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    First of all I apologise for self promotion, however I would like to let you guys now about a small project I am currently running. Every month (starting from February) I am going to post a video showing various Tameshigiri techniques combinations along with the cut patterns.

    It is quite hard to find good learning materials on test cutting so I hope that you will find the videos usefull.

    First video is up and it shows Godan Giri (五 段 斬) - 5 cuts of a single mat

    If you have any questions, feedback or anything you would like to share please let me know (mod edit) here. (mod edit)

    Thanks for reading! :)
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    This month’s video is going to be shorter than the previous one but I hope you will find it interesting. Tonbo (The Dragonfly) consists of two quick successive cuts.

    The goal of that combination is to cut both ends of the unsupported mat before it falls to the ground. The technique not only requires speed but also precision.

    I look forward to your opinions, comments and feedback in general :)

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    Sure. Thanks.

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