
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  20. axelb

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    Great video, I'm enjoying watching these. I like the timing on the second strike to get the 2 on it easy to before it falls :)
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