Tae Kwon Do any Good on the Street

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do Resources' started by Jackie Li, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Seventh

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    If you have a good teacher/school. Yes.

    If you have a bad teacher/school. No.
  2. StuartA

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    If I could, I`d "Thank" seventh reply... as he is exactly right!

  3. Seventh

    Seventh Super Sexy Sushi Time

  4. Mitch

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    Done it for you :)

  5. Eclectic_Fist

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    It's not about what you train in: It's about how you train it.
  6. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    And.....don't have and delusions that what you trained is going to work for every application
  7. belltoller

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    You think the losses were due to an agenda, at least at the subconcious level, on the part of the TKDer to go out and 'prove' these techniques do work rather than simply having them as tools of opprotunity?.

    In other words, they saw themselves more in the role of Tae Kwon Do Ambassador to the UFC rather than a fighter who'll utilize whatever methods available (including spinning hook kicks) when appropriate in order to win the fight?

    I do recall seeing years ago, a 'fancy-smancy' kick used very effectively in a MMA bout. It was something else...I don't remember the fighters ( it was one of the first MMA fights I'd seen ) but I do recall hearing the play by play analysis later and apparently the KO by this kick was totally unexpected as it came from a fighter who was not known for this kind of kick or kicking in general - maybe he was a trained boxer or had a BJJ black belt. I suppose it was one of those rare moments when the circumstances were just right for it, he was able to see it unfold and had the technique, along with armbars and straight right crosses, in his arsnal.
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  8. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    The agenda wasn't a manner to "prove". Simply they did not have the opportunity to execute such tactic. On one rare occasion, I had seen someone make attempt and failed.

    Per above, in most urban, street, bar room brawls, even family outings, no one was going to perform anything fancy smancy. It was "get down to business". On another note, the confrontations did not last for any length of time, nor was there space to do so.

    I have seen some fancy smancy kicks in the UFC used effectively. I maybe stand corrected, as I think it was Josh Koshcheck vs. Georges St Pierre, Rampage vs Rashad, and many from Cro Cop. Less not forget Anthony Pettis who really done a fancy smancy one.

    To reiterate;
    It is hard for people to land a spinning hook kick in the ring under conditions against a experience fighter (BTW-experienced TKDers failed at this in MMA)

    However, I am not saying it WILL NOT happen. I am saying it is least likely to happen. Especially in hardcore self defense
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  9. naodwalk

    naodwalk Valued Member

    I've been training in TKD for 12 years now and my instructor has always taught us self defense techniques as well as TKD techniques. Every martial art has it's strengths and weaknesses, it's up to the instructor and the student to better these weaknesses. Isn't that what training is all about?
  10. NightSky

    NightSky Valued Member

    There are just good or bad fighters - taekwondo or any other art isn't effective or not effective in self defense.

    YOU are one that must be strong, tough, willing to defend yourself (or be good at 100 meter sprint :D), not your art.

    Are you ok with statement that good fighter and strong man can use any art effective?

    Look inside you for question of effectivenes, not outside
  11. TaekwonPRO

    TaekwonPRO Valued Member

    You fight like you train.

    Taekwondo kicks are very effective for street purposes, the exception being incredibly high kicks such as ax kicks, due to uneven ground or possibly slippery conditions.

    I personally do not think that in blocks and out blocks are suited for a street encounter or even a ring match, but you could probably train it to effectiveness.
  12. Napitenkah

    Napitenkah Valued Member

    BJJ is good on the street, if they don't have a knife hidden somewhere, and they don't have friends to kick you in the head, while you try and get a gomer plata or whatever on the first guy, rolling around in broken beer bottle glass.

    What I have heard, is it is best to stay off the ground in a real fight.
  13. Hannibal

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    same tired crap that has been discredited many times over
  14. Grass hopper

    Grass hopper Valued Member

    I breathe a sigh of frustration whenever I see a thread asking "does this well established martial Art actually work?" Because the answer is yes.

    TKD works, karate works, jujitsu works, judo works, Brazilian jujitsu works, sambo works, wing Chung works, jeet kun do works, boxing works, mma works, wrestling works, Muay Thai works, kickboxing works, Krav Maga works, Kali works, ninjutsu (real ninjutsu) works, aikido works, Ect. If I missed any forgive me.
  15. Sketco

    Sketco Banned Banned

    You have to discriminate between what you have a choice in avoiding and what you don't. For example I live in Canada and 9-10 months of the year I wouldn't dream of using a head kick outside. That I have a choice in. Now for the same reason (slippery ground) I may not have a choice in being on the ground.
  16. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    Regurgitated like a mama bird's meal

    Anyway, I guess almost anything could work provided the "ideal" circumstances.

    Maybe more chance than skill set
  17. hatsie

    hatsie Active Member Supporter

    I Always believe it more about the man than the art, and whether they have the stomach for real fighting
  18. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    I may have said this before. But as far as I'm concerned. If you give 100% and practice like mad. Then absolutely it's super effective. Of, however you do 1 hr a week, regardless of which Ma. Then you only get what you put on, so probably not
  19. Kuniku

    Kuniku The Hairy Jujutsuka

    i did a couple of years of TKD years ago, and while it gave out some brilliant kicks, they were all compeition kicks, quick taps here and there, there was no power behind it.

    at the time i didn't realise this, thought my kicks were awesome etc, but you muscle memory of pulling a kick gets engraved.

    I'd say if you're not practicing full contact kicks either on a padded target or on a heavy bag, you're not going to get used to actually putting any stopping power behind a kick - something that has taken me quite a while to work on recently - being able to kick 8 foot high in the air is one thing, but without any power in it you'll just annoy your attacker more . . .

    All martial arts will help you on the street, providing you train them in the right way - if you just train tippy tappy TKD like i used to, then you'll probably find it not as useful as you might thing on the streets . . .
  20. hteam5

    hteam5 New Member

    Not wanting to step on any toes here.
    I am currently taking tae kwon do. 9th gup the rest of my family is 7th and 8th. We have experience in crain style Kung fu , street fighting (grew up around sever gang violence), Krav maga, U.S Army and Marine Core hand to hand. None of these are really effective in all real world applications. Some better than others. My choice is the undisciplined hard learned Street style. NO RULES. I have witnessed a black belt in unnamed art very quickly beat very bad by a seasoned non formally trained street fighter. This same street fighter was later beat by a yellow belt in tae kwon do. My point here is that all styles are good and bad. Even the mighty muay tai, and krav maga can suck if taught or learned wrong.

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