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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by slomojo, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Taiji Butterfly

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    Hmmmm... Rat science... always a good 'un ime.....
    ... uh okay maaaann....
    ....so how come cannabis has been shown to erm...cause depression, psychosis and reduction in brain function.....?
    ....incidently good ole' Thalidomide has no effect on pregnant rats.... so, er scientists said it was...er...safe for pregnant humans to use....
    Nuff said... cept...

    Hurrah for rat science I say again....


  2. Jekyll

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    The important thing is it is a synthetic cannaboid, not cannabis. There is no evidence that weed will cause cell growth, but a derivative of it might one day.
  3. Jesh

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    I cannot resist the temptation of posting on this subject, so here it goes.

    As most of you know, I'm from The Netherlands... a country well known for it's unusual approach to drugrelated matters. Cannabisrelated products are readily available to everyone above 18 years of age. You can go to a "coffeeshop", and buy up to 5 grams per person max. Because it's still not officially legal, higher amounts are not tolerated or supplied by these shops. As a result I can say that I have extensive experience in this field.

    One of my friends has taken part in an experiment run by the University of Maastricht. In this experiment the influence of cannabis on people who are on the road driving was measured. They were not allowed to smoke in their free time, but when they were at the uni... they could smoke all they wanted. Afterwards they would be put into a car, and went on the highway with cars. (of course the highway was closed off for this experiment)

    The results were that cannabis made the subjects more careful drivers, they were more cautious and most importantly they kept themselves to the speedlimit.

    I think there needs to be more extensive research in this field, something my government is spearheading. As for the legislation, it has to be noted that countries like France, Germany and the U.K. are all looking to The Netherlands for guidance in this matter. I think there will ultimately be legalisation in the majority of Europe, and there is nothing the U.S. can do to stop it.

    It is a simple fact: the government misses out on a lot of money, that they do get from e.g. alcohol and tobacco taxes.

    Final note: Don't do drugs, but if you do... make sure you KNOW what you're doing and talking about.
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  4. jroe52

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    err.. but in america it is ILLEGAL to do research that will result in marijuana being positive to soceity/health. at least, you will not get funded plants/gratns etc.

    i have heard similiar research with gleicoma patients... because marijuana helps reduce eye pressure allowing some impaired people to drive less painfully or more accurately. however, there is a limit! if you smoke yourself retarded, it is like drunk driving lol.

    that is why i think it should be legalized, because if it is regulated within limitation the "risks" could be reduced similiar to how risks of drunk driving and cigerettes are handled.

    at the same my biggest fear, that i am sorry to disagree with conservatives on is...

    IF YOU CLASSIFY marijuana with hard drugs (which it is) and teach against it, and later these children find out marijuana isn't as harmful, is helpful for those in pain and is "taboo" for bad reasons.... then maybe they will distrust all the information they are taught about harder drugs.

    alot of people tried marijuana after the horrbile anti-pot movies the feds made in the 30's... then they were like "oh wow, they lied! it doesn't make me go crazy and kill after i rape women". now... what else did they lie about? let me go try coke or opium!

    err... if you classify something not as harmful with stuff that is, it can create a distrust gap and create a gateway drug by mistake. marijuana doesn't have characteristics like hard drugs to cause addictions to other drugs (gateway), however by having it illegal it causes people out of poor logic that... "since this was ok, and its illegal... i imagine other shat is to!"


    sorry that pic is awesome! i just want people to see that supporting stuff out of ignorance can sometimes help fuel the fire.
  5. Jesh

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    I know, America is also one of the biggest opponents of the Dutch policies concerning drugs. Your anti-drug czar was over here recently and he didn't like what he saw. (Not that anyone over here cares, but hey...)

    The glaucoma research has been done over here also, including research on cancer and MS patients. It has been designated as benificial and those patients get their medicinal marijuana covered by insurance. As for the latter part of your answer, the test my friend did concluded otherwise and this was a scientific study.

    Sorry, but cannabis products are not harddrugs. Alcohol on the other hand should be classified as such. Let's compare how many people die annualy because of alcohol related situations... and while we're at it let's compare how many alcohol addicts are in rehab compared to cannabis addicts.

    Bottom line is this:

    I come from a country where the use of cannabis is pretty normal and accepted. It is readily available (like alcohol), yet we don't have bigger drugrelated problems then any other countries. In the places where they sell the stuff, there are never fights or arguments... unlike places where they sell alcoholic beverages.

    We all have a different viewpoint on this matter, because we all live in different places on this earth. So, the way drugs are handled depends greatly on the country you're in. People over here have massive exposure to it, because the coffeeshops are in most cities and most people, if they don't smoke it themselves, know somebody who does or has done.
  6. Moosey

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    My view on medicinal canabis is that there's no reason it shouldn't be used to relieve medical complaints as long as it is in a carefully controlled dose, administered in a controlled, healthy manner.

    The problem most people seem to have with medicinal canabis use is caused by the way the pro-ganjha lobby represent it: i.e. somebody has MS so they should be allowed to roll up a big joint and puff away. Instead they should be working on administering it in a controlled dose (i.e. a capsule or injection) in a way not traditionally associated with recreational use.

    I'm all in favour of theraputic use of pretty much anything as long it's administered in a way that minimises the chances of casual, dangerous use.
  7. jroe52

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    jesh i most agree. i just was giving an american perspective on how by having it illegal and classified with hard drugs, leads to "fueling the fire" and not helping drug problems.

    instead... if it was legal maybe other drug use would go down 0.o
  8. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    I know man, sorry if I sounded agitated. But this subject really gets my attention, mainly because I know so much about it from daily experience living in the place where I live. ;)
  9. inthespirit

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  10. Taiji Butterfly

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    Thanks for that but I don't want to smoke tobacco either ta very much lol :D
    (The argument is a bit like: "Which is safer - dropping an anvil on your big toe or having somebody reverse over it with a steamroller?" ROFLMAO If you have a brain.... Don't do either!! lol :bang: )
    Just a reminder: The original posting was:
    So, stoners. Do what you do, Your lifestyle is your own inalienable right imo - but please do amuse me by trying to prove Tai Chi is done better while stoned.... lol :rolleyes:
    (Coz that one makes me die lol)
  11. cloudz

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    I think that's a no-no, :)

    Historically people have sworn by it.
    Great for the reflexes apparantly, good to test for 'iron shirt' and watch me bounce off those stones with my peng. :D


    that deserves an apology: S-O-R-R-Y
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  12. gemtkd

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    Could this cause kidney infection by any chance??
  13. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Well I'm no doctor.. but Chinese Medicine refers to the energetic aspects of the organs, so I would not think it could cause an infection, but I do think it's possible that it may weaken the organ and make it more susceptible to infection..
  14. jroe52

    jroe52 Valued Member

    I never heard of it causing kidney problems hehe. The organ it effects the most is your lungs.

    From there... its like.. the sick get healed and the healed get bleh (not sick, but less then 100%):

    for example... if you had gleicoma it reduces the eye swelling allowing you to see better then normal. but if you are already seeing ok without gleicoma, it makes your eyes "faded", less alert and into "chill mode" if that makes sense. a normal amount, does not really effect your vision much... but if you were partying it would (similiar to alcohol)

    same goes with pain victims (cancer/aids) ... reducing their pain increases their apetite and abilitiy to function... while the healthy get stoned and get relaxxed lol.

    i think what I'm trying to say... that if your sick, it can help but if your not, it can be fun (and not give you super powers lol). at the same time, i do not see how it is illegal why alcohol/cigs are much more harmful and addicting 0.o
  15. Yohan

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    Actually if you get the proper lisences and stuff, it can be used in research, as can other hard drugs.

    There was an experiment that happened in alabama recently where they would inject volunteers with a dose of cocaine and observe them for a hour or so, pay them $75 and turn them loose.
  16. jroe52

    jroe52 Valued Member

    yohan... read my sentance again.

    IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO EXPERIMENTS IN AMERICA WHERE IT SHOWS HARD DRUGS/MARIJUANA HAVE BENEFITS... such as... if the hypothesis is : marijuana helps reduce pain in gleicoma patients... then this study would not be funded/legal.

    HOWEVER, as you said... cocaine/heroine studies can occur, though the results are not being done to show BENEFITS!!!!!! it is "side effects" or "social effects" or general scientific study etc.

    most legal studies have been done outside of america. in america, there is a limited chance to obtain a license to do a marijuana study and recieve plants/permits from the federal govt unless it is to show THAT IT IS HARMFUL.
  17. jroe52

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    colorodo news, i guess they are voting on the issue (look at the facts in the pic for alcohol vs mari)... i honestly don't understand how people are ok with alcohol (as adults) but not marijuana 0.o

    for children, i agree both are harmful and thats why it needs tougher regulation (legal regulation... while keeping illegal and regulated for minors).

    the system we have now... makes marijuana easier to get then alcohol, since it is on a blackmarket (no IDing minors! haha)

    another good info page (tips on reducing useage with teens if legal etc):
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  18. airweaver

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    hi i thought id reply to this as its been a while..
    i think a lot of people are too easily offended by "drugs" to even consider them as a possible tool for self exploration- the key is moderation and focus..
    to do them all the time chasing after mystical expirences is folly, but when you seriously sit down and focus your mind on where exactly you want to go as you trip, there a lot of insight to be gained *wholeheartedly*
    for those saying "hallucinations are nonsense and not real or valuable" etc.. are really cuting themselfs short.
    A "trip" is like being fully conscious as your'e normally about to fall asleep, the hypnogogic stage where you see visual images/symbolism of your mindset is the same as tripping.
    When Jung talks about the collective unconscious of the planet being buried within each of us is what im talking about... these insights into tai chi and the nature of duality ARE buried inside us, we all have access to the knowledge of the ancient monks sitting on mountaintops watching time go by, but theres a VERY THIN LINE between whats coming to you in the form of visions/key concepts and the NONSENSE your monkey mind is creating for itself...
    in some trips ive had theres been no doubt when ive woke that i tapped into a knowledge beyond anything "I" could possibly know, but then theres been times when ive flew away with the fairies in pitiful daydreams and feeling like im some kind of messiah LOL *stoopid* theres the duality again, theres 2 sides to these kinds of experiences but the road needs to be trodden carefully.
    im just rattled by the people going on about how drugs/entheogens are all round a waste of time when this is really only true for them, your opinions dont hold true for us all and the perceptions other people will get tripping wont be like yours, again its a visit into your own personal inner world.

    and dont get so ratty about topics like these in the first place, tai chi is about harmony both macro and microcosmically, theres not much tolerance in some of these tai chi "adepts" when the nature of there posts is quite blatantly "holier than thou-ish"

    and try not to connote the word *tripping* with a "hey dude" jay and silent bob feel, its just a word.
    over time taking any substance ive been (mentally) to heaven and hell, heaven being the times i focused intently on the course of the trip instead of just laying around like a waster and hoping to see god.
  19. jroe52

    jroe52 Valued Member


    hehe, well mushrooms/marijuana may be helpful and less lethal, other drugs like meth, coke and acid may be a problem when it comes to tai chi lol and maybe driving.

    i think we have to be clear on what we reccomend, not reccomend or find to be horrid so much we need it illegal.
  20. sparrow

    sparrow Chirp!

    Quote from the firsrt page
    'Also, if on a particular occasion your kidney Qi is deficient, from too much weed, too much sex, unbalanced thoughts or whatever other external or internal factors as you may experience what 'stoners' refer to as 'greening it' or the 'palies', i.e. generally an impending feeling of doom, or fear. As per the five elements theory, 'fear' is directly related to deficiency in kidney Qi, hence cause and effect.'
    My teenage son started to experiment with dope, and developed anxiety and panic attacks - which took a long time to figure out and messed up his exams. He started to come to Tai Chi classes with me (after giving up the stuff) and has improved one hundred percent. We have tried to turn it into something positive - as he now recognises what he calls 'the fear' and knows what to do about it, instead of letting it paralyse him. For some people, it just ain't worth it....

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