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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by RAGINGbuddha, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Taiji_Lou

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    he climbed mountains and performed blood rituals so he could break more world records.

    Rand: respect means not commenting in a tai chi thread unless you are devoted to tai chi. You don't see me lurking around the ninjitsu forum, or the karate forum. It's because I have respect; I know I don't belong in there.
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    Anyone who remains within the TOS is permitted to post where they see fit.

    As long as the thread is not derailed by a foolish question that could be answered with a little research, then non Tai Chi exponents are welcome.
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    So why do the MAP mod team actively encourage users posting in forums other than that of the art they study?

    Why have they in the past actually pulled people up for the sort of comments you are making above.

    Respect would involve not promoting incorrect information on the forums, not making out you have trained longer than you have and not making up stories about getting into fights so as to try to validate your training.

    How many bans do you have now Lou?
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  4. Hannibal

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    You don't know what a blood ritual is do you?
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    My son you have got a lot to learn.There is a big difference between dragging something out and adding another layer.Sure some cowboys do drag things out to make money and that is the reason you always need to get a recommendation when finding a teacher but the genuine ones know what you need,and more to the point,when you need it.Sometimes people gripe they aren't being given new stuff but the reason is down to them not grasping the last lesson rather than things being dragged out.This game is hard enough when you have a very experienced instructor standing in front of you but is nigh on impossible when your only source of reference is a book or DVD.
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    I can perform the form correctly. I use it for exercise, to improve my balance, and as a qigong. I wish there were better instructors. I'll just have to.... sigh.... make due. Maybe tai chi will catch on and one day you'll just be able to go to a park and learn when you see someone practicing. Like in china.
  7. AndrewTheAndroid

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    Then put it up on here so we can see it. My bet is that you won't.
  8. Taiji_Lou

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    I don't have a digital camera or anything. :confused:
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    Got a friend with a phone?
  10. Taiji_Lou

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    Yeah, I guess so. I mean; if you guys REALLY want me to I suppose I'll find a way to post it up here for critique.
  11. Mangosteen

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    that would be great thanks!

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