Tae Kwon Do any Good on the Street

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do Resources' started by Jackie Li, Feb 12, 2004.

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    Nope! I believe he chose to avoid the inevitable flaming
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    Regarding taekwondo in street fighting

    I started in taekwondo at 15, won the 8th Annual San Diego Taekwondo Chpionship on Sep 28 2002. I hear alot of criticism towards taekwondo, I'll say this, too much guys are afraid of turning there backs towards their opponents, I found taekwondo to be very effective if you use the way your supposed to, if your going to hesitate or be afraid to do a spinnin kick bcuz your afraid of being countered then of course taekwondo isnt going to work for you in a street fight. I have alot of mma friends and a friend of mine is also HI's featherweight champ in mma. None of them could keep up with the kicks I thrown at them and I have used my taekwondo in street fights also, but my thing I dont hesitate, if I am going to throw a kick i throw with full intent to hit n injure, But I do admit taekwondo doesnt have hands, but if you can mix boxing with taekwondo you have all the arsenal striking wise you need. I've smoked many friends who trained, with just my kicks alone and if we had been going all out they woulda either got the wind knocked out of them or got knocked the fudge out, taekwondo is lethal if you arent afraid of using it to its maximum potential. Taekwondo is a type of martial art you CANNOT hesitant in, if you going throw a spinning kick you better follow through or you going get countered, the slightest bit of hesitation can fudge u up. I have never hesitated when using my kicks and honestly Taekwondo has worked just fine for me, if you afraid of using it and performing the fancy kicks the way your teachers teach u, then dont train taekwondo cuz it aint for U. You need to have no fear in taekwondo, but to be a well rounded striker I would recommend boxing to go along with taekwondo think Anthony Pettis (whos a high level blackbelt in taekwondo), mixed with the boxing of BJ Penn, Pettis has shown how lethal taekwondo can be, but i have seen a video on youtube that shows a straight taekwondo fighter can beat a MMA striker, believe me ladies and gents taekwondo is legit if you aint afraid to use it.
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    Thanks for your post. However, it is clearly a fact, that TKD is "mixed" with another method, "in order" to become more effective. TKD on its own may not be enough for the street. "May not be" is the key wording, because it still depends on the situation. As of spinning kicks, in my decades of experience in live confrontations (The "street" as most seem to reference), no spin kicks were thrown. (I did observe a back kick)
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    Well apparently you dont live in HAWAII brah, down here we fight all day everyday. You going try tell me you never seen a spin kick used, bu I used my kicks all da time spins and all, Ive knocked out guys with 360 spinning roundhouses, we dont fight like mainlanders sloppy and out wild and out, we fight like real fighters, the 808 State breeds the best street fighters, taekwondo is fine on ur own but people is too sked to use just that bcuz when youfight in the street you naturally going throw punches, Im a kicker a taekwondo champion, but in the streets i just like to punch guys in the face, my kicks are used to take someone out, one shot kill you done, i body kick u u done, i head kick u u done, so i dont wanna hear that taekwondo NEEDS another style to be effective, nowdays you need to have hands and legs and a ground game to be anyting worthwhile in a streetfight bcuz everybody thinks they a mma fighter nowdays, ive beaten guys with jus kicks before but u dont block punches with ur legs DUHHH u use ur hands, i can block n parry all day with hands n just strike with kicks n trust me id kick ur ass, but here in da HI we all wellrounded so deas no one style that goin beat another local braddah. If u havent seen someone use taekwondo legitimately in a street fight then u just around da wrong places cuz. I seen alot of guys get knocked out by spinning kicks, or jus kicks in general, cuz unlike da mainland us HAWAIIANS no shoot or mob or pull weapon its 1 on 1 up n up stand and bang all da way, come to HAWAII n scrap a local and you see whats up and I mean a HAWAIIAN not a local black or a local white guy, i talking about a born n raised Hawaiian. Our hands our so thunder n lightning we dont have to use kicks unless we going up against someone who lighting us up in boxing, I used my taekwondo against guys who used weapons and I smoked them, so dont tell me Taekwondo REQUIRES another style to be effective cuz it doesnt, u kno y? Cuz ive lived it and done it multiple times homie
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    D808finest, don't use masked profanity or text speak please.

    Rules state that your words should be typed in full.

    Thank you.
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    Paragraphs would be good as well. Hurt my eyes reading that wall of text.
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    Sounds like another teen fantasist to me. But perhaps I'm being too judgemental based on how they've posted.
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    No, you aren't - it is firmly in the "cool story bro" category
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    Fixed that for ya! :cool:
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    Technically, the rules also say this is an English language forum, and the post you are referring to should not be qualified as such. That post resembles English in the same manner that the contents of my compost heap resemble vegetables. There are some recognizable bits, but most of it is unusable for human consumption.

    I will refrain from commenting on the lack of punctuation, capitalization, various other errors and the proper use of paragraphs, because that would be like playing basketball with a toddler and calling double dribble.
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    All u guys shaddup, none of you scrubs could write that much that fast from an iphone. Test speak and profanity removed.
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    I don't think it's the speed of writing that people enjoy so much as the quality. I mean, idon'thinkit'sthespeedofwritingpeopleenjoysomuchasthequality
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    Well, that was quick.
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    Strange, I recently contacted a friend in Hawaii. He says the "brawls' he had observed, no spin kicks, a occasional front or side kick. They mostly punch and go all out tussle. Unless what is being described, is a small area where teens are on teens and this kicking is done at each other often

    Also, being a native of a place, doesn't mean one has any better fighting skills than that of another. As for Hawaii and Alaska, these were the last states, coming into a cultural era, that was taken/invaded by the U.S. Therefore "born and raised" on Hawaii isn't the same as boasting "born and raised" in Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. IMHO

    I would think, a TKD "Champion", should be a "Champion" of discipline of not only actions, but words and social interaction
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    3 posts and gone - and honor normally only spammers achieve....in and of itself quite remarkable!
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    Well said Sir.
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    Taekwando is good on the streets of course.

    Below the street are the sewers, there you have to call the Ninja Turtles! Cowabunga! ;)
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    Leonardo wins every time. :D
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    I've always favored donatello. Staff is a cool weapon, and the color purple of his mask is much nicer than the others.
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    Donatello was also my favourite. For the above reasons and the fact that he was interested in science.

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