Tai Hang Dao Gong

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    Here is a Taiwanese link:

    太行意拳- 台灣Wiki
    2013年9月15日 ... 太行意拳,是創始與流行於太行山區的一個古老的拳種,迄今已有一千多年的歷史。

    I have downloaded the article in pdf file, please advise how to insert it up here.
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    Dao or Tao 道 has a number of meanings, and it has the same sound as 導 which means directing or guiding.

    In Bruce Lee's Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Tao and Do are using the same Chinese Character Dao 道, but the meaning is different. I am not sure how his Tao is related to Zen but let the JDK people work it out for themselves.

    The Dao in Tai Hang Dao Gong is sort defined as seeking balance in imbalance. I am not sure it is the same as seeking harmony in disharmony or seeking order in chaos but make sense in practice relating to achieving balance in different postures and moving from posture to posture.

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