Tai Chi and weed

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by slomojo, Aug 16, 2005.

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    Pot may have some beneficial properties, but ‘pot’ is not a single chemical. Marijuana is a cocktail of chemicals all with different properties that can make them harmful or helpful. The chemical that gets you high is not the same chemical that can be used to treat glaucoma. Arguing that pot should be legal because of its medicinal properties is like tell a sick person to eat moldy bread because it may contain penicillin. The useful ingredients should be isolated and used separate from the rest from the harmful junk.

    As for its use in tia chi, I cant really say, I’ve never used. What I can say is that nothing very profound or insightful has ever come out of any of my friends that smoke pot. I’ve never been told or read any useful philosophical truths that have come out of the mind of a smoker. No pothead I have ever met was more in tune with him self and the rest of the world, they just seem aloof and somewhat vacant. The lighter users I know are just party people who don’t do it search of universal truths, but rather as an aid to help understand the intricacies of The Matrix. So I don't see how pot is any use at all.
    Correct me if I’m wrong and forgive me if I come off as sarcastic, it’s not the way I’d like this to be interpreted.
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    I did TC for a couple of years then my teacher went to the Gold Coast and is now in Japan, I have just passed my Black Belt exam in CKD and I have found that after or during a good training session you get a 'high' from Endorphans (spelling?) Same as you get at a good game of Badminton or any other energy type of game.
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    hehe edoprhan high is a much different high.

    it is not the calm, meditative/sedative high many people experience through thc/marijuana. it also does not have the same antiinflamatory and pain numbing effects. however, edorphans (gosh i cant spell), give a similiar "buzz".

    basically, if you smoke just to get "high" your probably not going to want to do that during Tai Chi. however, the point of this topic thread is to see how people feel on its positive or negative effects applied to martial arts training.

    it helps reduce pain and helps to relax, for some! for some, it may not:)

    i think this thread has many conclusions to show that there are a wide range of reasons why and why not to do it. morality and legality are often a hard mix.
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  5. onyomi

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    There are certain times when you are not supposed to practice qigong, such as when you have just eaten a lot, have been drinking, or are emotionally distraught. I would think the same basic rules apply to Taiji practice.
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    I think that asking the question of others may be possibly seeking justification of your own answers. At the end of the day the person asking the question should already carry the answer inside and not have to ask the board -does smoking help my tia chi or not.

    Well does it help your tia chi and for how long does this alternate focussing help you?

    Do you feel that there may be a possibility that you are violating a code or is there no doubt at all (within you) that you are doing the right thing by mixing?

    Do you not get any dream related imagery or similar vision about mixing the two?

    My guess is that one aspect of you feels that it is wrong and doubt about the (mixing) practise has made you issue the question!

    Just my thoughts............
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    oops, practice.

    Hello everyone im new here.

    I felt compelled to join this conversation.

    Regards to all.
  8. xen

    xen insanity by design

    i am stunned this thread is still alive... a ten page discussion on the whether or not smoking a j is going to help someone with their Tai Chi...

    you can answer it in one line...

    'depends on the person'

    any other response is a waste of time because the tokers all know that pot is the herb that is meant to save man-kind...so everything from Tai Chi to docking the Space Shuttle with the International Space Station can be performed better, more enjoyably and in a 'just more chilled, man' sort of fashion if you you've just sucked down a reefer....:rolleyes:

    and the majority of non-tokers (including x-tokers) generally believe the US Govt film...'reefer madness' from the 40's (? or was it 50's?) where it was clearly proved that hemp-derived recreational cigarettes lead to satanism, communism, insanity, depravity, chaos and disorder and the total errosion of law and order...:rolleyes:

    as ever, the world isn't quite so black and white...

    1. cananbis and psychosis...this is not a myth created by the bogey man to scare teenagers back onto the path of riteous, society-sanctioned achoholism just like our fathers, our fathers fathers, and our fathers fathers fathers before us.

    too much for too long in the wrong environment will make that 'detatchment from reality' which is so much fun in the early daze turn into its dark and unforgiving cousin...you can run and hide behind all the crap you can find to support your use of the drug...but the people who wrote it are running and hiding too...don't forget that small point when you enter these debates ;)

    true...for the majority, things never get to the full 'ohmigod the world has changed' type of psychosis...but what about emotional detatchment? losing interest in things that brought pleasure in the past? the polarising of your social world into 'tokers' and 'non-tokers'?

    pot isn't the path to the devil...but it isn't a harmless little plaything either...there are risks associated with its use...just like there are risks associated with EVERYTHING we ever do...be honest with yourself about the risks and you stand a better chance of not falling foul of the risks....

    as said...all depends on the individual.

    2. people who choose to smoke 'de 'erb' are not all klutz' with a maligned psychopathic intent...they are just people who choose to smoke pot...big deal...lets take a look at what goes on in the world...now, lets look back at pot...not such a big deal in the light of the rest of the crap we have to endure is it?

    the idea that jonny, who's been smoking pot for 10yrs in a recreational sense (the same way his mate dave has a few pints a week to unwind) will be a significant danger to a MA class if he's smoked a j a few hours before is scare-mongering garbage (IMHO)...do you ask if your training partner has taken any strong pain-killers? is taking anti-depressants?...any cough mixtures that may make them drowsy and therefore have a lower reaction time..? has had a bad day? got anything on their mind that may affect their performance..?

    no. we trust people to be responsible and to know their capabilities and to respect the boundaries of the situation...

    if someone walks in and they are surrounded by green-mist, their feet are six inches off the floor and they have chocolate round the corner of their mouth AND the rest of the class don't get alarm bells ringing then who is to blame if someone gets injured...?

    the cane-head who floated to the dojo or the 'straight' people who weren't aware enough (or open-minded enough to get some real info about drugs and instead decide to swallow the stories put out by the tabloid media, thus having no ability whatsoever to actually discern what might be influencing an individual) to notice the danger signs (or did notice and chose to ignore them) and went ahead and trained with them using live weapons..?

    my personal opinion about the use of cannabis and any MA practice...? it depends why you practice MA.

    If you want to be able to defend yourself in real situations...then sorry, but you need to be training in the sort of states you generally face the world in. If you are stoned all the time...you need to be stoned when you train...if you have a drink before noon most days, then train with alcohol in your blood...etc etc..otherwise, the skills you can perform with such devestating effect in the dojo will be hard to find if you've never pulled them out the bag while you've been 'out of it' on whatever poison you choose to indulge in.

    However, if you are doing a MA to arrive at a purer state of being, to 'detoxify' your system on all levels etc etc...then what are you still doing smoking weed, drinking alchohol, etc etc? if the more spiritual benefits are your motivations for MA then the least you can do is get your intake sorted...the universe likes to see some commitment on our part before the secrets get revealed!!
  9. Kurokawa

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    I like this immensly; all those who seen fit to judge the stoner or wino for what he does wile he trains is still off par(or least in the inebriated state) from the one who knows how to do things slightly off kilter, I can say without shame that I have trained(not in my dojo)while I was either stoned ,drunk ,sleepy ,physicly exausted and even when I have a 104 temperature, if you are trying to become a good warrior all these things pose problems to you in battle, true you may not be drunk in a fight but if you are hit just right you can be disorientated which is just like being drunk, While it may not be mainstream to do so, I would suggest getting a little drunk and see how well your moves fair. On a lighter note I used my martial knowledge to keep myself upright better when Im trashed, so wether one may not help the other it sure can work in reverse also
  10. airweaver

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    i agree with kurukawa that we should train in different mindstates because you should simply broaden your own knowledge of how you fight.

    and off topic...

    dancing to trance on acid = amazing
    dancing to trance sober = not as amazing

    i really dont know why such states are scorned.
  11. slowmo

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    'chi' is the same thing as 'immune system' right? So i can see how 'weed' could be seen to positively or negatively affect your chi, personally i'd never touch the stuff because it's pointless and definately negatively affects the lungs.
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    That says it all. :bang:
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    Uh, no. Qi is not the same thing as the immune system.
  14. xen

    xen insanity by design

    dancing to trance and getting tuned into the vibe without a chemical enhancement, letting the music and the atmosphere do the work of the drug = blows relying on chemicals out of the water

    equating the modern rave scene to shamanic cultures where the use of certain hallucinogenic plants were used in conjunction with rhythmic drumming to acheive altered states illustrates this...

    the shaman would use the hypnotic effects of the beats to guide them into an altered state...

    while the use of certain plants was advocated as a 'door-opener' in these cultures...it was a commonly held belief that an individual who could only enter the 'shamanic' consciousness through the use of these plants was not a 'shaman'...in effect their inabilty to induce in themselves the shamanic trance, through the 'natural' methods of sound, dance etc meant they had not passed their 'initiation'...

    i went to an all-nighter in london a few years ago...and the majority there were the 'old-skool' ravers...the main room was playing quality acid-techno and the sight before my eyes was chilling (not in the herbal sense of the word)

    people were stood in rows, all in their own little worlds, the majority looked like they were in their late 20's early 30's, the hardcore who had been out getting mashed since the Wigan Pier daze of 90/91...and they were a mess, gaunt faces, black eyes...they looked like the shells of people, whose souls had been burnt out by the chemicals they had been using for over ten years...

    i coined the phrase 'Production Line Techno' that night, because that was what it had become...a routine...a habit...and a business...and they were the product...consuming the product...still under the illusion that the drugs and the music can never be seperated...
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    Ok how about something that can apply to both sides;

    "Use not abuse"
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    So true.
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    Bit of a delayed reaction.. :cool:

    Though I guess better late than never..
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    I had to wait for my chi to leave the kidneys and go up to my brain so I could type. ;)
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    You could have sped that up by smocking some weed.. :woo:

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