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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by slasha, Dec 24, 2015.

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    right i did the google, i asked jeeves, i safaried, i can only seem to find stuff aimed at (don't shout at me) old folks with bad joints (bookmarked for in a few years) and just doing forms slowly.
    i was told by a colleague i'm not in touch with anymore there was a guy in the Staffordshire area teaching tai chi as full contact, any one got any clues as to who he is or was?
    i would be interested in anyone teaching it as a practical style in the area, thank y'all.

    oh yeah i did email some of the above schools who either ignored me or seemed a bit lost about the whole idea of wanting to do it like that.
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    I emailed him a while ago and got no reply, will try calling the mobile number and landline after new years. The big problem with the net seems to be, clubs end and the sites they advertised on still have em up, there is a Wudang guy listed as teaching in Stafford on one site but he doesn't teach the class now, it's just your average tai chi for arthritis or tai chi for circulation forms.
    I have two to go look at so far Simon Bedford teaches Tai Chi, Quigong and wing chun up Hanley duck, and a guy teaches two nights a week at a yoga studio in stoke itself, both are an easy stroll from where i live right now.
    so at least i got some where to start looking, and once you meet people at classes they know other people as well. strangely the guy teaching at the yoga class is down as a wing chun man as well on one of those find a tutor sites.
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    If you didn't come across it in your searches the website tai chi finder is a good resource for finding clubs/teachers in your area.

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