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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by techmoto, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. techmoto

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    I had a broken leg in June after a motorcycle accident. It was a bad open break through both bones in my shin. I have a metal rod holding it together. The doctor says I can do light workouts. I want to start strengthening my knee. That is one of the spots I am having problems with. They pushed the rod down through my knee to get it in place. It is also screwed in just below the knee.

    About a month and a half ago I got back into my boxing routine. I have been doing this for a long time. Not to compete; mainly just to stay in shape. I feel martial arts is one of the best things for that. I do my boxing routine 3 days a week. I was then finishing up my week by doing 2 days of body weight exercises.

    I would like to change those 2 days of body weight exercises to 2 days of taekwondo drills. I am looking for some drills that include both offensive and defensive drilling. I need something that is going to be low impact on my leg.

    Right now, on my boxing days, I end up doing about an hour. I do 4 circuits of 3 minute drills. I do decline sit ups in between the circuits and then ab work at the end.

    Can anybody help me with some good drills that I could throw into a similar routine? I really appreciate any help I can get.
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    I wouldn't be doing TKD drills in that case. I'd get some swimming in, maybe the cross trainer.
    Could look a bit odd and do some TKD drills in the swimming pool to work with resistance but with less weight bearing?
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  3. Mitch

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    Unless you have the go ahead from your Dr I'd be cautious about impact work still, so footwork drills might be a good way to go, or just going through your patterns.

    Simple movement drills might work well, side to side and push off the outside leg for direction changes, same forward and backward. Pivots, skip steps, all those things. You can start off slow and build your speed and the pressure you're putting through your leg as time goes on. You could also work agility ladder drills, there are so many of these on youtube, just do a search and you'll find hundreds :) Here's a vid with some movement drills, and it also links to her agility ladder drills video :)

    You could look at adding squats, calf raises etc as general strengthening exercises too.
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    And follow Alex Wong on social media, as she is awesome.
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  5. techmoto

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    Thank you. I don't have access to a pool, otherwise that would be great. I am just looking for shadow type drills like shadow boxing. Guess I'm not sure if it's called shadow boxing in Taekwondo.

    Thank your for the other input. I will check the video out.
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  6. Hannibal

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    Surely the patterns you learn would be tailor made for this?
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  7. techmoto

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    Footwork? I have never done a lot of kicking work. I need to work on balance and form. Those 2 things alone in 3 minute drills would be a great workout since the balance would work my core and the kicks should work my legs.

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