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    Anyone heard of Tai Xing Yi Quan which was practiced in the Tai Xing Mountain region of China for a thousand year or more.
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    Ok I'll bite! Nothing on google and duck duck go.. if anyone knows about this system it's unlikely that they are in the west and online. How do you know about it? Any chance that the claim of being practised for 1000 years might be a bit exaggerated? A number of authors seem to question whether Xi yi quan is really that old (as opposed to being speculated to have been created years and rears ago by '' X '' legend that often happens in TCMA?

    Looking forward to you sharing what you have been told.

    :' D

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    It should be Taihang instead of Taixing, the following is a google translation from a search in www.baidu.com:

    Taihang Yiquan is a founding Han martial arts and boxing popular in the Taihang Mountains, far more than a thousand years of history. It is created by the teacher's preaching, including health, grid hand, bright eyes and other three parts, melt health, illnesses, bright eyes in a furnace, both self-defense martial art, but also the treatment of the medical consultation Road, Kansas Wu said that the Chinese Yuan is another gem. Taihang Yiquan in the long-term spread, evolution and development process, through a long and tortuous road, until after the mid-Qing began to enter the development stage. After the liberation, the Taihang Yiquan although the twists and turns, but because of practical value itself has finally been recognized, accepted. Since the Third Plenary Session, Taihang Yiquan get the party and the government's attention and concern, so that this ancient martial arts, rejuvenated, began to teach publicly announced, and the organization of the relevant departments of the Taihang Yiquan were excavated, collation and research work and achieved gratifying results.
    Chinese name Taihang Yiquan's founding to the founding of Taihang Mountains Song
    table of Contents
    1 practice posture
    2 Practice Principles
    Practice posture editor
    Practicing posture requirements are as follows: standing chest to hold formula
    Static Pile
    Step legs open, and shoulder width, feet was slightly character shape,
    Chest and abdomen, removed the hips, head palate closed, his hands holding his chest circle, unplug joints slightly bent,
    After posture skilled, naturally closed eyes, mouth naturally closed, breathing naturally, meaning six sides note (up and down before and after).
    Not qigong, no pubic region, the concept of Sunday, when refrain from practicing qigong. This is a quiet power,
    Practice principles editor
    Many five minutes, no more three hours. Easier to exercise 20 to 40 minutes.
    Dynamic power section,
    Beginners station after stretching can be used several times, experts were to study up and down, left and right, before and after exercise to pull.
    Movement characteristics of ancient Chinese medical sport is slow, soft, limb lengthening. Taihang Yiquan follow this characteristic, throughout the whole body relax, stretch conducted, seeking comfort. Practice one or more times per day, step by step, gradually increase the amount of exercise, acute, acute exacerbation of chronic disease, drinking and are not to practice.
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    The Taihang Mountains (Chinese: 太行山; pinyin: Tàiháng Shān) are a Chinese mountain range running down the eastern edge of the Loess Plateau in Shanxi, Henan and Hebei provinces. The range extends over 400 kilometres (250 mi) from north to south and has an average elevation of 1,500 to 2,000 metres (4,900 to 6,600 ft). The principal peak is Xiao Wutaishan (2,882 metres (9,455 ft)). Cangyan Shan in Hebei forms the eastern tip of the Taihang range.
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    Well it does help to give us the correct name but even so there are almost no articles/pages about this art. Are you sure it has really been about that long since so few people seem to be discussing it?

    Translations from places like baidu aren't really certain to be authentic even though they might be. I know a few IMA teachers in HK and I will see if they can tell me anything further.

    As I asked before, have you experienced this art or are you just asking after having read something somewhere about it?


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    I came into contact with the group of Taihang Yiquan practitioners in the South of China since 1990. It was promoted by a professor of Wushu at the Shenzhen University who was from the Taihang Mountain region, and a lecturer of anatomy at the Guangzhou College of Medicine and a grand student of Fu Zhensong. With their combined effort they developed an interest system of static and dynamic health exercise. I think it is a breakthrough between static postural training and movement.

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