Taekwondo similar or not to Kyokushin karate?

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Zatoichi1, Dec 23, 2010.

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    inb4 a video of a 15 year old wiggling his foot in the air.
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    That's what i see as a real difference between TKD and Kyokushin.
    When a Kyokushin guy falls over it's generally because he's been knocked down or swept (they do do that weird rolling kick too I admit).
    TKD guys (WTF in particular) seem to fall over all the time and not because they've been knocked over but because they compromise their balance and foundation so drastically when they kick.
    Probably because the penalties for doing so don't deter them. Whereas in knockdown if you are off balance you'll get a big old kick on the thigh. :)
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    Exactly, in fact some strategies even encourage falling down.
  4. Domawashi Kaiken Geri...
    I agree, there ought to be a waza ari accorded if the kick does not land with any effect, and the defendant can execute an air technique on the downed man.
    Unfortunately it is not the case, and we've seen cases of domawashi abused by competitors to get a breather, or break the rhythm.

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    In Olympic sparring, you can only have a certain amount of knockdowns (unless they changed the rules recently AGAIN)....but because you CAN fall down without being attacked on the ground, you see people doing spin hook kicks that swing their entire body into it, causing them to fall to the ground. However, it is generally a K.O if it lands....

    From my years of TKD, I don't feel too much shin pain, but that's not from shin kicks or leg checks, it's just from banging up my shin on people's knees too much while trying to get high angle kicks at too close of a range....
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    Very true. I agree to that. that is pretty much the point of kyokushin sparring is pretty much that =P, what i mean is even amongst those people, the ones i see doing better are the ones with better kicks and faster, lighter movement. =)

    I concur, although then they'd have to award waza ari for accidental trips too, no?
  7. Hehehe, maybe eh?
    If you tripped while confronting aggressors in a non controlled environment, you'd get in trouble, wouldn't you? :)


    PS: See how I avoided a lame comparison with "d34dly str3t fig4ts"? :D:D
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    Lol. Kyokushin karateka don't trip in a De4dLy Str3t Fig4Ts. they just realize that they'll kill someone with their domawashi's and stop themselves...

    Oh. i just saw master betty's vid. I notice that the man stands on his toes from time to time when kicking. even we turn the foot when kicking but keep our heel on the ground. is there a difference in mechanics due to the raised foot or is it just to add flexibility?
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    Nice vid. Does Tommy have any previous experience before MT?
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    tae kwon do v kyokushkai karate

    I'm a black belt in Kyokushinkai and have fought Clicker and knockdown in both for my country and Tae kwon do(TAGB).

    I was a black belt in Kyokushinkai first and then a black belt in Tae kwon do.

    What annoys me is one saying the others rubbish which is not true both are very enjoyable and VERY effective IF used AND performed correctly.

    I can give you a little information on both.
    With regards to day to day training then there are factors which make both styles different.

    My experience is that you do have to be stronger,fitter and rougher to train in Kyokushinkai which makes it a style which doesn't suit everyone.
    However that doesn't mean its better.

    Tae kwon do is more relaxed and can be sharper and more skilful.

    With regards to day to day training then there are factors which make both styles different and similar.

    Most of the stances are similar and punches are the same apart from where you place the back fist on the body.

    Kyokushin has no punches to the face when sparring in full contact so you are able to spar close up.

    Tae Kwon do-In sparring you can punch to the face so you fight differently, However tkd don't kick below the waist IE Low Kicks or sweeps so you can change your stance-resulting more side kicks which can be effective.

    In a real situation maybe Tae kwon do can be more useful because of the punching to the face every time you spar so it becomes a natural move not so in Karate.

    Kyokushinkai was harder to get a black belt due to the full contact fights needed to complete and not for everyone and the 4-5 hours of a Gruelling grading However if you make a small mistake you've got time to prove yourself.
    However Tae Kwon do was more intense as you had maybe up to 1 hour to be good enough to pass.

    Over the years different students progress at different levels and so do instructors.
    If you don't put 100% effort in eventually you will stop so don't start half heartily in either.

    Hopefully this helps.

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