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    I don't have any military background. It just seemed odd to me to be doing what looks like a restraint and finishing it by pulling a gun.

    My background is Tae Kwon do and I have recently started to study Jujutsu.
  2. Ero-Sennin

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    Ah, well that explains it. CQC is kind of like what police do when they do a forceful entry with guns raised. In the military you're more likely to do that in a situation where you're forcing entry to shoot somebody rather than detain them though. You would never run in, get into a scuffle and try to make an opportunity for you to draw your weapon. I'm guessing this guy is just labeling what he's doing as CQC to make it sound cool.
  3. ap Oweyn

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    Do you have anything to say that isn't simply a link to this dubious website?
  4. Dean Winchester

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    Have to agree.

    It's kuzushi 101 really.

    In fact I'd go so far as to wonder why you'd do a tip of the week on such a fundamental concept, as if it's some sort of added extra.

    Personally I'd be sinking my weight a bit more into that rib, uke looks far too comfortable, especially if I had weapons to consider. :D

    Actually lets get something out of this.

    How much resistance does that kit give?
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  5. Kenpoman

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    @ Hannibal, I know you can feel my pain sometimes. We are both in LE and there is always someone out there that thinks they know something better. Maybe being on the street as long as I have and seeing all kinds of people I thought he was one of the better ones. I know he is still serving in the Military and teaching.

    and we ALL know we can find faults with everyone and every art. So MOVING ON @ Hannibal & ERO What styles of Martial Arts do you do?
  6. Kenpoman

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    @AP Oweyn yea I do have something to say, he must be doing something right because the Federal government and US Military is paying him and all we are doing is complaining on this webpage.
  7. Dean Winchester

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    So what do you think?

    What stands out in that article and pictures?

    Regardless of his pay scale etc the points made about that article stand.

    It's nothing revolutionary, in fact it is something so fundamental I'm actually having trouble getting my head round why that has been written.

    If those types of concepts aren't being taught and drilled in to the student from day one then they need to find a new Dojo.
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  8. ap Oweyn

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    As a former government contractor, I can assure you that hypercompetence in your field is hardly guaranteed by being hired by the government.
  9. Hannibal

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    Amongst all the other stuff I train/have trained in my credentials are -

    Canadian Director - JKDAA
    Full Instructor JKD - JKDAA
    Senior Instructor JKD - PFS
    2nd Dan Ju Jitsu (Gendai)
    2nd Dan Freestyle
    2nd Dan Budo
    1st Dan Karate (Shotokan)
    1st Dan ROSS
    Certified TAZER Instructor
    Certified Self-Protection Instructor
    Certified Officer Safety Instructor
  10. Kenpoman

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    @ Hannibal I studied PFS JKD with Paul Vunak!
  11. Kenpoman

    Kenpoman Valued Member

    @ ap Oweyn why former?
  12. Hannibal

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    Really? We have common ground - hurrah! I left PFS for various reasons (can be found on this site actually) but am still doing CJKD except I am under Singh now

    Pre or Post DOM?

    (See - a bumpy start but now the thread is weaving!!!!)
  13. Kenpoman

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    I am talking the late 90's lol. I thought it was cool because the straight blast was cool at the time. But I have moved on Being in CA I found there is a lot of people out here. You know I did studied for a while RBWI with Robert Bussey. Liked the aggressiveness he showed what do you think?
  14. ap Oweyn

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    Career change. Nothing dramatic. Working in a different field now.
  15. Kenpoman

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    Contractor over seas?
  16. Dean Winchester

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    NA is that way -->

  17. John R. Gambit

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    I am not a fan of that technique at all. Teaching LEO/military newbs osotogari is fine. It's a simple throw that can be easily and quickly mastered by people without years of MA experience. Following it up with that particular arm bar using the knee and offhand though? Terrible idea. That is a very subtle arm bar that would require quite a bit of practice to master. The slightest thing goes wrong (which it will following a couple of hours of practice for those guys) and you've just laid someone down on their side and failed to control their arm while placing your pistol so close to their face they can potentially wrestle it away from you. Much safer to put them on their bellies like many RBSD schools teach.
  18. Ero-Sennin

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    About a year of MMA (mostly bjj/wrestling stuff), a year and some of boxing, and a couple of years of Isshinryu Karate. Not a whole lot but I had a 4 year gap preventing any serious training being in the military for four years.
  19. Hannibal

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    I was always a bit "meh" with Bussey personally. Seen better, seen worse

    This is my Sifu

  20. Kobudo

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