Tai Chi and weed

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by slomojo, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    Not really into weed. Makes me feel too stupid.
  2. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    I was being sarcastic.. but I’m sure you knew that..

    From my experience and understanding of TCM, the reason people feel “stupid” when stoned is because.. now you’ll have to bear with me here as I’m guessing your anti-TCM/Chi… the kidney Chi in TCM is known as creative energy. Weed unnaturally forces this in to the brain/mind, as a result the individuals brain/mind gets loaded up with excess creative energy. So, the result is 20 trains of thought moving in separate directions all at once, in turn making one’s focus scramble, and memory defective.. these factors result in one feeling stupid.

    However, if one can maintain focus, one can use this injected creative potential by channelling it in to a single train of thought, hence obtaining greater creative potential with regards to whatever one decides to focus on. From what I know about Rastafarians they try to achieve similar results.

    Pseudo-science or not, I know that our modern science cannot read thoughts, hence at the moment it is useless to this question.
  3. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    inthespirit, while staying focused does help things, it drains the kidney chi. Point is, whe I was in that phase when I started out TCC I smoked a lot because I could feel something to the point it was spooky to people because I could conduct all kind of fascinating sensitivity tests. I thought "man, being this sensitive I'll master TaiChi much quicker than most people" :rolleyes:

    The end? My kidney chi ended up drained, my legs kinda weak, this resulted in my shoulders getting quite stiff and I was in some respects worse than when I strated out with TaiChi. I learned that the feeling og Chi only has value if it comes with a clear mind. That's also the only state when you'll have power, go up against a crazed Judoka or MMA guy... I know when being stoned I started to fear their strenght. The Chinese say that's a mental effect of the kidney chi being drained.

    While I understand TaiChi much better now and my training and goals have become much earthier and founded on clear practice I still chase the great bodily constitution I had before I started smoking weed. So guys, hands off if you wanna keep your legs strong and your shoulders soft and supple :cool:
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  4. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Yeah mate, I totally agree. My previous post was not meant to promote weed, it was just regarding my understanding of its effects on the mind, and how different effects can be achieved by individuals of varying skill levels.

    However, you say your shoulder is stiff? Are you sure that’s primarily from the weed, though. I’m sure the weed would have added in some way. I recently had a stiff left shoulder, for about a month, and any stretching, etc would only work temporarily. After examining and altering the position in which I slept, I managed to get rid of the stiffness within a few days. It may be helpful for you to examine your various postures in sleep, sitting, etc.. you may find the reason for the stiffness, as I did… then again maybe not.
  5. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    The maybe not part is right. It was so bad it made me observe the way I sit, eat, sleep etc o_O

    Though I must now say, the second devil in toking is the tobacco. That's what really drives the whole thing to hell. You could say that weed+tobacco is probably the worst thing you could do. Or lets say it already so horrid that I understand that if this is being considered "average" I do not dare even think of the things where side-effects are described as being bad o_O

    There is an english term for if you smoke to much, whitey, which means you get frightful paranoia. This marks a low point in kidney chi also driven by the fact that yes, the police could arrest you. And you could not defend yourself in any way. The mind doesn't like to be in a state where it is potentially absolutely powerless before something, but thrice less when it's in a state where perception is totally off.

    And if that ever sets in, you'll develop a lot of tension in the body. Let's say I stuck over a year with that before stopping so I certainly dare say a lot of my physical degradation has come from toking and being frightful.

    I probably could write a first-hand dissertation on this subject nowadays :D
  6. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    The way I see it, is if your gonna go around draining your kidney Qi, you have to counteract such drainage in other ways, in order to restore balance. Like wise, when the “whitey” kicks in due to depleted kidney Qi, you can regain balance if you use “logic” to balance out the irrational fear, as per the five elements theory. The five elements theory states that fear is a result of depleted kidney Qi, excessively logical thought, is as a result of excessive kidney Qi. So, if you know that you are having a “whitey”, you may as well think logically to this process, and elevate your kidney Qi via your mind, thus restoring some balance. In other words, in the five elements theory, logic counteracts fear and vice versa.

    I don’t believe anything is inherently good or bad. I think the distinction of good or bad comes from how we manipulate the matter at hand. For example, large quantities of most vitamins and minerals are toxic. Likewise, small quantities of toxins can have a beneficial effect, just like many medical preparations. To me its not so much a matter of bad or good, but about balance and moderation, which in essence is one and the same.
  7. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    If its good enough for Queen Victoria, its good enough for me. :D
  8. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Aha.. that explains a lot.. I knew that smell was familiar, gonna have to revisit Buckingham palace…

    Apparently the Pope also smokes dope.. :D
  9. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    Of course it's not inheritantly bad. Just like western medicine. When there is an accute threatening state there's nothing like it. But for long term curing you will have to resort to eastern one. It's already used that way in China btw. Weed is the same, it opens up peoples mind for "more" but it can be hardly more than an opener due to the very ill long time side effects.
    People get very philosophic and loose a good, down to earth philosophy, finding only solutions in the most spiritual of ways :rolleyes:

    And balancing fear through logic, yes, but when it's accute you can't shake the feeling of severe anxiety, no matter how logical you approach it. As an informed person, my logic tells me I'm only 99% save of persecution. I was caught once, you know, big Razzia with floodlights and dogs and all at the place I went to. Actually, I think this was the point from which on the logic was without chance :D

    Also, that's abuse of logic... the one thing I currently use my logic for is to go through some difficult back-traveling in which I get to experience pretty unpleasant states at time. But my logic tells me, also from experience, that all things are fleeting... and already they are. I wish for my overall constitution to recover soon so I can intensify my training once again. And this time I know solidly what to watch out for and how to go around certain things. :cool:

    I still feel my intelligence is a gift to me and all I have to do to get rid of my excessive thinking is to find an intelligent way with my body. And from my experience, that absolutely works. And who knows, one day when I feel up to representing the style I train in in proper form, we maybe will meet :D
  10. Taiji Butterfly

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    I don't know about Taijiquan, but weeds play havoc with my geraniums... :)
  11. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    It's about the same but getting rid of the overgrowth is this time not just to help the geraniums :D
  12. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    So smoke them ;) :D
  13. jroe52

    jroe52 Valued Member

    Research people should read before criticizing: (watch out for big words like Cognitive)

    "Frequent Cannabis Use Not Associated With Cognitive Declines In Working Memory"

  14. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    I dont really care what "studies" people pump out. I have seen what marijuana abuse does to people. What used to be hardworking, reasonably intelligent people, turn into dopey muppets in only a year of abuse. Luckily, my own experience with mary jane didnt screw me over, I've used it a fair amount, but never went through a mass abuse period. Doesnt reall tickle my fancy, I prefer getting drunk.

    Abuse is the keyword though. Having a joint every month or so wont do any real harm.
  15. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    I beliebe abuse is he keyword here. I used to abuse MJ and where did it land me. At pactice hell.Y accaintance of mine once said "opens the mind but makes the neergy of the feet weak". And I can confirm first hand that standing Chi Kung becomes very hard after a smoke inn. As does clear, crisp thought after a booze session.

    No, theory, all practice ;)
  16. Ape Lara

    Ape Lara New Member

    Hey Thanks for that informatión Onyomi, sorry what's IMA? , i'm a empiric student.
  17. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Internal martial arts. Generally taijiquan, baguaquan, and xingyiquan.

    EDIT: Also, bear in mind that you're responding to a post from 9 years ago.

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